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Camdengirl Mon 20-Dec-21 18:46:07

Hi All, has anyone had experience of a tongue tie operation in a 5-6 month old baby... I would be so grateful to chat to anyone with some knowledge

Marydoll Mon 20-Dec-21 18:53:54

My grandaughter had it done at 3 months, with no ill effects. She is now six years old and her speech is not in any way impaired.

If I remember correctly, DIL was advised to take a bottle with her to suck after the procedure. Howeevr, I could have imagined that.

You would never have known that she had the procedure, she was neither up nor down after it.

I hope all goes well for the wee one, there are so many benefits to getting it done.

Oldbat1 Mon 20-Dec-21 19:00:39

Both my Dds had tongue tie. My 3 dgc all born with tongue ties. Simple procedure for all 5. Sometimes medics have to be “persuaded” to agree it is a necessity. Must be a family trait as niece has also had a baby with a tie. Hope all goes well.

glammagran Mon 20-Dec-21 19:06:38

My DD thought her now 8 month old son had a tongue tie but this was dismissed by everyone. He’s always been very cross while breast-feeding and constantly seemed hungry and was waking up to 12 times a night. Unfortunately he also has a dairy allergy though he may outgrow this. He was seen by a consultant who said he has a posterior tongue tie (whatever that is) but DD is unsure how to proceed now. Since he’s been on solids he feeds himself (no pureés) and seems much happier.

PaperMonster Mon 20-Dec-21 19:31:40

My daughter was much younger when hers was snipped, so sorry no help with that age! I didn’t half feel the difference when it was snipped though! She fed much more efficiently from me and we managed to achieve full term breastfeeding.

smoothie Mon 20-Dec-21 23:54:57

So I’m obviously not a few month old baby (I’m actually several years old grin ) however I and my father have an adult tongue tie. At least for me, my mother bottle fed me and so in those circumstances the tie is meant to fix itself in time, though mine did not fully do so. My father has suffered from sleep apnea all his life, problems digesting food (he has a horrid cough after every meal), he also has a weak chin and his teeth are not in good shape one bit. All those I have read are a consequence of untreated tongue tie, which is a severe restriction of the tongue. Please do google “adult tongue tie” and you will see several websites dedicated to the issue. But please know that the operation will lead to a much easier life for your grandchild. A healthy restriction free tongue is so important to a child’s growth, in fact I need to schedule such an operation for myself.

Marydoll Mon 20-Dec-21 23:57:13

smoothie, what a very informative post. Thank you.

crazyH Tue 21-Dec-21 00:00:59

My granddaughter had tongue tie and had to have a tiny operation to snip the tie. I think she was about 4 or 5 months old. She is absolutely fine now ….

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 21-Dec-21 15:43:38

Yes, severs of my grandchildren have had this done. Their parents went privately, as it was quicker. Cheaper for the ones up North, but well worth it. Takes a few seconds and then all done.

With one of them, the tie grew back...but didn’t interfere with feeding in any way.

My own daughter had hers done when she was 11. No problems.

Good luck

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 21-Dec-21 15:44:05

Should say ‘ several’

glammagran Tue 21-Dec-21 16:48:39

I’d forgotten DD was seeing paediatrician this morning re: GS’s posterior tie. She asked why DD hadn’t seen anyone soon after his birth. Her reply was she’d mentioned it to numerous people who did not see a problem. Upshot is at 8 months old he would have to have it snipped under GA at Bristol children’s hospital, more than an hour away and it probably wasn’t worth it. It would explain why he gets so upset while feeding but not eating solids. He’s been feeding up to 20 times a day all with difficulty. It’s not affected his growth though. Most people think he’s approaching a year old. DD is completely worn out.

vegansrock Tue 21-Dec-21 17:00:54

My GD had it done at 5 months, DD could only feed her with nipple shields very slowly, she was way down the growth charts too. After it was done she was able to breastfeed normally and in now an active and healthy 2 year old , who chats away in 2 languages.

Josieann Tue 21-Dec-21 17:02:05

I asked my DD about this today as I wanted to check my memory was right. DGS had his snipped at home. He was very young, a matter of weeks and the practitioner came to the house. It cost around £200 in London.

Sunlover Tue 21-Dec-21 17:25:18

My grandson had his done recently at home too. Cost was around £200 but the waiting time on NHS was lengthy and he was struggling to feed. Now feeds well and is a chubby healthy baby.

Whiff Tue 21-Dec-21 20:19:09

My oldest grandson was born tongue tied . He had it snipped twice when he was 2 weeks old. Had to have a bottle straight afterwards to stop the bleeding. He is now 5.

Marydoll Tue 21-Dec-21 21:34:24

Whiff, thanks, I thought I had imagined that my granddaughter had to have a bottle immediately afterwards.

ElaineI Wed 22-Dec-21 18:28:34

DGD had it done when she was about 4/5 months privately in Halifax I think. She had had it done before but didn't work. I took them down from Edinburgh. She had to breast feed immediately afterwards and then had chiropractor treatment after that before heading home. She fed much better after till about 2 ½ years. She was on the age cusp of needing it done in theatre under anaesthetic. Has had speech therapy since age 3 but signed off now. Never stops talking!

ElaineI Wed 22-Dec-21 18:30:04


*Whiff*, thanks, I thought I had imagined that my granddaughter had to have a bottle immediately afterwards.

You are right Marydoll but can breastfeed too. DGD never had a bottle.

Santana Wed 22-Dec-21 18:46:24

I'm going to put my hand up and say that I have a tied tongue, and never really been a problem for me. No one noticed until I was 6 and being the 3rd child, it was just a bit of a novelty.
My tongue has a little bit of skin from the tip to the back of my teeth. Easy to snip, my GP said years ago, but I had visions of my tongue lolling out of my mouth like a puppy.
My GS has a tie further back his tongue so was decided to wait and see.
The earlier you snip it the better I would say.

chickkygran Wed 22-Dec-21 19:19:01

Both my twin grandsons had a to have tongue tie ops when they were about 3/4 months old. I was with my daughter at the hospital appointment. It was over in seconds. One of them cried a bit but it was simple and straightforward. Both were fine afterwards

Luckylegs Wed 22-Dec-21 23:14:17

Our son who is now 44, had a tongue tie when he was born. I couldn’t face taking him to the doctors so my H did. The doctor (who we subsequently found out was an alcoholic) was so nervous, she was shaking so my H took the scissors off her which she’d just got out of a drawer, and snipped it himself! No ill effects, no anaesthetic, no fuss, he was fine. Mind you, that poor child had several things wrong with him in childhood and one friend confided that she had doubted we’d raise him! He’s now 6’2” and strong as an ox.

Nanny2020 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:52:42

My 2 month old grandson had his tongue tie snipped at 1 month, in December . Was told his was quite significant it was obvious at the tip of his tongue so “anterior” really reduced his ability to move his tongue , posterior is at the back .
He was not gaining weight adequately so the decision was made on that reason. It was a simple 5 minute procedure with maybe 24 hours of extra fussiness. Stressful decision though for any new mom!

silverlining48 Wed 12-Jan-22 14:55:43

It’s quick easy, a common procedure and does the trick.

sarahcyn Sat 15-Jan-22 11:01:40

I’m a doula and I’m sad to read of how late tongue tie is diagnosed and dealt with. It impacts breastfeeding, sometimes very badly, and is probably a major but unrecognised reason for mums giving up breastfeeding.
In my view every baby whose mum aims to BF should be examined, without any rush, within the first 48 hours after birth by a qualified IBCLC lactation consultant who can spot TT as well as supporting mum with positions and all the information she needs.
But this does not happen.
The op itself for a newborn is very quick and often baby latches on well instantly!

LadyGracie Sat 15-Jan-22 12:40:04

DS had his tongue tie cut a fortnight ago at the age of 49. It did split itself a little when he was a few weeks old, I had to dab it with gentian violet, no mention was made of cutting it further as he had no trouble feeding.
He has never been able to say ‘th’.
Since he’s had it done he’s been able to feel his back teeth and the roof of his mouth.