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Jodyjay Sat 25-Mar-23 11:36:12

Does anyone else have full custody off their gc. At Christmas last gone my 15yr gd decided to run away. She came to mine and has stayed. I’ve now got kinmanship off her. Have had no financial or emotional help from anyone. Social services don’t want to know as it was a private arrangement and not them removing her. She is playing up at school and is on her last warning to be expelled. I feel I’m failing her as I’m so tired ma self . So was just wandering has any other gp been through this.

Greenfinch Sat 25-Mar-23 11:51:24

You have already started a thread on this twice before I think. It would be better to return to you original question,consider the responses given and continue the conversation there.You can always update as you have done here
Well done to you for the support you are giving.

AGAA4 Sat 25-Mar-23 12:02:07

I think you are looking for a GP who has full custody of a GC to maybe share experiences?
I have looked after my GCs for 3 days a week when they were younger and I wouldn't have wanted full responsibility for them. Teenagers can be difficult and I can understand how tiring they can be so I admire you for taking this job on.
The only comfort I can give is that they do become more reasonable as they get older 💐

VioletSky Sat 25-Mar-23 12:12:24

No I haven't

But I think you should go to citizens advice and find out how you can claim financial help and responsibility for your grandaughter in order to get the right to speak on her behalf as a guardian.

I think you need to approach your GP and find out how to get support for yourself.

And I also think you need to approach the school and find out how you get help for her in the form of counselling to help her adjust to her new life and how to deal with whatever caused the relationship with her parents to break down, or whether leaving that relationship is what is actually best for her.

Madgran77 Sat 25-Mar-23 13:13:12

VioletSky* gives good advice jodyjay. I'm not sure why you have started a tgreads on this topic but I do think that VSs suggestions might be a way forward for you. It must be very hard for you and your GD. flowers