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Smyhouse Sat 12-Mar-11 17:32:54

Am I being unreasonable in wishing my dear children would remember I have a smaller house than they have and that sometimes I will be grumpy about all the paraphernalia left with me. My house is chock full as it is and every time I sit down to declutter, have to fight my way through all the stuff they have left with me over the years.

Add to this, all the little kiddie stuff like cots and car seats and prams and highchairs.

Do other Grandparents have this problem? Feel as if my nice nature is being tested.

grandmaagain Sat 12-Mar-11 21:19:57

I am just grateful my children and granchild live nearby and that I can see them often to worry too much about clutter smile

1944girl Mon 14-Mar-11 17:37:28

My two youngest grandchildren live with me and their parents.I have run out of floor space,clutter everywhere.People say I am mad to put up with it, but I am so pleased to have them.

Smyhouse Mon 14-Mar-11 20:23:35

Not so much clutter as several roomfuls.

textualhealing Mon 14-Mar-11 22:36:40

Yes! I have all that stuff here and they only live 3 miles away! It takes a bit of the shine off them visiting. I always feel as tough I have doen two full housework shifts - before they arrived and after they leave. It's actually hard work so I sympathise with you.

midlandsmumof4 Fri 18-Mar-11 01:08:32

Am a very recent grandparent but can see where the op is coming from...Eldest son & family live less than half a mile away but come for evening meal at least once a week and Sunday lunch aswell. 2nd son & his partner & our gs have recently moved in with us so garage is full of their belongings. We have temporarily lost a bedroom & sitting room which we haven't really enjoyed yet. House is full of stuff baby things, I'm constantly baby sitting for my two GS which I love but I so,so miss my only GD who I haven't seen for nearly 2 years. sad.

rosemarie Thu 05-May-11 13:33:00

we have 3 grandsons who we see a lot as their parents work. we live in 2 bedroom disabled bungalow. well we have 1 bedroom and 1 toyroom so when the boys leave at night everything is put in the toyroom so no clutter. when at my mothers the boys have a big garage all the toys you can imagine but they always put toys away taught them to do it at an early age

SalJB Thu 05-May-11 13:37:05

Will be a grannie in October. Want to buy my daughter a cot which converts to a bed for the baby. Any advice on good ones?

dorsetpennt Thu 05-May-11 15:03:41

You're not being unreasonable at all, it is your home afterall. My only gripe with my family is that I wish they would remember that I like a tidy home. I'm not a neat freak but just put away please - when they leave my home looks like a bombsite! However, I do love having them visit and would never ever say anything to upset them.

miacat Fri 06-May-11 15:23:38

My daughter and grandaughter live with us, it means she doesnt have to worry about childcare and after being a bit worried i am now a big fan of multi generation households. Its not always easy but so rewarding!

LiziBG Sat 07-May-11 21:44:01

I do know what it's like to have my small house transferred into a bombsite by my darling GSs so I know where you're coming from, but as with our own children, we know they don't stay little for long. Just make the most of it and be thankful you have them. Life's too short to worry about a bit of mess & clutter. smile

HildaW Sun 08-May-11 10:45:38

Dear SalJB.....we were very pleased with the John Lewis range of baby furniture.....tho do check with daughter if she wants a converting cot... ordinary cot and then a proper bed is what is used especially if this is first baby and their might be another in a couple of years time.

lionlilac Tue 17-May-11 18:51:22

I get rid of loads of stuff at the local tip every few months. Children don't even notice and with 13 grandchildren it is soooo necessary.