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I've lost my rings.

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BonnieBlooming Wed 08-May-19 13:17:09

I know that compared to some of the issues people are dealing with this is nothing but I seem to have lost my wedding, engagement and eternity rings. Since losing a lot of weight they have been very loose and I don't wear them everyday. They usually sit on a wee ring stand on my dressing table and I noticed on Monday they were not there. They are not so loose that they could have fallen off and I never take them off outside (eg when washing my hands). We have spent two days taking the house apart looking for them. All the obvious places and all the not so obvious but no luck.
I dont care about the value of the rings but it is our 40 anniversary in August so they have great sentimental value.
What is also upsetting me is that my DD gave birth to a much awaited baby boy on Monday night and at a time when I should just be overjoyed this has cast a real shadow.
I have said to myself that it would be much worse if I had lost a person, they are just rings, but I feel so upset.
Has anyone had this experience? How did you come to terms with it? I suffer badly with anxiety at the best of times.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 08-May-19 13:24:56

Hello Bonnie I do feel for you. Yes, they're only rings, not people, but they matter to you. Have you a garden? I found one of my rings on top of the compost heap which was a relief. Have you gone through all your pockets? I do hope that you find them.
I'm ring-less at the moment as I had to have them cut off in A&E when I had a fall - it's been over a year now. After I've had my teeth fixed I may get the rings repaired, though I fear that they'll never fit again and new ones may be cheaper. Good luck.

J52 Wed 08-May-19 13:26:08

How upsetting
As you’ve lost all three, it sounds like you’ve put them somewhere safe. I’d search handbags, pockets, little bowls or boxes.
Sometimes, if they’ve been put on the washbasin they get stuck in the soap.
Hope you find them soon. Congratulations on the baby grandson.

genie10 Wed 08-May-19 13:39:35

I do sympathize. Some years ago I lost my engagement ring, which had great sentimental value. I remember wearing it when I went out but didn't notice it was not on my finger for many hours, during which time I had visited many places. I still feel sad that it is gone, even though like you, I tell myself it's only a ring. I hope yours will turn up soon.

Luckygirl Wed 08-May-19 13:45:32

Oh that is such a shame - I would be upset if it were me. As a previous poster said, the fact that they have all gone AWOL together implies that they are all in the same place; and that you probably took them all off at the same time for a very good reason. Maybe try to think back to when you last know they were on your finger; then work your way forwards, thinking what things you did, where you went etc. - and you may come to an activity when you would have been likely to take them off, which will give you a clue as to where they might be.

I wish you lots of good luck with this search.

EllanVannin Wed 08-May-19 13:46:51

It sounds to me that all 3 are together somewhere. Maybe inadvertently put in a drawer if you were interrupted in some way---phone/doorbell/sudden callers. It's easy to forget where you've put things if there's been a distraction.
Foot of the bed ?

I'd feel dreadful if that happened to me as it was bad enough when I lost an old but pretty Victorian earring with a peridot stone drop never to be replaced, but with rings I'd be very upset, especially those which hold sentimentality.

maryeliza54 Wed 08-May-19 13:58:28

We found my dds engagement ring in her glove - have you worn gloves recently -it’s been a bit cold

Vonners Wed 08-May-19 14:18:50

Just before going out one evening my fingers seemed swollen. Hubbie suggested taking my rings off - felt odd but was worried fingers would swell more. As far as I could recall, I left all 3 rings on the dressing table. Next day there were only 2. Hunted high and low including dressing table drawers which had been closed at the time. Months later I was turning out my jewellery box and noticed a raised section for holding rings had come loose. Fetched some glue, pulled it completely apart and there was my engagement ring!!! No idea how it got into that space - the jewellery box had been on the dressing table at the time of the loss and possibly had been left open. Ran downstairs, hubby said 'you've found your engagement ring' - he could tell by the look on my face. So don't give up Bonny Blooming, they will turn up. As you have lost all 3, I feel ou (or someone else) has put them somewhere which seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe we have spooks/ghosts..............

PamelaJ1 Wed 08-May-19 14:25:20

My mum found her engagement ring in the passenger door well of her car months after losing it in the house! She blamed my dad. He’d only died about 12 years previously!
My friend found a small bag of jewellery when her DGC knocked over a small book case.
I never did find mine but consoled myself with the knowledge that I still have my husband and he’s much more valuable.
I like my replacements better!!

fizzers Wed 08-May-19 14:30:52

my elderly mother lost her two rings, she accused my sister of taking them, and then she claimed someone broke in during the night to steal them off her finger ( she was suffering from dementia) shortly after she passed away, when we were in the process of clearing the house, I looked in a carrier bag - I don't know what possessed me to look inside it, but there they were

B9exchange Wed 08-May-19 14:31:56

As long as no-one else has been in the house, you will surely find them. Any grandchildren been around? We lost the summerhouse keys, searched high and low, had to pay a fortune for the locksmith to come out and fit new locks, then found DGS had put them in an empty spec case!

My engagement ring had got thinner and thinner and one day I noticed it had gone. Never found it, DH helped me design another one, and the jeweller refused to hand it over unless DH promised her he would to take me out to dinner and give it to me properly!

My mother's rings were stolen by the cleaner, taking advantage of my mother's admission to a nursing home for dementia. Insurance company would only pay new for old or give a very minimal sum, so we had them created again. They don't have the same sentimental value of course, but I wear them thinking they are the same as my mother would have chosen, and that is some comfort. I really hope you find them soon, but if not, your insurance company should help out?

mosaicwarts Wed 08-May-19 14:49:23

Have you used handcream recently? Might you have taken them off and put them in the 'handcream' place whilst putting the cream on? It's the only time I take my rings off.

My husband died in May 2016 and we were going away in December - I didn't want to wear my rings as I was volunteering somewhere that I'd be using shovels etc. I hid them .... and only found them this year! In my daughter's Ugg boot! I now remember kneeling in my bedroom sorting my jewellery out and had to rush out somewhere - popped the rings into her boot by the bedroom door and then forgot for two years!

Calendargirl Wed 08-May-19 15:51:52

Do so hope you find them. As you know, worse things happen but I would be devastated if I lost my rings. But as others have said, it sounds as if all three are somewhere in a safe place. I lost our passports some time ago, not the same as rings I know, turned the house upside down and eventually found them bottom of the tea towel drawer! I had popped them there before going to work, clean forgot about it. Taught me a lesson, now really try and put things away in there proper place immediately.

Purpledaffodil Wed 08-May-19 15:59:59

Maybe obvious, but do you wear rubber gloves? I lost two much loved rings and found them in the fingers of my rubber gloves. Good luck!

Scribbles Wed 08-May-19 18:10:16

I thought I'd lost my wedding ring and cried all night. The next day I found it wedged in the finger of my oven glove.

Moocow Wed 08-May-19 18:14:26

Pockets in cardigan or coat worn recently? I know what you mean but I'd feel exactly the same. Hope you discover them soon.

leyla Wed 08-May-19 18:28:22

Lost my wedding ring - I was, and still am, absolutely gutted. Husband has replaced it with a beautiful eternity ring which cost several times more than my wedding ring as we are older now and have a bit more to spend, but I would trade it in an instant for my wedding ring.
I noticed it was missing a year ago and constantly wonder if it might turn up. I don't think it will though.
All I can say is that it is only a 'thing' and what is really precious is your happy marriage and your husband. You will start to feel less traumatised over the next few months.

Grandma70s Wed 08-May-19 18:53:26

I lost my mother’s engagement ring, which I always wore. It was a few weeks after she died. I was devastated, and although I told myself it was ‘only a thing’ I knew it was hugely symbolic. I kept thinking that she kept it for sixty years and I had managed to lose it in a couple of weeks. Searched everywhere in despair.

Then I found it lying in the driveway. It was white gold and sort of matched the paving. And of course a ring is a tiny thing. It was always a bit big for me, and it must have slipped off when I got out of a friend’s car. Oh, the relief!

Buffybee Wed 08-May-19 19:38:04

Have you looked inside all the little pockets in your handbags?
My friend "lost" hers and then realised that she had put them in her bag while out one evening, worrying that they might fall off.
She had searched her bags but I searched again and found them.
I'm convinced that you have put them somewhere and they will turn up.

MiniMoon Wed 08-May-19 22:58:25

I arrived home from school one day to find my mother in tears. She had lost her rings. I asked what she had been doing that day, and her answer was ironing. I went through the pile of newly ironed laundry and found the rings neatly pressed into the folds of a sheet.
I cried for days over the loss of a necklace.
When looking for my lost driving licence (never found that), I searched all the pockets of my handbags. My necklace was in a small pocket of one of them.
I do so hope your rings turn up. You'll probably find them in the most unlikely places.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 08-May-19 23:08:47

Look in the vacuum bag.

janeainsworth Wed 08-May-19 23:43:19

I lost a little gold necklace that didn't really have any sentimental value, I had treated myself to it when we first went to Hongkong in 1974. But I wore it most of the time.
I suddenly realised it wasn't where I'd thought it was, turned out all my little boxes & couldn't find it. I couldn't understand why I was so upset about it.

A few months later we went to stay with DS and family in America. After a couple of days, my darling DGD said to me 'Grandma! I've just remembered I've got something for you!' She delved into her little trinket box and there was my gold necklace which I had apparently left behind on the previous visit. She had been keeping it safe for me all that time.

Bonnie I do hope your rings turn up. It's a horrid feeling to have lost something so precious.

1inamillion Wed 08-May-19 23:50:38

Bonnie I'm sorry to hear that you've lost your rings. Having lost all three is very distressing for you, however there is a good chance that you'll find them if you've lost them at home. They may turn up in the lost unlikely place . I do hope so.
I lost my wedding ring thirty years ago while swimming in the sea off the coast of Spain. I realised I'd losi it back at the hotel, went back to look but the sea shelved down quite steeply and there was little chance of finding it. To make matters worse, a wave knocked DH off his feet and he lost his glasses. I was so glad I left my engagement ring at home.
We bought another ring, but we married in church and the original ring was special for that reason.
A few days ago DH's cousin in Ohio put some photos on a family Whatsapp, and there one of a 23 yr old me wearing my new ring, I cried, I don't mind saying.
I'm sure yours will turn up.

BradfordLass72 Thu 09-May-19 05:46:51

Grandma70s I've heard of street paved with gold, but a drive way paved with white gold is amazing grin

absent Thu 09-May-19 06:08:53

Do you have a traditional dresser with hooks for cups? My Ma hung her engagement ring on such a hook – back in the 1930s – and when someone lifted down a cup, it fell into the pocket of an apron. My mother always said, "If you had been in service, try explaining that to a policeman".

bikergran Thu 09-May-19 08:16:05

My mum had a scenario recently she has lost some weight, went on holiday and suddenly realised she had lost one of her rings they searched the hotel bedroom etc. she was quite upset. Then later in the day she was rooting in her handbag and there was the ring! it must have slipped off whilst messing in her handbag earlier.

I think like the other OP it sounds like you may have put the away somewhere with all 3 of them missing...I hope you come across them.

crazyH Thu 09-May-19 08:26:02

Lost a ring a last year. The ring had no sentimental value but I still keep wondering where I could have lost it.
Bonnie, Could you have placed your rings on the kitchen window sill when you were doing the washing up? Or in the bathroom when you took a shower?. Could the ring stand have tipped over and the rings fallen into an open bedside drawer? Hope you find them soon.

Missfoodlove Thu 09-May-19 08:38:30

I know exactly how you feel, I lost a very precious item, it haunted me for days and I was unable to enjoy anything.
As a Catholic I always pray to St Anthony ( patron Saint of all things lost/stolen) it’s worth a try. 😉
Try picturing yourself going through each part of your home and see if that triggers anything.
Good luck.
P.S I found what I had lost, I had removed it with out thinking and put it behind a book a in a downstairs cloakroom.

dragonfly46 Thu 09-May-19 08:53:39

My mum lost her wedding ring a few years ago but when I was clearing out their bungalow I found it on the wardrobe floor.

Pudding123 Thu 09-May-19 10:18:13

Try a little prayer St Anthony

Mapleleaf Thu 09-May-19 10:19:35

Have you had any gloves on recently (gardening gloves for example). Check the fingers in case they are there.
Perhaps they are in a drawer? It's likely they are together somewhere. Good luck, I hope you find them soon.

Mapleleaf Thu 09-May-19 10:29:15

I also remember one time I couldn't find the house keys. Hunted high and low. DH found them in the peg bag!

patchworksue Thu 09-May-19 10:43:17

I feel for you...a couple of years ago I lost a bracelet that held a lot of sentimental charms....I was very upset...wasn’t sure when/ or where I’d lost it ....searched the house, retraced my steps , got in touch with police to see if it had been handed in.....about 8 months later I found it along with other jewellery that I hadn’t missed in a glasses case...then it all came back,we had been on holiday to Glasgow and I had put it there for safe keeping...I was over joyed..and the first thing I did was go and have a Saftey chain hope your rings turn up X

blondenana Thu 09-May-19 10:57:14

Have you checked in your bed, and pillow cases,?i once lost a ring and found it in my pillow case, must have slid my hand under while asleep and it got caught in the pillow case
Also found an earring i had lost at the bottom of the bed,

Theoddbird Thu 09-May-19 10:59:15

Ask St Anthony. He is the patron saint of lost things smile

Warmthlover Thu 09-May-19 11:03:48

My widowed sister was very upset at losing her engagement ring. Several months later, she took an opened packet of bagels out of the freezer and there it was in the bottom of the packet!
I came home one day to find my partner upset; he’d been strumming nettles and his parents’ wedding rings had slipped off his finger somewhere. He gave up on them. The following week I was picking strawberries and there, nestled under one plant; you’ve guessed it!

quizqueen Thu 09-May-19 11:05:12

My daughter lost two credit cards. She found them both later. One had been 'posted' under the sofa by her 2 year old, the other had been put in her husband's trainers, which had gone in his sports bag, by said same person!!

jaylucy Thu 09-May-19 11:09:31

My son bought me a beautiful and unusual ring the first Christmas he was in full time work. I wore it all the time and had many compliments on it. Never took it off my finger until I was ill in hospital. My son put it in his coat pocket and when I got home, he gave it back to me. I remember putting it in a safe place on a cabinet, but since then it has disappeared! Like you, I have pulled the house apart over the last 6 years, but no joy and it is always at the back of my mind.
I just had a thought - with a big anniversary coming up, is it possible that someone in your family has taken your rings to be re-sized as a surprise ? Maybe if you start making comments about contacting the insurance company and police about them, they will confess ?

MarieLL59 Thu 09-May-19 11:26:17

Hi Bonnie, so sorry this has happened, I expect you feel like a bit of you us missing too. I would say that the good news is that from what you say you know that the rings are in the house. So in a way they’re safe. When you look divide each room into small sections and work through. Go right under furniture or carpets. Go through the current bins and wash basket so you know they’re not there. And then check before you throw things or wash things. I’m sure you’ve done all that. I’m convinced you’ll find them sitting somewhere you didn’t expect, or they’ll turn up out of the blue when you least expect it. Sometimes when the lost item is off your mind that’s when you find it. Wishing you all the best for your special day 🙂

sandelf Thu 09-May-19 11:29:07

BB - In the words of the church these things are 'outward and visible signs' - of whatever significant thing. I do understand the hurt you feel. Decide whether you want to renew them in some way (perhaps rings that do fit the real you as you are now), or not - nothing can change the importance of the events to you. And many congratulations on the new grandchild.

loopyloo Thu 09-May-19 11:31:49

Could you have knocked them over on to the floor and they are in the vacuum cleaner? Does someone else clean for you?
Do you remember when you last wore them? Did you put them away safely somewhere?

Diggingdoris Thu 09-May-19 11:33:04

Oh how sad to lose your rings. Try to trace back what jobs you did that day round the house. Maybe you were cleaning somewhere and took them off in an unusual cabinet.
This reminds me of a time when my mum was going away on holiday and thought she'd hide her very expensive ring in case they had a burglary while away. Trouble was she forgot where she'd put it. Five years later she went to the medicine cupboard to get me a paracetamol and when she tipped up the little pot, out came the ring!
I do hope you find them soon.

sarahellenwhitney Thu 09-May-19 11:34:26

Losing engagement, wedding rings etc items which are for many worth more in sentimental value than price is devastating. I certainly hope that, and it can happen, you will suddenly remember where you were when last removing your rings. I myself removed my rings following the loss of DH but this was due to my losing so much weight during the time I was taking care of a very ill H.

Witzend Thu 09-May-19 11:38:06

I do hope you find them, OP. If nobody else has been in the house, they'll surely turn up. Have you checked all bins, just in case?

My dd lost a silver Claddagh ring, a present from Irish friends.
Several years later, I took my very deep saucepan drawers right out, to clean behind them, instead of just the insides.
Lo and behold, her ring was behind one of the drawers! Very tarnished but undamaged - though how on earth it got there I will never understand.

whywhywhy Thu 09-May-19 11:44:13

I seems odd that all three have disappeared. Are you sure that someone hasnt been in your house and taken them? Maybe they will turn up when you least expect to find them.
My mam lost her wedding ring when she was in the nursing home and the staff searched high and low and she has lost weight in the last year. I do hope you find them. x

Paperbackwriter Thu 09-May-19 11:58:08

I know this might sound a bit mad but do ask St. Anthony to help find them (patron saint of lost things). I'm not RC, not even religious but somehow he's never let me down yet. St. A. or not, I do hope you find them.

4allweknow Thu 09-May-19 12:26:27

You must have put them somewhere else. Has the ring stand been knocked over? Have you checked the Hoover, handbags, purses. All 3 to go missing must have been a deliberate act. Have you had young grandchildren visiting and they have had access a d could possibly have moved them. Happened to me once, grandson took them and out them in a little lidded bowl as he thought they were treasure to hide. Do hope you find them.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 09-May-19 12:36:35

I discovered my wedding ring had slipped off my finger recently and I found it in the gardening glove I had just thrown in the bin!

But some similar cannot surely have happened to three rings?

Perhaps they weren't on the ring stand and you have been looking in the wrong places? I hope you find them, as it is so upsetting losing something you cherish.

You have emptied all the drawers in your dressing table, haven't you?

Do you have a grandchild who could have played with them and been scared to admit she hid them somewhere?

When she was four my sister hid the key to our father's wardrobe and then didn't dare admit she had played with it. It took about a month before our cleaning lady found it. Looking back, she may have got my sister to tell her where it was (slid in under the wardrobe door) but if so, she never let on. Just said she had found it there.

breeze Thu 09-May-19 12:37:43

Some great suggestions above Bonnie please let us know if you find them. Like others have said; to lose all 3 at once does point towards you being so distracted thinking about your DD going into labour you have simply put them elsewhere and forgotten you did it.

Try to retrace your steps that day and check all of the places mentioned above. My sister once put her woolly hat on but couldn't find her gloves. She went out and only when she glanced at herself in a window she realised her hat was ridiculously high. She had balled the gloves up and put them inside the hat grin

So the suggestions to check gloves, pockets, the sink and other likely places are good ones.

I do hope you find them. May be worth having them adjusted when you do.

Congratulations on your new GS. How wonderful.

marpau Thu 09-May-19 12:47:46

Did you go to the hospital to visit new grandchild? If so do you remove them to use hand sanitiser?

BonnieBlooming Thu 09-May-19 13:02:18

Thank you so much for all your helpful suggestions. I am convinced they are in the house or got thrown away by mistake. I cant remember when I last had them, but DH, God love him and been through all three bins including the food waste! We do not live in a large house and have methodically searched every room. I think I will give St Anthony a try!!

Glenfinnan Thu 09-May-19 13:42:45

I thought I had lost mine too but I’d taken them off (can’t remember doing it) and found them amongst other jewellery...whereI NEVER leave them!

minxie Thu 09-May-19 13:59:05

In lost three rings once for months and came across them in an unused handbag. I was so relieved I cried, as they meant a lot to me. So I know how you feel so don’t give up hope

crazyH Thu 09-May-19 14:01:04

I am a Catholic as well.....I have said a small prayer to St Anthony, for you Bonnie to ind your ring and me too ...I told him if there's a choice I asked him to find yours because your is of sentimental value😂

Peardrop50 Thu 09-May-19 14:03:48

I had the same thought as JayLucy. Is it possible that a member of your family has spirited them away to have them altered as a surprise for you? Hope so. Good luck.

pce612 Thu 09-May-19 14:10:46

I hope that they turn up soon.
When they do, you could buy clips that fit inside the ring to reduce the size so that they won't slip off. If your fingers get bigger, the rings will still fit.

Bijou Thu 09-May-19 14:33:31

Hope the rings turn up soon.
I have never taken off my wedding ring. Seventy three years ago it had facets with flowers but now has worn right down. I now cannot get it off anyway. Hospital taped it over when I went for an op
My husband couldn’t afford an engagement ring but on our twenty first anniversary said he would buy me a ring. At the time I had back trouble and had half an acre of lawn to mow with a dodgy mower so I said I’d rather have a new motor mower rather than maybe lying on my back admiring my ring.

Lyndiloo Thu 09-May-19 15:24:59

Try this: Get a pendulum. You could easily use a cross and chain or something like that. Pendulums move either round in a circle or to and fro. Decide what, for you, is going to be 'Yes' and 'No'. Find a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. Sit at the table. Relax yourself completely. Now look at your left hand (presuming this is the hand on which you wear your rings). Imagine your rings are back on your finger. Really try to see them there. The next step is to bring up the joy in you that you will actually have when they are back on your finger. Now close your eyes and say in your mind, 'Find, find, find', as many times as you like, all the time feeling calm and peaceful and happy.

This isn't mumbo-jumbo! Presuming that your rings haven't been stolen or moved by someone else, you know where they are! (You've just forgotten!) And what you're trying to do here is to access your deeper mind.

Now hold the pendulum, between thumb and forefinger, about 2" from the table-top and ask questions that would have a 'Yes' or 'No' answer. Begin with, 'Are my rings in the house?', if the answer is 'Yes', narrow it down. i.e. 'Are my rings in the kitchen?' Continue with this until (hopefully) you find out where they are. Don't worry if you don't get a definitive answer, or find your rings straight away.

Over the next few hours, or days, gently repeat in your mind, 'Find, find, find.' And keep the absolute joy and expectation in your mind and body of your rings being returned to you. (Watch your dreams too!)

Good luck! (And have fun with this - no gloomy-doomy thoughts!)

Willow500 Thu 09-May-19 16:23:38

Last year I lost a very expensive watch which was given to me for 10 years service with the company I worked for. I knew I'd taken it to a jewelers to see if they could replace the battery and was convinced I'd either lost it on the way home or someone had stolen it from my handbag in the post office. After weeks of searching I'd given up when I picked up a carrier bag of artificial flowers to put them in the loft as it had been on the dining room chair for ages. I felt something hard in the bottom so tipped it out and there was my watch - no idea how it got in there!

I hope you find your rings - they will be all together somewhere - is it possible you've inadvertently put them in the freezer with some food? I did that with my car keys!

GrammaH Thu 09-May-19 16:32:21

Oh Bonnie, I'm so terribly sad for you. I lost my engagement ring last July and I was absolutely heartbroken. It had been on my finger for 38 years &, as I was getting washed in the bath one evening, I realised I was no longer wearing it, it had just slipped off & I hadn't even noticed. Obviously, I retraced my steps that day, phoned everywhere I'd been several times in the next few days but all to no avail. I realised that I.might even have lost it in the sea the previous week when we were away & just not realised. The worst bit was that I knew it was loose as I'd lost weight & I'd decided I would get it made smaller when I got home from sad. I've had a new, very beautiful ring made- nothing like the original as I could never recreate it. It's lovely but it's just a ring, nothing could replace all the sentiment & love that went with it. I feel your pain Bonnie

Barmeyoldbat Thu 09-May-19 17:09:11

Yes my daughter a youngish widow, took her ring off her finger as her finger was swelling up due to an injury. She put them in a safe place. When she went back a few weeks later to get it it was gone. The house, the bins everywhere was searched. The worry was she has carers in three times a day and thought one of them had taken it. We reported it but no luck. As she was so upset I gave her my mums wedding ring that I had kept. She was overjoyed and feels a lot better now. Told her next time to put it in her little lockable safe she has. A few years ago she had £200 go missing, we reported it to the police and the care people it was never solved.

Saggi Thu 09-May-19 18:16:10

You say they’re loose...check your coat pockets ....I lost mine once and didn’t see them for three months...then I pulled a magazine out off the glove compartment of car and they came flying at me from top of magazine....weird!!

Grandmama Thu 09-May-19 18:54:31

Many, many years ago a friend was taking my two smallish DDs and me out for the day. I thought I'd wear a very old and precious ring, not very valuable but probably the engagement ring of one of my grandmothers that I inherited with her jewellery box. But I couldn't find the ring. When I got home in the evening I turned the house upside down but couldn't find it. Some considerable time later I found it - under the nest of tables in the front room. How did it get there, why hadn't I spotted it before because I polished those tables on an almost weekly basis, how come it had never gone up the vacuum cleaner? Quite astonishing.

Something similar happened with a lost ear-ring, out of the blue I found it on the dining room carpet ages after I'd lost it. Again, why hadn't it gone up the vacuum cleaner?

So, Bonny Blooming, if all three are lost perhaps you have put them in a 'safe place' and they'll turn up when you least expect it. I hope so.

St Anthony is brilliant at finding lost things.

luluaugust Thu 09-May-19 19:11:58

I do hope your rings turn up soon, it does sound as if they are all together. I thought I had lost my wedding ring I keep it on a ring holder overnight but it wasn't there, some days later I found it on a nail polish bottle. I also thought I had lost 3 sets of earrings and months later they turned up in with my husband's cufflinks - there is hope.

Chris4159 Thu 09-May-19 19:15:55

Have you tried your dressing gown pockets. Left mine in my dressing gown after washing my hands but forgot where I left them. Good luck in finding them

lilypotts Thu 09-May-19 19:31:32

I lost a 3 stone diamond ring about 18 months ago. Searched everywhere, went through vacuum bags, no sign of it. I may have accidentally swept it from my desk into a waste paper bin and it then ended up in the dustbin. I thought about it only today, it will always niggle. I do hope you find yours, I still live in hope that mine will turn up.

blueskies Thu 09-May-19 19:50:46

I’m not one for praying but will take up your suggestions and ask St Anthony for help. Many years ago my dear old dad found a metal chain necklace on the top deck of a tram. He sat at the kitchen table with a pair of pliers and made four rings from it, one for each of his daughters. Mine was so precious to me. I wore it in the house when feeling troubled. It must be somewhere here but goodness knows where. I have felt really unwell since it’s gone missing.

GreenGran78 Fri 10-May-19 00:08:35

I was going on a trip to a stately home, the other day, and couldn’t find my National Trust membership card. I searched high and low, then said, “Come on, St. Anthony. Help me out here!” A few minutes later I suddenly remembered where I had put it. He has never let me down, except for the prescription sunglasses which have twice disappeared from my luggage in the hold, en route to Australia, and have never been seen since. Now that WAS an unsolved mystery.
I hope that your rings turn up soon. When something goes missing like that it makes you a bit crazy. You keep going back to the same places, checking and rechecking. Have you been handling any duvets recently? Check inside, if so. Find out if there is a metal detectorist club in your area. They are usually happy to come along and check peoples’ gardens for lost objects. Good luck.

BradfordLass72 Fri 10-May-19 01:12:51

Many years ago and shortly after I was married, I was in the orchard of my parents in law, playing ball with my SIL (12) as I threw the ball to her, my ring went sailing off my finger into the grass.

We looked all round, far beyond the radius we felt it could be. Finally, the next day, we hired a metal detector and did every inch of the orchard - to no avail.

Some years later, almost the same thing happened to my son and again the search and metal detector and again no luck.

We have come to the conclusion that the rings are with the socks which regularly go missing from the washing machine grin

annep1 Fri 10-May-19 07:04:47

Perhaps you took them off in bed and they got pushed down the back of the bedside table. This sometimes happens with ny earrings.

Marydoll Fri 10-May-19 07:18:50

About a year ago, I decided to wear my mum's engagement ring to a special event. I searched the house high and low, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was distraught.

Roll on six months later:I was clearing out my life of junk and about to throw out an old purse, which had been lying in a drawer.
There was a small bump in it and lo and behold the ring was inside it. I have absolutely no idea how it got there, 😏 as I usually keeep it in a safe (only a small one, in case you all think I'm a millionaire!!! 😁.

I did pray to St Anthony, bought thought he had let me down. Sorry!

shysal Fri 10-May-19 08:11:14

Reminds me of the story of a woman who lost her ring so prayed to St Anthony. She was delighted when he returned it to her in her knickers when she went to the loo!

blue60 Fri 10-May-19 12:03:43

This may sound odd, but when I lose things, I ask St Anthony for his help to find them. A couple of examples, a lost item was found after asking St Anthony for help. I had spent weeks looking for something, I walked into the spare bedroom and a cardboard box fell from the shelf. Inside was the missing item. Another was a box of charms, after asking him it had dropped behind another box in front of it and appeared when I had given up. I had decided to move the boxes to tidy up and there it was.

I only ever ask as a last resort, but it seems to work every time, even if not immediately. Good luck xx

Nanny41 Fri 10-May-19 18:24:48

I feel for you, but as others have said if all three are missing they are somewhere in the house,its just finding them.Please let us all know when you find them and where you found them, they WILL turn up. Good Luck.

Telly Fri 10-May-19 19:51:01

They may turn up or be in the house somewhere. My sil lost some earrings, found years later when they replaced the bathroom suite - they had fallen into a gap behind the sink.

grandmac Sun 12-May-19 16:52:51

My daughter lost all three of her rings too. We searched everywhere, reported the loss to the police in case someone had found them in the street, said prayers, then searched everywhere again. No luck. Then some weeks later she put on a cardigan she hadn’t worn for ages and there was a clinking sound, and yes the rings fell out of the sleeve as she put it on!! So check your sleeves before despairing BonnyBlooming. Hope you find them.

rockgran Sun 12-May-19 17:43:56

I once found a lost bracelet in the pocket of a dressing gown that I had used on a weekend away.

BonnieBlooming Tue 14-May-19 18:42:52

Still no sign of the rings! My husband has even taken the bottom of the sofa. Everyday I think of another unlikely place they may be and check but no luck. As part of our insurance I had to report the loss to the police. The officer who rang me told me he had lost his wedding ring. He didn't wear it to work but put it in an empty bottle in his bathroom cabinet. His wife did a clear out and threw the bottle out!

Calendargirl Tue 14-May-19 19:56:01

Don’t give up hope!