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Do you, like me, hardly ever leave your house? 🏡

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FannyCornforth Sun 14-Nov-21 10:42:27

Hello 👋
First off - this definitely isn’t a ‘poor me’ thread.
But, as the title says, I am pretty much housebound (I hate that word) as is my husband.
I know that it’s unusual, but there must be quite a few of us on here in the same boat (as it were!)
If you are, please say hello!
Thank you smile

timetogo2016 Sun 14-Nov-21 10:50:34

A BIG HELLO from me to you both.
I`m not FC but my two Aunt`s are and it really does get them down.
I do can to help and they do appreciate it.
I really do feel for them and anyone who is in that situation tbh.

Anniebach Sun 14-Nov-21 11:19:04

Hello, me too, I live alone so am very isolated, bought a wheelchair in February but can’t even go into the garden , waiting for new front and back doors to be fitted , and no longer have family living near so depend on FaceTime chats .

FannyCornforth Sun 14-Nov-21 11:29:24

Thank you timetogo
Annie that’s tough not being able to go into your garden. I always imagine you surrounded by wonderful scenery.
Have you any idea when your doors will be replaced?

Anniebach Sun 14-Nov-21 11:42:31

Fanny I am surrounded by wonderful scenery, I can see the mountains from my bungalow . No idea when the doors will be fitted.

I have a potting table in my garden ready to plant seeds but !

I have made an indoor garden in a corner of my living room, lots of house plants

Daisend1 Sun 14-Nov-21 11:51:50

I am not housebound but finding it difficult to get myself 'out and about'.Never used to be like this and even the need to do my shopping is an effort. Should I be blaming the period of lock down for this.?

grandtanteJE65 Sun 14-Nov-21 11:51:51

DH finds walking difficult so yes we are if not precisely house-bound greatly restricted in our possiblities regarding outdoor activities. If they involve a bike, he's is all right, but I frequently are not, due to a peculiar side-effect of a thyroid imbalance affecting my sight.

So often, either he goes out, quite rarely, or I do.

Hope things improve for us all.

This makes it hard for me to feel justified in staying out more than a couple of hours.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Nov-21 12:08:51

Daisend1 I am in your camp. I cannot walk far but I can get out if I was so bothered.

I now tell myself if I spend a day indoors I am saving money which is definitely true.

A harsh winter is not going to help us, it will have to be mind over matter I think.

Scones Sun 14-Nov-21 12:31:32

I'm not housebound but my brother is. He used to be a very keen sportsman so misses that badly, but he has found a niche making and selling craft items on the internet. I don't live near him and can visit rarely - he's immunosuppressed too so Covid has made things very difficult. I know it's lonely for him.
He says the winter months are easier for him as he doesn't feel that he's the only one stuck indoors. I've tried to encourage him to get on Gransnet but he thinks all we talk about is knitting and HRT. If only he knew!! I'll show him this lovely thread and it might change his mind. I hope you're all enjoying the sun streaming in through your windows as it is here.

crazyH Sun 14-Nov-21 12:40:21

I’m not housebound, but recently, find it easier to just stay in……..laziness, that’s what it is.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Nov-21 12:45:47

Sones sunshine? Please could you explain to me what that is! It is dull and dry here but at least it is not cold.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Nov-21 12:46:45

Sorry Scones. It would appear I cannot even read now.

Namsnanny Sun 14-Nov-21 12:48:23

Not if you are happy living that way CrazyHsmile

Anniebach Sun 14-Nov-21 12:48:27

May I say to those who can go out if only for a short walk please go out, can’t be bothered to go out can lead to unable to
go out

MerylStreep Sun 14-Nov-21 12:48:31

I know you have some health issues, but do you and your husband drive?

Scones Sun 14-Nov-21 12:50:00

After days of gloom we have actual sun here today Charleygirl5. I'd almost forgotten what it's like so it's good to see. I hope some of it spreads your way soon.

Grandma70s Sun 14-Nov-21 12:50:15

I’m more or less housebound. I can’t go out by myself, and since I have no family living near that mostly means I don’t go out. My son visited this weekend, which meant a rare outing. He is very tall and strong, and can haul me in and out of his car. My local friends are all little old ladies 😀 like me. (Note, I am not little. I am quite tall.)

Luckily I quite like indoor pursuits like reading, browsing the Internet and watching television. Some people would suffer much more than I do.

FannyCornforth Sun 14-Nov-21 12:50:25

Thanks everyone. I haven’t caught up with all the posts, but I’m really glad that I started this thread.
It’s almost like a secret society isn’t it?
It’s not that I don’t mention it, but it’s a bit of a source of embarrassment, or maybe even guilt

JaneJudge Sun 14-Nov-21 12:50:48

Anniebach, are you waiting on a disabled facilities grant too? Ours was processed in February ad we are still waiting (also to lower doors - not on my house, my daughters)

Fanny, could you use a mobility scooter? Not that I am forcing you out if you don't want to or can't! flowers

JaneJudge Sun 14-Nov-21 12:51:03

By the way, have you tried the M&S gin yet?

FannyCornforth Sun 14-Nov-21 12:51:28

Hello Jane! smile I’ve missed you!

crazyH Sun 14-Nov-21 12:52:20

Yes Anniebach - I must shrug off this utter lethargy that is taking over - not good.

JaneJudge Sun 14-Nov-21 12:52:22

I miss you too smile

Teacheranne Sun 14-Nov-21 12:52:59

I am not housebound, I can get out and have a car to drive places. But my mobility is very poor and I am in pain every step I take so walking is difficult as is standing in queues. So I cannot really go shopping unless I can park right outside and just pop in. It means that I tend to stay at home a lot as I get very anxious about how I will cope.

I live alone so it can get lonely but I try to keep occupied with reading, crocheting and trying other crafts. I have a garden and do sit outside but I struggle to maintain it, everything has to be done sat down! Luckily I can still manage to get to WI meetings and join in with most activities.

I really must lose some weight so I can start the process of getting replacement knees, I know being overweight is adding to my problems and causing other health problems.

Anniebach Sun 14-Nov-21 13:01:59

JaneJudge I live in a council bungalow so have to wait for their ‘care and repair’ dept , a builder who has a contract with the council has checked the doors and agreed to carry out the work, even measure up, I have to wait until the dept tell him when to carry out the work.