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Becoming a new grandparent

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Bonbon8888 Mon 17-Jan-22 13:52:28

Good morning. I will become a new grandparent in August . My son and daughter in law are expecting . They have been trying for 2 years after 2 miscarriages and then IUI (unsuccessful) and then IVF which produced one egg and a successful transplant . For anyone familiar with all of this is was a long and terrifying journey but this pregnancy seems to be going in the right direction. We are supportive and loving parents always and look forward to a beautiful birth for them . I am an American woman and this site seems to be British so I’m hoping to be welcomed here. Btw I love the Brits and “Call the Midwife “ is my favorite show. I watched every show in tears watching all the births and stories hoping one day my Allison would have this experience and it looks like it is coming to fruition . I look forward to meeting women on this site and chatting and hearing all the stories. Thanks for listening . Bonnie🥰

Luckygirl3 Mon 17-Jan-22 13:54:59

That is good news - let us hope that the pregnancy proceeds with no trouble and that you will soon be a grandma!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 17-Jan-22 13:59:32

I hope all goes well but it’s still very early in the pregnancy if the baby isn’t due until August.

Bonbon8888 Mon 17-Jan-22 14:04:35

Thanks for the good wishes. I realize that this early but all the tests are negative especially genetic tests so I’m staying positive. One has to be positive in this day and age. Thanks 😊

ShazzaKanazza Mon 17-Jan-22 14:07:17

Hi Bonnie and welcome. You will be nervous for your daughter with everything she has gone through. So keeping fingers crossed for her that her pregnancy is smooth sailing.
It’s the best feeling being a grandma in my opinion. I love it. We have a 7 year old grandson and a 3 year old Grandaughter and another granddaughter due in seven weeks. My daughters pregnancies have been stress free but I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through with your daughter. We nearly always cry on Call the midwife lol. My daughter is also a midwife and she is the most worried mother to be you can imagine. I think because she knows all the pitfalls of pregnancy.

Grandmabatty Mon 17-Jan-22 14:36:34

Welcome Bonnie. My dd and sil didn't have an easy road to being parents, but now have two gorgeous boys. Congratulations! Keep thinking positive. I have an American relative called Bonnie who I have never met.

Lesley60 Mon 17-Jan-22 14:52:37

Hi Bonbon 8888
Welcome to gransnet,I have seven grandchildren ranging from 3 years old to 27 and I have also just become a great grandmother to a gorgeous baby boy all at the ripe old age of 63.
Hope you don’t mind me asking but where in America are you from, the reason I’m asking is that many years ago we were going to emigrate there.
I have lived in Hereford for the past two years but I’m Welsh and had never lived outside of Wales until I came up here, I hope you are enjoying living in the UK and are not to homesick like I was for Wales.

Bonbon8888 Mon 17-Jan-22 15:20:00

Hi everyone. I am literally crying over all the beautiful responses. This has been emotional for my husband and I as I was lucky enough to get pregnant and carry without a hitch. I live in the U. S. currently but have been to England , Scotland , Wales and Ireland . Loved those countries and the people as well. I live in Florida originally from New York. I don’t do well in cold weather as the reason why I live here. 😌

Bonbon8888 Mon 17-Jan-22 15:33:01

Lesley , wow you must have been a very young grandmother . I am 64 and this is my first , god willing. Better late than never . 😍

Sar53 Mon 17-Jan-22 15:57:49

Welcome to Gransnet Bonnie.
My very best wishes to your son and daughter in law.
I have five granddaughters, aged from 4 - 13 and being a grandparent is one of the best things in life.
How lovely to live in Florida where it is warm. We are having a cold and frosty spell at the moment.
Let us know how things go for your family xx

janeainsworth Mon 17-Jan-22 16:58:24

Hello Bonnie and welcome to Gransnet.
Tomorrow I will have been a Grandma for 12 years, when my son phoned from Virginia to tell us our granddaughter had arrived safely. I can tell you it just gets better and better smile
I do hope your daughter-in-law stays well & after all the heartache, your grandchild is born safely in August.
We are Brits but have travelled by boat through Florida & loved it!

welbeck Mon 17-Jan-22 16:58:37

i'm surprised they've announced that they are expecting so early on, esp as they have had difficulties in the past; couples often wait until after 3 months before they tell others.
anyway all the best.

HowVeryDareYou Mon 17-Jan-22 18:26:49

Bonbon8888 Congratulations on your lovely news. After all the upsets, the whole family must be so happy. My grandchildren are 10 and 7, and are both a joy. Best wishes.

13Nana Fri 28-Jan-22 07:53:41

Bonbon8888 how wonderful. Its not unusual for IVF couples to announce early as they have so many medical interventions that the major hurdle is getting the +ve preg test, not the 3 M hurdle that normal conception use.
My daughter and SIL had many cycles of IVF and really had a roller-coaster but now have a lovely 5 year old boy and an adorable 9 month old. It is exhausting for them and us (as we are pretty hands on) but it is wonderful. I am so excited for you, I'm getting excited about whether you can do a little children's nursery/bedroom? OMG I'd be making a mood board already !!!