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Please bring me a half-bottle (or two)

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Romola Thu 23-Mar-23 21:34:18

My late DH and I used to entertain friends quite often, and now that it's just me, I go on having friends and neighbours for meals.
Often they bring a bottle of wine, which is kind. But it goes into the cellar; I wouldn't open a whole bottle just for myself, because I only drink one glass in an evening and it would be sour by day 4 or 5. I suppose I could cook with it, but it seems a waste.
Their bottle would be drunk with other friends eventually.
But I would rather like to be able to have a decent glass of wine for a couple of evenings on my own. A half-bottle would be ideal.
Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to drop a hint to kind friends and neighbours?

Jaxjacky Thu 23-Mar-23 21:40:59

If it’s a screw top, just put the lid back on, or cork, something like a Vacu Vin wine saver will do the job, keeps forever.

Hetty58 Thu 23-Mar-23 21:43:00

Maybe you need bigger wine glasses? If someone brings me a bottle, we'll have a glass each - and there's only half left - so it's not a problem!

Blossoming Thu 23-Mar-23 21:48:19

Most supermarkets sell small 25cl or 18.7cl bottles of wine.

merlotgran Thu 23-Mar-23 22:04:28

Why don’t you drink it with the friends who have brought it?

silverlining48 Fri 24-Mar-23 08:27:04

When we see friends we take a bottle and it’s drunk that evening, with them.

dogsmother Fri 24-Mar-23 08:29:20

I’d open it there and then or ask them to take it back as you won’t use it. But then I’m blunt quite often.

25Avalon Fri 24-Mar-23 08:36:21

We used to buy the little bottles for mil. You are limited on choice and they are more expensive pro rata to a larger bottle. Maybe your friends feel it would be unkind and mean to bring one small bottle. Why not drop a massive Hint that you prefer small bottles?