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Anniebach Mon 19-Aug-19 21:46:12

Hi, new thread x

Anniebach Sat 31-Aug-19 20:17:44

Hi all x

Dawn thank you for the advice of a tea bag, infection is calmer but now have a stye. x

Joce a dolls house, how lovely x

Salsa the most the woman from the community team offered ? She will email exercises for me try !

nonnie elder granddaughter will be home in Wales next weekend. x

I have been battling with acceptance for a few days, there are things which are so difficult to accept.

My positive, a gardener is coming tomorrow to start on my garden

SalsaQueen Sat 31-Aug-19 21:02:54

Nonnie The HR department have got my P45, so they had better get it right grin. The company is a bit lax with things - I was given a work mobile, without a charger, and told to buy one and claim back the money...... muppets.

Joce345 Sat 31-Aug-19 23:14:48

Positive for today learnt my daughter how to make her own curtains, she was so pleased with them.. they really do look lovely.
Night all sleep well 🌸

Joce345 Sat 31-Aug-19 23:17:31

Annie I really enjoy doing my dolls house, my daughters got it me for my 60th bday been doing it for the last four years still not finished.. one day I will get it all done so much work in them but never get board with it..

nanny2507 Sun 01-Sep-19 17:02:05

hello all. Well a lovely week with little miss sassy pants 3 years old going on 13....

I hope you are all well xx

salsa ahhhh my little marshall..hes doing so well i adore him. After my few days in Scotland starting Tues, i will be getting a harness to start letting him out.

annie what great news about GD and Gardner.

joce i love a dolls house my mum had one for years and i used to love dressing it and going to fairs with her and my daughter

nonnie how are you xx

I,m sorry if i,ve missed anything or anybody xx

Joce345 Sun 01-Sep-19 18:17:10

nanny I love going to fairs, dolls houses I find fascinating it’s is a big one 4 storey high I am trying to do it 1960/70. Always fine something else to do in it. This last 12 months have been hard for me so not done much work on it hopefully will get back to it soon..
hope every one is doing ok today

Joce345 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:35:07

Annie how are you, how is your friend?

Anniebach Sun 01-Sep-19 22:41:43

Hi all x

My friend is still in shock and distressed but she is having very good support.

I admit I was shaken after our first conversation, she asked me
how I coped and about my emotions at the time, I haven’t allowed myself to think about them so much came flooding back .

The gardener didn’t turn up, I agreed with his hours , his rates, not even a message .

nanny2507 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:56:18

annie you are not having much luck with gardeners are you x I have missed what happened to your friend xx

Doodle Sun 01-Sep-19 23:05:15

annie fuming about your gardener. Why do people do this. Perhaps he will call tomorrow.
I hope in trying to support your friend you haven’t upset yourself.
I am so tired I must go to bed. I have been praying so much today God must be fed up with the sound of my voice. Over and over the same thing. Hope you are all ok. Sleep well all x

Nonnie Mon 02-Sep-19 10:38:45

Thanks for asking nanny, exhausted today because we went out yesterday and all that putting on an act takes its toll. Also done something nasty to my hip so need to see the doc.

I would love a dolls house to do up, always though a GD would be a good excuse but perhaps I don't need one. Add it to the list of all the things I'm going to do one day!

annie I've heard that in some areas gardeners are like gold dust. Will your GD be near enough to give you a hand or is it too big a job? Oh I understand how things trigger memories unexpectedly. I was doing something on Excel on Saturday and reached one of those points when I couldn't remember one of the functions. My mind when straight to 'I'll ask DS' and then realised I couldn't. We always helped each other with Excel if we got stuck.

nanny2507 Mon 02-Sep-19 12:48:58

nonnie I hope you dont mind me asking about your beautiful son. Did you find out what happened? Xx

Nonnie Mon 02-Sep-19 13:18:55

No nanny, the Coroner could find no reason but DH keeps telling me he died of a broken heart.

Nonnie Mon 02-Sep-19 13:20:24

nanny can you imagine how I worry about those I love when I had no idea I would never see one of my children again? They are very understanding and keep me informed of what is going on in their lives, I don't even have to ask.

nanny2507 Mon 02-Sep-19 15:25:49

Awww nonnie it's so sad and I'm so sorry that both you and annie have gone through such pain xx

Nonnie Mon 02-Sep-19 17:10:23

Yes, different reasons but the result is exactly the same.

Joce345 Mon 02-Sep-19 17:47:10

Positive for today I have been for a walk and enjoyed it

Joce345 Mon 02-Sep-19 17:49:08

Bless you Nonnie

Hope every one is having a good day

Annie have you heard from the gardener?

nanny2507 Mon 02-Sep-19 19:08:58

yes nonnie xx

Anniebach Mon 02-Sep-19 21:57:58

Hi all x

Joce a lovely positive x

nonnie do have your hip checked x

The gardener contacted me today, apologised, he was called in to work. I thought he was gardener No 5 but no, No 7, I
couldn’t find the energy to look for yet another so accepted his apology, he will now come next Monday, I am trying not to be negative but ‘bet it will rain’ comes to mind !

Haven’t done anything or seen anyone. Sorry so boring.

Nonnie Tue 03-Sep-19 10:13:40

Sorry you are so down annie

Thanks all for your kindness.

Already had a standard appointment with the doc for tomorrow so hip will have to come first. I have been trying to hard to do some walking for my health but now can't even do that. Just hoping it is is something the doc can sort as pretty sure I did it to myself when using a resistance ring.

Doodle Tue 03-Sep-19 21:30:04

Feel really strange at the moment. I have started having vertigo spasms when the room spins. Only at night or early morning when I move my neck. It doesn’t last for more than a few seconds but makes me feel a bit odd. nearly fell off the toilet the other morning blush
Hope you all sleep well x

Anniebach Tue 03-Sep-19 21:38:51

nonnie do let us know how it goes with your GP. x

I am more frustrated than down .

Doodle does your neck feel very tense? Have it checked could be tension or something is ‘Out’ x

I have a positive, Physiotherapist calling Friday with splints for my hands. Oh why didn’t they do it a year ago , but they are trying to help now.

Joce345 Tue 03-Sep-19 22:45:25

Aww Annie bless you, do hope the splints help some for you...

I personally think that our NHS is going down hill fast, would like to know others opinion on this, I find it rather worrying.

Positive for today I have had a good day.

Doodle that doesn’t sound nice hope you feel better soon

Nonnie hope you get sorted quickly.

Good night all sleep well god bless

Joce345 Tue 03-Sep-19 22:46:32

A good day in that I have felt mentally good just hope it lasts.. 🌸

Nonnie Wed 04-Sep-19 16:39:37

Doodle do you have low blood pressure? Just wondering if the neck could be a coincidence.

Good luck with the splints annie

Well done Joce

Just back from the doc, blood tests, endocrinologist and whoever looks at hips! No idea how long I have to wait for any except the blood test as I can go when I like.

Anniebach Wed 04-Sep-19 21:30:22

Hi all x

nonnie hope you don’t have to wait too long x

Doodle Wed 04-Sep-19 22:58:29

Thank you all. My BP is ok. I think I might have something called positional vertigo. It’s something to do with moving your neck and crystals in your ear. It’s not too bad now but I’m being careful when I get out of bed or turn over at night.
joce so glad you had a good day. 😊
Hope the splints help annie
Sleep tight all 🛏 💤 😴

Nonnie Thu 05-Sep-19 11:21:22

Sounds like you are managing it Doodle I have to do the same with my low BP. Doc said to keep drinking which I already do but it means I'm constantly going to the loo!

Thanks annie hope it is not too soon as going away for a few days!

Anniebach Thu 05-Sep-19 21:08:49

Hi all x

Doodle. glad You have sorted the problem out, can you have you ears checked , could be a little wax which can be removed x

nonnie going away for a few days , how lovely, relax and enjoy yourself. x

Joce how is ‘mindfulness’ going ?

I have therapy tomorrow morning and physiotherapist in the
afternoon, will let you know how they go

Doodle Fri 06-Sep-19 12:07:59

Hope all goes well with therapy and physio today annie

Joce345 Fri 06-Sep-19 20:50:03

Hello all, evening Annie yes I do like doing mindfulness.
I have been taking CDB oil for 2week now, I have been sleeping from day one a lot better . I feel more relaxed than I have done for the past 12 months. Has anyone else tried or used it?

Anniebach Fri 06-Sep-19 22:16:11

Hi all x

Joce it’s great you are finding mindfulness comfortable to practice and the CDB oil ? You are sleeping better and feeling more relaxed, well done you for doing so much to help yourself, I award you 🌻

Doodle how are you ? and how is your grandson?

I cancelled therapy today, two appointments in one day tire me , the therapist was most kind and offered me an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

It went well with the physiotherapist, have splits for my wrists and hands and some gentle exercises to do every day to strengthen the wasted muscles in my legs.

My elder granddaughter made a surprise visit today 😀

I think I am coming out of the feeling of ‘giving up’.

Joce345 Fri 06-Sep-19 22:38:42

That sounds like good news all round Annie positive.
What a lovely surprise for you.
Think you are right not to do too much to soon take it slowly..
I really do think the oil is having a lot to do with they way I feel. I am so much happier when I wake of a morning for using it as well has sleeping all night..

Good night all sleep well.. god bless all

Doodle Fri 06-Sep-19 22:50:38

annie so pleased about your splints. Hope they help.
. In myself I am fine but worried about DGS and school. He is due back soon. I have no idea if he will go. Been on my mind most of today. Tired but I wonder if I will sleep.

I am so pleased that you have a little light in your life and had a nice visit from your granddaughter 😊

nanny2507 Sat 07-Sep-19 09:35:30

joce I tried vapping CBD but it made my mouth sore.
annie glad you are getting some help...did your Gardner ever arrive?

How is everyone today. I am going to northampton today to meet a friend I havent seen for years and then on to kettering to pick up GD and take her home to reading so mum and dad can enjoy the evening of a wedding. SStaying until Monday as its her first day at nursery and then a 3 hour drive home...i feel like a nomad this last week.

Dawn22 Sat 07-Sep-19 10:04:12

Thinking of everyone in the black dog gang. I often think of Winston Churchill and countless other peopl and what he and they endured with depression and with no proper understanding or decent medication then. Even though l don't think we have come on that far in terms of stigma etc.
One day at a time from Dawn xx

Nonnie Sat 07-Sep-19 10:39:20

Sounds like good news for nearly everyone. Glad to read it.

We had a video call this morning from the GC which put a smile on both our faces. I asked one if we could come to his house and his face lit up and asked "today?" I had to say no but soon. Hip slightly better today but very little sleep last night.

Joce345 Sat 07-Sep-19 15:52:21

Nanny it’s the CBD oil I am using every one has said how much more relaxed I seem, got to be honest I think it’s brilliant stuff just hope I stay where I am now.. it’s the best I have felt for a good few years but definitely the last 12 months..
hope everyone else is having a good day.
Annie hope you are feeling more your self today..

Doodle Sat 07-Sep-19 21:47:10

joce do you mind me asking which CBD oil you are using and how much you take? It’s an interesting thought.

Joce345 Sat 07-Sep-19 22:38:57

Boo just trying to see if I am working

Joce345 Sat 07-Sep-19 22:53:18

Hello Doodle I don’t mind you asking at all,
I am using CBD+Jacob Hooy 2.75% from H&B
I started with 2 drops 3 times a day, then 3 drops 3 times a day which is working well for me. I sleep really well that’s from the first day, which is what it say it does.. hope this help you Doodle

Doodle Sun 08-Sep-19 12:20:33

Thanks joce. I will look it up

Anniebach Sun 08-Sep-19 14:38:42

Hi all x

nanny the gardener is suppose to start on my garden tomorrow, rain forecast so I now have doubts, You are a busy little bee, good for you x

Dawn I think back to the 70’s and the attitude to mental health , we have moved forward, but 50 years ? We have not
moved forward as much I hoped we would.

Joce most interesting that CBD oil is helping you , I have certainly noticed the difference since Batty start ‘The Black
Dog’ , keep it up my love x

Doodle always make sure medications mix together x

Elder granddaughter leaves Cornwall tomorrow, spoke to her
yesterday, she is now having doubts bless her. She had a lovely farewell party at the legal firm where she worked , think the lovely messages and words and hugs unsettled her.

Me thinks she will need reassuring this week and granny will
be FaceTimed often .

The wrist and hand splints are difficult, a struggle to get on and off. Find typing difficult, not wearing them at the moment 😀

Something of interest on the news - medication will be labelled addictive or not addictive. Long overdue, when I think of people affected by Valium and Prozac.

Joce345 Sun 08-Sep-19 18:36:36

Doodle yes please make sure like Annie said with other medications. I do take Prozac/fluoxetine. So yes please be careful..
Annie hopefully your granddaughter will be ok , it’s a big step moving home bless her..
yes the news was very interesting I didn’t realise Prozac was addictive Annie my GP always said it wasn’t.. errr

Anniebach Sun 08-Sep-19 19:52:54

Joce don’t stop it abruptly, if you need to then with supervision of your GP, same applies to much medication, one of my nieces had problems with the pain killer Solpadeine.

Joce345 Sun 08-Sep-19 22:06:17

I thinking about going to see the GP Annie think the CDB oil is working better than fluoxetine ever has.. so I am thinking may coming of fluoxetine and staying with the oil.

Anniebach Sun 08-Sep-19 22:09:43

Then do speak to your GP Joce, don’t just stop x

Doodle Sun 08-Sep-19 22:28:39

Thank you all for your concern. Fortunately for me I don’t take any meds except inhaler for asthma.
annie is right joce coming off anything needs to be done in a controlled fashion.
Sleep tight all xx

Nonnie Mon 09-Sep-19 09:37:02

Good advice about checking whether anything you buy over the counter affects your meds. We bought something form H & B which was recommended and then discovered that neither of us should use it. Pharmacists are very helpful about this sort of thing, especially your regular one who knows exactly what you are taking.

annie perfectly normal for your GD to have qualms about such a big life change. We moved several times and I always looked forward instead of back because we can't change what we have done.

Happy for all you who have positives, that is a positive for me.

nanny2507 Mon 09-Sep-19 19:08:52

Drowning in tears today xx

SalsaQueen Mon 09-Sep-19 19:32:21

Annie How are you getting on with the splints and exercises? Gardener been?

Nanny. Anything in particular upset you? Or are you having "one of those days"? I felt a bit like that the other day, but it's passed. How's your new cat?

Nonnie How are you today?

Joce345 Mon 09-Sep-19 21:07:30

Aww nanny hope it passes quickly for you, sending you a big hug.. we are hear for you..

How is everyone doing..

Doodle Mon 09-Sep-19 21:25:56

On edge day today. Can’t stop thinking about DGS and worry as to what will happen if he won’t go back to school. Cleaned the kitchen but had to make myself do it.
Had an awful dream last night that left me shaking and shivering when I woke up.
Prayed for help and am trying to trust but as usual want God to help me in the way I want rather than trusting his judgment. So very tired now might go to bed soon.
Sleep well all x

Doodle Mon 09-Sep-19 21:27:45

Sorry nanny, posted all that and forgot to say sorry you’ve had a really bad day. Wish we could help x

nanny2507 Mon 09-Sep-19 21:32:06

Forgot to take meds to daughters so none since fri night. I cant go more than 1 day without. All consumed by thoughts of babycakes today.

nanny2507 Mon 09-Sep-19 21:33:51

But on the positive flip...Marshall is settling in so well. He looked so big today. Goes from my cuddly baby to a nut case grin

Anniebach Mon 09-Sep-19 21:42:06

Hi all x

nanny you were doing well when your granddaughter was with you, have you thought of speaking to your GP ?

Salsa how are you ?

Joce you are doing so well , it’s great

Doodle I so understand what you mean about prayer, when we pray we don’t say ‘I want’ do we ? but it’s what we want to say. Q Sorry you had a bad night , get a goods night sleep tonight x

It rained this morning so no gardener, he didn’t even message, I just give up on gardeners.

Splints are very difficult to put on.

SalsaQueen Mon 09-Sep-19 22:08:11

Anniebach....I'm OK, thanks. Settling into my job alright. Son's cat has been missing for over a week, so I've been helping with trying to find her.

Anniebach Mon 09-Sep-19 22:10:50

Salsa glad you are settling into your new job, so sorry to learn of your son’s cat, so hope you will find it x

Joce345 Mon 09-Sep-19 22:24:48

Annie I bet the splints take some getting used to,
what is wrong with people why can’t they just let you know (re gardener) is every thing too much trouble for them ummm. Where did common curtesy go..
good night all sleep 💤 well god bless all

Nonnie Tue 10-Sep-19 11:12:22

Nanny hope you will be fine when the meds kick in.

Salsa thanks for asking, I'm totally unmotivated and have a list of things I can't tackle, things which require my brain but its not working. Glad the job is OK.

Doodle dreams can be very upsetting. Trust God to do what is best is so much easier said that done. My DiL is great at it but it hasn't rubbed off on me.

annie I have just written on another thread that people are more selfish than they used to be. It must be hard having to rely on others all the time. GD coming tomorrow I think I remember,

humptydumpty Tue 10-Sep-19 11:22:58

salsa off topic but wrt your post: have you thought of posting the cat's details on, they email all their members, notify vets and rescue centres, you can print off posters and flyers etc.

Anniebach Tue 10-Sep-19 11:26:44

nonnie yes it is hard having to rely on others for so much when I have always been very independent, I had to be when my husband died, I had to become ‘i’ not ‘we’.

I am very down every morning on waking , horrible feeling.

Don’t know when my younger granddaughter will be here this week, she has to work extra days because some staff on the sick, she will be back in university soon so even less time
to visit.

Joce345 Tue 10-Sep-19 15:06:42

Aww Annie I know that morning feeling all too well.. it’s horrible really bad, I have been better of late still get it, but I can get up at the moment where I couldn’t get out of bed before..
I am a lot more motivated even made some new curtains for the sitting room, I am doing well haha just hope it lasts.
I pray it passes for you Annie sending you hugs..

Lessismore Tue 10-Sep-19 15:09:39

Does anybody regard the black dog as an enemy? I find I have a little fight in me these days and I will not let the damn thing win.

Anniebach Tue 10-Sep-19 16:22:40

I think the black dog is an enemy .

I am fortunate I don’t suffer with it, I separate depression from sadness though.

SalsaQueen Tue 10-Sep-19 17:11:58

HumptyDumpty. We've contacted the microchip place, every vet within an 8-mile radius, RSPCA, PDSA, the council who deal with dea animals on the road. I've registered with 4 different pet-finding websites, also Facebook. We've laminated posters, put them on every other lamppost half a mile either way from my son's house. I've put posters up in the library, doctor's, a couple of shops. We've knocked on doors, put leaflets through every door, half a mile either way from my son's house. I can't see what else we can do. Son has been out every day/evening, locally, whistling, rattling a packet of cat biscuits. We're doing all those things again tomorrow. I don't think we'll ever find her.

SalsaQueen Tue 10-Sep-19 17:17:22

Annie it must be difficult for you. The thing about tradesmen not turning up etc., seems to be a common problem these days. I've experienced that, where I've waited in for someone to come round and give us a quote for a new roof, a few years back, and 4 different men didn't bother to come round. I ended up getting a firm from Sheffield (I'm in Nottingham).

Nanny I was like that, when I missed my Mirtazapine just for one day. I hope you're feeling better today.

Nonnie I lack motivation most days. I've got lots of things I should do at home, but I'd rather be out if I can.

SalsaQueen Tue 10-Sep-19 21:27:04

Just looked on Facebook, and there's a report of some horrible people going around, 3 miles from me, in a van, picking up cats from the street and taking them for some nasty purpose - as bait for dog-fighting, allegedly. I hope that's not the case and that my son's cat hasn't been taken...........

Anniebach Tue 10-Sep-19 21:32:41

Not all on Facebook is true, don’t dwell on it x

Joce345 Tue 10-Sep-19 23:16:10

Good night all sleep well.

Dawn22 Wed 11-Sep-19 08:32:27

Hi Annie and everyone
I know that feeling of not liking mornings and am much happier in the evening time. I think it is the thought of the long day ahead and anxiety is worse in the morning. If l am lucky l wake about 7oc and l do some Gransnet games and try and put a positive spin on them. Thinking of you Annie with your Gardner's and the splints. Living does take great paitence and fortitude. Human connection is so important and this forum is a help. You are so brave flowers

Yes Doodle l say my prayers too but God's ways are mysterious indeed. flowers

Dawn xx

Nonnie Wed 11-Sep-19 10:00:03

Well done Joce keep it up.

Salsa its the feeling of being helpless to do anything more which is so bad. Sometimes those things on FB are years old!

Annie any news on the gardener.

Dawn your mornings sound positive.

I seem to worry too much about other people. Been looking after neighbours' house while they are away but thought it was for a week so they should have returned last weekend. Keep ringing the bell and putting the post through the inner door. Think I may text them later just to put my mind at rest. I worry about things on the news which have no personal effect on me too.

Anniebach Wed 11-Sep-19 11:39:58

Hi all x

Dawn I to find evenings easier.yes human connection is important, i will not see anyone until next Sunday so depend on GN to contact the outside world.

The splints are very difficult, takes ages to get them on then throughout the day it’s on and off because they can’t be worn
if I wash my hands of wash dishes.

The most troubling thing for me personally is I have an alarm pendant if I need help, because I have no family here I don’t have ‘a key holder’, this is a person who is contacted if one needs help. I am suppose to be doing leg exercises every day, if I was to fall I can press the alarm pendant and the police would be called to see what’s what, how embarrassing to have a police car pull up at my house. ! This doesn’t help trying to relax and do the exercises. !

nonnie I have given up on my garden which saddens me, I love my shrubs. I had planned to spend time in the garden to help my battle with the agoraphobia.

Lessismore Wed 11-Sep-19 12:33:40

It is possible to reach out to people. You may have to take a few knock backs but it's worth it.

You can always ask people round to your home.

Anniebach Wed 11-Sep-19 12:39:43

Who ?

Lessismore Wed 11-Sep-19 13:11:37

Anybody? Just reflecting on my own self imposed isolation which thankfully I am leaving behind.
We need actual human contact.

nanny2507 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:56:37

salsa any news on the cat. I do hope she comes home. I certainly feel your pain on this one. I am feeling better today thank you

How is everyone today

annie how are you getting on with the splints...any show re gardener

Nonnie Thu 12-Sep-19 10:27:03

In tears. Sold something on Gumtree, nice guy came to collect and we had a chat. He asked me if I was related to DS and went on to say what a lovely guy he was and where he met him. We he had finished I told him that DS was dead, he was shaken. Sort of mixed feelings, brought it home to me just how many people liked DS.

SalsaQueen Thu 12-Sep-19 13:25:12

Nanny Not a word on the cat. We spent 3 hours yesterday, driving a bit further away (a mile or so away from son's house, all directions) putting up more posters. I'm offering a reward, so we expected perhaps a call, but nothing. We traipsed around in a nearby cemetery, as my son seems to be convinced the cat is alive but lost somewhere. I don't believe we'll ever find her. The not knowing is awful, isn't it. How's your new cat?

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:12:50

oh nonnie xxx

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:15:32

salsa little marshall is doing really well he had a little visit to the back garden today.literally 2 mins lol

humptydumpty Thu 12-Sep-19 14:18:07

salsa did you contact petsreunited? I think it's worth a try as emails will go out to people all over your local area, and to vet surgeries, rescue centres etc. I know of several owners who have been re-united with their pets that way. They also have pictures of cats that have been found, so might be worth looking through those?

SalsaQueen Thu 12-Sep-19 15:31:43

Nanny I'm glad Marshall is enjoying himself. Bless him x

humptydumpty Yes, I'm registered on that (and others) website. I was quite excited an hour ago, when I had an email saying they had a match that might be Millie. It turned out to be a cat with different markings, 255 miles away, not identichipped. Nothing like Millie then!

Joce345 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:32:06

I don’t think any one should just be inviting just anyone into there home, there is some not nice people out the please be careful..

Hi all hope every one is having a nice day..

Joce345 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:43:08
This is my home made rag doll reall pleased with her

Dawn22 Thu 12-Sep-19 17:44:44

Very sound advice about inviting people in Joce. Only people you know well and trust.

Love the doll. Very creative.

All the best to everyone. Dawn xx

Lessismore Thu 12-Sep-19 17:48:30

I guess you have to apply some basic common sense in regards to inviting people into your territory.

The alternative of being holed up inside, tapping a keyboard is equally frightening.

Dawn22 Thu 12-Sep-19 18:55:40

Your last paragraph above is unnecessary.
I can assure that the people who post on here have extremely rich inner lives; myself included, poets, philosopher's and prophets etc. You name it. We have talent here.

Anniebach Thu 12-Sep-19 21:31:14

Hi all x

nonnie hugs x

Salsa. not knowing is horrible , the what if’s. x

nanny great to learn Marshall has settled in x

Joce love the doll, want one, how clever are you , 🌻 x b

Dawn yes all here are blessed with talents x

Would like to share with you -

Elder granddaughter is settling into her new home back in
Wales, only moved on Monday and has found a job with a legal firm , first interview, she is so happy to continue with her studies.

Younger granddaughter heard yesterday she has the lease on a property she so wanted. An apartment the floor above the apartment her brother has bought , she moved in November,
the three will be together again, they are very close, with university they are not been together for ten years just occasional visits. I am so happy 😀

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 22:02:49

lessismore I prefer animals. Some people can be horrible

annie what wonderful news. I wish I lived near my family. I miss them so much

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 22:03:54

joce the ragdoll is beautiful! It really is. You are clever

Anniebach Thu 12-Sep-19 22:05:54

nanny they are 50 miles from me but what is important is they are close to each other. Gives me some peace of mind

Joce345 Fri 13-Sep-19 19:49:38

Evening all had a lovely day out in York with my daughter...
bit tired now but it’s been worth it..
Hope every one is doing ok
Thank you all for the comments on my rag doll..

Anniebach Sat 14-Sep-19 21:34:15

Hi all x

Hope you are all ok x

Dawn22 Sun 15-Sep-19 08:55:35

To Annie
Hope you are doing ok too. Thinking of you as you think of us.

Joce345 Sun 15-Sep-19 10:07:22

Morning all just sat thinking of you all, hoping today is a good day for all..

don’t know what to do dolls house or more rag dolls need to keep my mind occupied today.

Morning Dawn Annie it’s always a bit quiet hear on a weekend I think. hope you are doing ok.

Anniebach Sun 15-Sep-19 20:33:01

Hi all x

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend, x

Joce345 Sun 15-Sep-19 22:13:54

Night all hope you all sleep well 💤