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Have you had the Shingles jab?

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LouLou21 Tue 12-Sep-17 09:31:26

I'm due to have the Shingles vaccine but am a bit concerned about the side effects especially as I have several allergies and it is a live virus. Have any of you lovely gransnetters suffered more than a mild reaction?

Charleygirl Tue 12-Sep-17 09:34:18

Have a look because there was a recent post on this subject.

Liz46 Tue 12-Sep-17 12:09:04

I had it as I know from friends and family how horrible shingles can be. It was a rather painful jab but no side effects. I have asthma and other lung problems.

Suki70 Tue 12-Sep-17 14:05:50

I had shingles many years ago and wouldn't want it again so had the jab. Although I have allergies and once had anaphylactic shock, there were no side effects from the shingles jab at all.

Luckygirl Tue 12-Sep-17 14:46:01

I am too young!! Good luck with these jabs - I will be first in the queue when I reach that ripe age.

harrigran Tue 12-Sep-17 16:18:26

I had mine without any problems and my immune system was low because I had just finished chemotherapy.

Norah Tue 12-Sep-17 16:22:40

I had no reaction, nor did DH.

TwiceAsNice Tue 12-Sep-17 17:53:43

I have had shingles twice. I'm not old enough to have the jab yet but probably wouldn't bother. I had the rubella vaccine in the past and still caught it several years later, this was as an adult not a child

watermeadow Tue 12-Sep-17 18:28:24

I had the shingles jab and the pneumonia one at the same time. No reactions at all.
I don't have a flu jab as I've only ever had flu twice and have no problems which would make flu dangerous. I'm cynical about mass medication and screening and research thoroughly before accepting any.

harrigran Wed 13-Sep-17 10:23:10

Starting to age is enough for flu to be a problem, you do not have to have other health issues.

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-17 10:56:15

I have numerous drug allergies, including penicillin, and I had no problems with the shingles jab at all.

Grandma2213 Thu 14-Sep-17 01:33:38

I had shingles several times a couple of them very badly. The practice nurse giving me my flu jab made the decision I would benefit so gave me it at the same time. I also had a pneumonia jab previously. I have various auto immune conditions but suffered no side effects from any of the jabs.

Glenfinnan Thu 14-Sep-17 22:42:16

My doctor says that the rule of being 70 or 79 before you can get the shingles jab was only introduced as there is not enough vaccine! I would definitely have it if I was eligible. Always have the flu jab.

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