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Restless Legs syndrome

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moonbeames Wed 29-Aug-18 10:48:19

I noticed in another forum someone mentioning "restless legs syndrome". I have had this for many, many years. My husband tells me that some nights I run a marathon.
Just by chance whilst at a country market recently I heard one of the stall holders talking to a customer about restless legs syndrome. I went up and asked about what was on offer. Amongst other things, soaps and lotions he showed me a bottle of Magnesium Oil Spray. He said that it was excellent for restless legs, cramps and muscle soreness. Taking a bit of a chance I bought a bottle then and there and then at night as instructed before bed I spray the top of my feet with it and gently rub it in. The results have been amazing. It works a treat. My husband said that when I use the spray the restless legs have gone. If anyone is interested you can have a look at the website for yourself. I thoroughly recommend it. Magnesium Oil Spray.
The contact is Gwen - www/

Sparklefizz Wed 29-Aug-18 11:35:25

Magnesium Oil spray is available on Amazon.

Coolgran65 Wed 29-Aug-18 12:38:09

I have had RLS for 30+ years. It is with me 24/7 and I usually sleep around 3 to 4 hours per night, but not all in one stretch. There is usually at least one break where I'm up and about walking and stretching my legs and arms (yes it's in my arms also). Last night I only slept for one hour total.

The sensations make it so difficult to go to the cinema, a restaurant, a plane journey. Imagine my 11 hour international flight where I spent the most of it in the area between the toilet and the crew area, walking in very small circles. I have a card from the RLS Foundation confirming that I have a neurological movement disorder and carry this with me in case I need to show it. i.e. Someone tells me to sit down.

As I sit here at present on my computer, it's in my right leg which I am swinging and jerking to try and ease the horrible sensations.

Yes, I have tried the magnesium oil liquid and also the spray without success. I also take magnesium as a supplement.

One thing I would say is that it is very important that you have a blood ferritin serum level of over 100. For the general public around 20 is fine. You will probably have to ask for this as it's not normally done as a routine blood test. Don't let the dr just tell you that the result is 'normal'. 'Normal' is very different for an RLS sufferer. You need it up at 100+.

Research has shown that the source of RLS is a deficiency of iron in the brain. This leads to imbalances in the levels of adenosine, dopamine and glutamate. The high levels of dopamine result in the movment issues and the high glutamate leads to the insomnia.

Sometimes people have PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorers) and think it is RLS. Just in case anyone is reading this, here is the criteria to help decide if it is actually RLS.

If it helps, here are the questions listed by a doctor to determine if it is RLS:

1. Do you experience the urge to move?
2. Is the need to move overwhelming to the point that you cannot resist moving your legs?
3. Will the urge to move increase if you are in a confined position?
4. Do you have symptoms both sitting and lying?
5. How long do you need to be at rest before your leg symptoms begin?
6. Do your symptoms only begin when your legs are in a specific posture?
7. How quickly do you get relief when you start moving?
8. Do your leg symptoms occur when you are walking?
9. If you have obtained relief with walking, do the symptoms ever return while you continue to walk?
10. When are your symptoms worst?
11. When you are symptoms least?
12. Do you find your symptoms are less in the morning?

RLS is where you have the urge to move, you must must move in order to relieve the horrid sensations even though they are only eased for a second or two.

PLMD is when the limb jerks of its own accord. And this can happen while asleep (and probably not aware of it) or awake.

My apologies for such a long post. RLS is often a greatly misunderstood disease and often the butt of humour where in actuality when it is severe it destroys lives and relationships. I therefore took this opportunity to say a little about it just in case it may enlighten some who are unfamiliar with the disease. Also to let folks who might have it know to get their blood ferritin serum level up.

Coolgran65 Wed 29-Aug-18 12:39:33

A link to the RLS Foundation which is a wonderful source of information for anyone who suffers.

Sparklefizz Wed 29-Aug-18 19:36:28

Coolgran65 Thank you so much for posting all that info. Very interesting.

Fennel Wed 29-Aug-18 21:11:11

Yes very interesting Coolgran.
I suffer from RLS too, not every night TG, maybe one in three.
I think mine's connected with arthritis in my left hip, I can
pinpoint the spot it comes from.
Before I had my right hip replaced one of the specialists asked me if I suffered from RLS on that side. Which I didn't at the time, but it made me think that there could be a link.
I might try the magnesium remedy - thanks.

moonbeames Thu 30-Aug-18 00:53:37

Thanks for those posts especially cool gran65.

Coolgran65 Thu 30-Aug-18 03:47:05

I am more than happy to share and do what I can to raise RLS awareness.

mrsmopp Fri 31-Aug-18 23:49:23

I read somewhere that bananas were good for restless legs, so I have a banana every day without fail and it worked for me. Hope it helps someone because I was driven frantic with RLS - couldn't go to the cinema or theatre, couldn't sit still; had to get up and stamp around the room, rubbing my calves and could get no relief. Let me know if it works for you. Good luck.

moonbeames Sat 01-Sep-18 04:53:00

Thanks Mrsmopp. Good tip. Will try that. I have had that at the movies as well, I had to get up and stomp around, felt a real git. Had a cramp this morning early about 5am. It was in the lower leg, I sprayed it with that magnesium spray and within about 20 seconds it was gone. Relief!

Coolgran65 Sat 01-Sep-18 07:10:07

Lack of potassium can trigger RLS. That's where the banana helps.

mrsmopp Sat 01-Sep-18 07:36:14

Thanks Coolgran, that explains it. It is a huge relief for me that it worked. I love bananas anyway.

star47 Fri 01-Mar-24 18:29:01

Any link between taking vaginal estrogen and the first experience of Restless Legs Syndrome? Or just a coincidence?

Coolgran65 Fri 01-Mar-24 18:45:06

I've never actually heard of vaginal oestrogen in particular causing or triggering RLS. (I use Estradiol, a cream, more efficient and easier to use than the pessaries).
However, it is known that hormones can trigger RLS which is why it can occur temporarily in pregnancy.
So many things can trigger RLS symptoms including many medications both prescribed and over the counter. In particular an antidepressant and Benalin (sp?) is notorious. On the other hand I take an antidepressant without issue.

Gwyllt Fri 01-Mar-24 23:00:21

Soap in the bed I have read is good for restless legs not tried it but tried it on sister in law but she wasn’t impressed
Below link to article about it

Oldnproud Sat 02-Mar-24 10:53:30


Soap in the bed I have read is good for restless legs not tried it but tried it on sister in law but she wasn’t impressed
Below link to article about it

In desperation I did try soap in the bed a while ago. I kept it there for months, but it made no difference whatsoever for me.

My own RLS seems very random, in that it will be an almost daily (or more accurately, 'nightly') problem for a while, then I might have a few days or even weeks of respite, when it is either totally absent or at least so mild and short-lived that I barely notice it.

star47, I started using vaginal oestrogen for a few years now, but I didnt notice any difference whatsoever in the RLS.

Coolgran65, thank you for your very informative posts.

pascal30 Sat 02-Mar-24 11:20:55

I've found that since Ihave had an electric blanket on all night the my RLS has dramatically decreased. I keep it on low. I also take magnesium tablets.