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Worriedgran24 Wed 12-Jun-19 13:58:27

Good afternoon all - can anyone recommend something that stops you being tired all the time. I fall asleep on the bus going home (and I have missed my stop on many occasions) I also get very tired mid-afternoon at work and it takes all my concentration not to let my eyes drop! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

M0nica Wed 12-Jun-19 14:00:17

There is a simple solution . Visit your GP to have a good overhaul. When my DH started acting as you are now the cause was diabetes, but there are all sorts of other reasons for it, but only a doctor can diagnose the cause and medicate you appropriately.

wildswan16 Wed 12-Jun-19 15:01:44

I'm sorry you are feeling unwell but the only person who can help is your GP. There could be dozens of reasons why you are so tired. Anything we suggest on here is pure guesswork, of no use to you at all and could possibly prevent you from finding the true cause.

Please make an appointment as soon as you are able.

Gonegirl Wed 12-Jun-19 16:43:57

Could you find somewhere quiet to have a little nap in your lunch break. And have a quick cup of tea before you get on the bus?

As we get older we naturally do get more tired. Caffeine is a good fall back.

M0nica Wed 12-Jun-19 16:53:08

Gonegirl this sounds more serious than that. I used to have the odd 10 minutes doze sitting on the loo in the Ladies, but when you consistently sleep through your stop on the bus and are feeling constantly tired, I think the best solution is a doctor's appointment, if nothing else, he will give reassurance if it is nothing but age.

DH had the same symptoms as this lady - and no others - and he had diabetes. Once he was on medication he woke up again.

Jenty61 Wed 12-Jun-19 16:53:57

perhaps you arent drinking enough water and are possibly dehydrated, also if you have too much carbohydrates for lunch it can cause a mid afternoon slump.

EllanVannin Wed 12-Jun-19 17:42:16

A blood-test will tell one way or the other.

Gonegirl Wed 12-Jun-19 17:51:23

"Gonegirl this sounds more serious than that"

No it doesn't.

And how do you know anyway? hmm

Greenfinch Wed 12-Jun-19 18:19:37

Could it be sleep apnoea ?

Sara65 Wed 12-Jun-19 18:56:24

I had to pop out of work the other day, and on the way back I was listening to a book on the radio, I was quite enjoying it so I thought I’d just wait in the car for a few minutes to see what it was, woke up twenty minutes later, listening to a nature programme!

Gonegirl Wed 12-Jun-19 18:59:35

Think you might mean narcolepsy Greenfinch. I think sleep apnoea is when you wake up in the night unable to breathe.

Coolgran65 Wed 12-Jun-19 19:18:01

Gp visit. Dr will check all sorts including thyroid.

BlueSky Wed 12-Jun-19 20:00:14

It could be sleep apnea. My DH had that, he used to nap all the time but when I realised he was napping soon after breakfast I knew there was something amiss. Are you aware of snoring loudly? That was his other symptom. He uses a mask now and the sleepiness has gone. Also losing some weight could help with this condition.

Loislovesstewie Wed 12-Jun-19 20:27:02

Please go to your doctor. My husband started to drop off at odd times; he had undiagnosed type 2diabetes. I tried to tell him for ages but it was the health MOT that picked it up. He has put it into remission by the low carb diet. But there could be lots of reasons for nodding off. And you aren't wasting your doctors time.

Calendargirl Wed 12-Jun-19 20:29:43

Underactive Thyroid?

Worriedgran24 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:36:45

Thank you all, I'll make a GP appointment smile

Alexa Wed 12-Jun-19 20:47:17

Go to the doctor, you need your blood tested.

Greenfinch Wed 12-Jun-19 21:27:20

I mean sleep apnea Gonegirl.I do know about it because I have just been diagnosed with it. I have unknowingly been waking up dozens of times in the night and this has left me tired during the day with the same symptoms as the OP. Please read up about it before criticising some well -meant advice.

Gonegirl Wed 12-Jun-19 23:05:02

Sorry Greenfinch. Didn't really mean to criticise.

Greenfinch Thu 13-Jun-19 06:51:08

Thanks Gonegirl .I probably over-reacted.I am not looking forward to wearinrg one of those masks at night.sad