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Psoriasis on scalp

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giulia Thu 22-Aug-19 06:40:59

How has anyone managed to resolve this?

My psoriasis has gradually disappeared from my body thanks to PS19 Shower Gel but persists on scalp.

Have found that specific medications make my hair brittle and frizzy and seem to do nothing to solve the skin problem. I use lavish quantities of coconut oil masks, Oil of Argan, karite shampoo but it's a constant battle.

Has anyone found any natural remedies?

Marelli Thu 22-Aug-19 07:06:01

giulia, I tried so many different treatments for this, too. Had stuff on prescription, bought numerous bottles of Polytar, etc and was always left with one area which stubbornly refused to go away. Started using T-gel Therapeutic shampoo for every wash and the psoriasis just disappeared. I don't use anything else now.

annep1 Thu 22-Aug-19 07:11:59

Giulia try rubbing T gel into the patch in damp hair and leave for a few minutes while showering. Then wash your hair. T gel is the only thing that works for me.
I also use sainsburys pure soap - no colour or perfume and very cheap.
In bath No 7 bath milk. expensive but a lovely bubblebath - hypoallergenic.

Debste Thu 22-Aug-19 07:17:10

Hi, I use T Gel shampoo which is a good help but I also think treating from the inside as well as topical treatments helps greatly. Since cutting out dairy, chocolate...I know...alcohol, coffee and processed foods my psiorisis has virtually disappeared and yes my scalp has been the most difficult to get rid of. I also take supplements..oregano oil and b vitamins and politics...every little helps..also avoid gluten and starch. Hope this helps.

Debste Thu 22-Aug-19 07:19:32

Politics doesn't help ha ha...probiotics does though!

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Aug-19 07:21:04

T gel shampoo got rid of my DS’s.

PamelaJ1 Thu 22-Aug-19 07:33:21

Debste I improved my psoriasis enormously by diet and a regime to get my gut bacteria really healthy. It was hard but worth it.
I use capasal to wash my hair and it seems to keep my hair healthy. I just buy it at the chemists, it’s about £9 but is available on prescription. It lasts ages.

giulia Thu 22-Aug-19 07:49:04

Wow! Some really useful tips so far. Thanks everyone. Must try this T Gel.

Am already onto no alcohol, coffee or processed foods and am having to do 3 mths without gluten for other health reasons (anaemia).

I take a little kefir at night too to relieve IBS.

I SEEM to be doing the right things.

Am convinced all my skin problems were brought about when my dermo immunological system was damaged by statins. Just too many different problems erupted so soon after starting the course. Came right off them - against my doctor's wishes and now keep my cholesterol low with Armolipid Plus. It works!

CassieJ Thu 22-Aug-19 08:11:10

Alphosyl shampoo [ probably spelt wrong ]. My son gets psoriasis on his scalp due to his low immune system and this is the only shampoo that helps. You can buy it at Boots or other chemists. It is around £8 a bottle, but worth it.

giulia Thu 22-Aug-19 10:11:32

Thank you CassieJ.

Teacheranne Thu 22-Aug-19 10:26:10

I have had psoriasis for over 50 years so have probably tried every product on the market to no avail! I have been treated by different doctors, dermatologists and at three different skin hospitals. I also have psoriatic arthritis now which is very painful at times.

I wish mine could be helped simply by using commercial products but it takes more than that to keep it under control. I use prescription only steroid creams supplemented with lots of moisturiser for my skin patches.

The only thing that has helped with my scalp is the steroid lotions, applied as soon as a patch appears or if I feel a little itchy.

I'm going to be a bit controversial now but I do get cross with people ( not implying this is anyone here) who say they have psoriasis and claim to have cured it with "snake oil" miracle cures but have not actually had a diagnosis! A patch of dry flaky skin every now and again is probably not psoriasis! And none of the experts I have seen have suggested a special diet as most cases of severe psoriasis is stress related together with a compromised immune system. It is also hereditary but often skips generations, my grandad had it but not my father nor any of my siblings.

My psoriasis has improved with age and a reduction of stress but has flared up again this month because I'm very worried about one of my sons personal life so it's back to creams, bandages and wearing long sleeves!

giulia Thu 22-Aug-19 10:46:03

Have been reading customer reviews on T/Gel and not that some say it dries hair badly. This is the problem I am already having with other products. What is best way to condition hair?

paddyann Thu 22-Aug-19 11:02:59

My father had it ,I have it and my son has it .We've all tried everything available and nothing works.I dont put "products" on my hair ,no sprays or mousses etc and try to keep my scalp clean .I use Philip Kingsley hair products ,the shampoo,conditioners and the elasticiser which I find doesn't make it worse and my hair at least is in great condition.T-gel ruined my hair ,didn't do a lot for my scalp and the things the doctor prescribed worked for a wee while and then stopped .Its like everything else you need to find something that works for you .

Teacheranne Fri 23-Aug-19 00:49:06

Totally agree Paddyann! I find the steroid creams prescribed by my GP work for me but at the cost of my nails and skin on my finger tips! But rather than than scabby, flakey skin on my knees, elbows, scalp and forehead!

BradfordLass72 Fri 23-Aug-19 05:45:33

I found my psoriasis responded (by clearing up 80%) by taking Sharkilage capsule and previously by taking Kumerahou ( Pomaderris kumeraho aka 'Gumdigger's Soap) as a tea and wash.

Sadly, the latter is confined to New Zealand as it's a native plant but several people sell Sharkilage, one I have found in the UK and others will post overseas.

PamelaJ1 Fri 23-Aug-19 11:30:26

Teacheranne, as a fully diagnosed member of the psoriasis family I would be interested to know if you have ever tried anything other than prescribed creams and/or medications for your skin.

The diet that that I was on was devised by Dr John Mansfield.
He trained at Guys and was a past president of the British Society for Allergy and Environmental Medicine.
I haven’t read his original book Arthritis- the Allergy connection but was given a later one called Arthritis, Allergy, Nutrition &the Environment by my sister, also a fully paid up member of the psoriasis brigade. She suffers from the condition more than me and found it helped her.

Rather sceptical, I read the book and as my skin hadn’t been so bad for years took a deep breath and did the diet.
Since then my condition is so much better. It hasn’t vanished but is much improved, nothing in my scalp although I do use the Capasal shampoo and I’m sure that helps too.
I’m not following the diet now but have put into practice much of what I learnt. And I do like gin😂

The book is worth a read, no snake oil I promise.

mosaicwarts Fri 23-Aug-19 13:01:05

So sorry you have it in your scalp, I used to scratch mine raw and never found anything that helped sad

I've now had psoriasis for 40 years, it's such a bore with the itch/creaming regime. It appeared on my scalp in 1977 when my parents divorced, unfortunately it also spread onto my face. I used to work at the BBC, and was called in to see the 'Welfare Officer' because my work mates thought I had scabies! It was so humiliating. Bit like the landlady asking the man not to eat cornish pasties in bed. My head psoriasis disappeared after my children in the 90's - but I am covered on my torso and legs. It's so sore.

Good luck trying out the suggestions, I hope something soothes it for you.

annep1 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:29:19

When I first had it I got a month off school because the doctor thought it was an infectious rash.😊.
Later I had to have a doctors letter to allow me to use our local swimming pool.
I had some awful remarks made in the past. Thankfully times have changed.

mosaicwarts Fri 23-Aug-19 18:36:44

I think we all have awful stories annepl - when I was pregant my psoriasis flared really badly, and I had the most dreadful doctor. I went for a check up and had to show him my stomach as my navel was hurting so much - my stomach, unfortunately, was chronic at the time. "Ah", he said "it's like a map of the world". Admittedly it was, but not what you want to hear! He failed to spot I had pneumonia a few years later, and luckily we moved away, so I never had to see him again.

giulia Fri 23-Aug-19 20:25:06

MOSAICWARTS: thanks for your encouragement.

Posibly, the shower gel I have beenusing on my body will help you. Slowly, slowly it has disappeared from my chest, shoulders, back of thighs, belly button, under arms and Patches on my legs. It has taken six months.

PS19 is made by Erboristeria Magentina and I guess you can get it on line. (Here in Italy I get it from my chemist). It costs just under E14 but you need such a small amount - a teaspoonful is more than sufficient.

It is totally herbal but main ingredients are aloe vera, red poppy and parsley.

Have thrown out all the creams prescribed by dermatologists and take no medication at all any more.

My head is the last hurdle for now. Will start using same product plus packs of coconut oil and see how it goes.

annep1 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:06:32

What an awful doctor Mosaicwarts.