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Listerine non alcohol mouthwash

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TrendyNannie6 Thu 22-Oct-20 12:48:44

First and last time I will be using this, within 3 hours of rinsing my mouth with this product had burning and ulcers skin peeling on my gums and under my tongue, went online to see if anyone else had this happen and yes quite a few, I’m on steriods so immune compromised, Anyone recommend one which would be more gentle , I tried the lilac coloured one

Chewbacca Thu 22-Oct-20 12:51:18

I find any of the Listerine mouth washes too harsh, even the knes that are marketed as "gentle". I use the Aldi non alcohol mouthwash in a blue bottle. Much more gentle and less than half the price.

YorkLady Thu 22-Oct-20 12:53:11

DH is having chemotherapy at the moment and was given Care + mouthwash and told to only use this brand. Hope this helps.

JackyB Thu 22-Oct-20 16:46:53

I bought some of the purple Listerine as my dentist said I should use a mouthwash to disinfect. I'd never used any before. I followed the instructions to the letter - 20 ml, rinse for 30 seconds. I had to spit it out before the time was up, it was so strong and stung, like you say.

Since then I have used it 1:1 with water and it's just right. I keep a shot glas in the bathroom cabinet to measure the quantity.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 26-Oct-20 07:39:10

Thankyou York lady,

M0nica Tue 27-Oct-20 07:12:41

You have my sympathy, I was told to use Corsodyl after a dental op. I was back at the dentists the next day with a swollen and bruised face, an allergic reaction to something in that product. One 'friend' thought I was the victim of domestic violence.

I can use inexpensive own brands like Superdrug or Waitrose without a problem, I think, because they are inexpensive, there are smaller quantities of whatever chemicals they use in these products in them