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After effects of the pneumonia jab?

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Luckylegs Sun 22-Nov-20 12:50:17

I got the jab yesterday morning and I’m in agony. My arm is so sore, I can hardly move it and it’s hot and uncomfortable. I hardly slept last night because of it. Has anyone else had this and does it just go off after a few days?

phoenix Sun 22-Nov-20 12:52:51

My arm was very tender too, but it did settle down.

If it's still painful tomorrow, try phoning the practice nurse.

Ilovecheese Sun 22-Nov-20 12:53:22

I didn't have this after the pneumonia jab, but my arm was quite sore after the flu jab. I wonder if it is to do with how it is administered rather than which vaccine it is.

Luckylegs Sun 22-Nov-20 12:59:31

According to google, if it’s administered too high on the arm, it can bugger your shoulder up in various ways. The nurse was standing and I was sitting and that’s apparently a no-no. I didn’t feel like this after the flu jab other than a slight discomfort immediately after.

I am, however, under the weather generally at the moment (daily headaches and neck ache) and I did tell the nurse first. I’ll take some paracetamol and see how I go. I can’t take Ibuprofen unfortunately. Then I may ring and see what they say but we know what they’ll say, don’t we?

glammanana Sun 22-Nov-20 13:00:29

LuckyLegsWhen I had my jab my arm was sore for a good 4/5 days I had never had a problem with the flu jab this is obviously a stronger vaccine.
To make matters worse I was ill for the following 2 weeks with pneumonia like symtoms I was that poorly I had to have time off work.

annodomini Sun 22-Nov-20 13:26:30

If you have an allergy to the medium in which the vaccine is cultured, it can cause pain, itching and swelling. Vaccines cultured in eggs have caused trouble in the past.

EllanVannin Sun 22-Nov-20 13:35:28

No, not even a sore arm---but then, where there's no sense there's no feeling grin

EllanVannin Sun 22-Nov-20 13:38:23

I had it done at the same time as the 'flu jab too ! Years ago.

glammanana Sun 22-Nov-20 13:42:27

EV I had mine with flu jab also,I thought maybe with me being such a "delicate person" the combination was too strong wink

larry5 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:50:34

I had my pneumonia jab some years ago and it is the only jab that I have reacted to, my arm was very swollen and took over a week for the swelling to go down. I reported this to my GP practice and was told some people do react badly. Fortunately I don't have to have another one.

Calendargirl Sun 22-Nov-20 13:58:24

Can remember my late mother complaining after having the pneumonia jab, said she wouldn’t have it again, but I think it’s a one off one?

humptydumpty Sun 22-Nov-20 14:05:02

luckylegs youmight like to read

which is the NHS leaflet on the type of vaccine yoou would have been give, it includes side-effects.

Fecklar Sun 22-Nov-20 14:10:01

Because of the constant viruses I keep getting I won’t have any of them because I’m bound to have a reaction of some kind and I’m tired of being ill all the time.

BlueBelle Sun 22-Nov-20 14:12:08

I had my pneumonia and shingles same day one in each arm a few years back, I ve never had any kind of reaction to them no sore arm and can never ever see where the needles gone in
I m very lucky but I never have any reaction to the flu jab either
Perhaps I m not alive
Seriously though it sounds as if you have had a reaction to one of the elements in the vaccine
ellenvallin me too are we real people or robots

sparkytops Sun 22-Nov-20 14:20:35

Hi sorry you are having jab took two full days to calm, and the site was quite swollen and sore, also I felt sort of headachey for a day, so just went to bed..It will get better just get through the next couple of days..lots of my friends had same experience..

Luckylegs Sun 22-Nov-20 17:53:01

I googled it and apparently it’s worse if the nurse is standing and you are sitting which is how we were. That means the jab goes in higher than it should in the muscle. I ache from head to foot, am shivering and all I want to do is go to bed.

Unfortunately my H decided today was the first day of cleaning the wooden floor in the conservatory so everything had to be moved to elsewhere in the house and garage. We are in such a mess and I can’t be bothered to do anything.

My granddaughter had a cold last week and I had the flu jab last Saturday so maybe it’s just cold or flu or my system is just overwhelmed. Sorry to moan on.

Westcoaster Sun 22-Nov-20 17:59:48

Keep an eye on it if it's hot and swollen. DH developed sepsis after his pneumococcal jab last year. He ended up over at the hospital getting antibiotics.

I blame the fact that he let a doctor jag him, rather than a nurse!!! grin

Charleygirl5 Sun 22-Nov-20 18:15:49

I felt the insertion of the drug but no problems afterwards.

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 22-Nov-20 18:28:57

I had mine the same time as the flu one (a month ago)

Now I know why I feel ill for nearly 48 hours and arm was painful for nearly a week. I couldn't lie on that side for days and days.

Nurse was stood - I was sat. She was small but perhaps that does explain it.

Thank goodness it's done only once. The flu jab in the other arm was fine as usual.

Patsy70 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:33:02

[Luckylegs] I had the flu & pneumonia jabs in the same arm at the same time and was poorly for 2 days - sore, aching arm, fatigue, headache and generally feeling unwell. However, I bounced back with no further symptoms. Get better soon.

Grandma11 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:54:20

I used to work in an NHS clinic where regular injections were given to patients suffering from long term conditions, mostly interrupted outer quadrant of their buttocks, but some into the upperarm as well. We were always taught to instruct our Patient to allow their arm to become limp and floppy, and being in a standing position does aid this, but there are exceptions, when someone is needle phobic and may become dizzy and faint during the process, when their is no other option but to inject them whilst sitting or even flat on the examination couch. Tensing up can cause a degree of bruising within the muscle which can then be uncomfortable for a few days afterwards. Simple painkillers such as Paracetamol can help to ease any discomfort you may have during this time.

Grandma11 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:56:46

Woops, into not interupted, bloomin predictive text sorry!

Oldbat1 Sun 22-Nov-20 21:43:58

Had flu and pneumonia done at same time. Pneumonia arm hurt for 4days or so. Husband had his at same time and had no reaction. GP neighbour said prob due to husband having fat arms whereas my arms are skinny. Small price to pay to be covered from pneumonia.

Gwyneth Sun 22-Nov-20 22:02:27

No effects at all for me.

SpringyChicken Sun 22-Nov-20 22:06:11

I had my pneumonia jab at the same time as my (first ever) flu vaccination, one in each arm. No side effects from either. "Trust you", said my husband.