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Sleep, the innocent sleep, sleep that knits up the ravel'd sleeve of care

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LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 21-Jan-21 16:25:49

Since Christmas I seem to have fallen into a pattern of lying awake until five or six in the morning, then sleeping until well after noon. Obviously I'm retired and live alone, and with lockdown firmly in place I have nowhere to go and nobody comes to see me so my hours are my own, but it doesn't feel healthy to me.

I've followed all the online advice, have a mug of cocoa and a shower or bath an hour or so before bedtime, stop watching TV and read or knit instead, keep the light subdued and stripped of blue tones. It doesn't help.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? If problem it is? How did you handle it?

GagaJo Thu 21-Jan-21 16:37:11

This would be near enough my natural sleep pattern if I didn't have the structure of early rising for work.

Ummm, what works for me?

Hot milk - really does help me

Camomille tea

Reading (only helps a little - if it is REAL insomnia, doesn't help`)

Getting up early. I will be tired a bit earlier. But probably still not before 1 or 2am.

I will also occasionally take 1/2 a sleeping pill. I originally got them for flying in an attempt to knock myself out (phobia). If I take it early enough, I won't wake TOO late in the morning.


Esspee Thu 21-Jan-21 16:45:27

There was a thread “The secret to a good night’s sleep” just a couple of days ago.
No point in rehashing all the advice, just check the previous thread OP.

petra Thu 21-Jan-21 16:48:10

There is a lot of information here.

Shrub Thu 21-Jan-21 16:52:04

On Radio 4 this afternoon in Open Country, there was a guy saying how you can reset your time clock. I think it involved sitting in front of a bright light for a while first thing in the morning. Rather like using a SAD lamp.

GagaJo Thu 21-Jan-21 16:53:46

Was it any light Shrub, or did is have to be a daylight lamp?

I have heard taking melatonim (sic?) helps but have never tried it.

Shrub Thu 21-Jan-21 16:56:44

I'm sorry GagaJo, I was dozing in the chair at the time, so not sure!

GagaJo Thu 21-Jan-21 17:15:40

Hahaha Shrub. You won't sleep tonight if you nap!

LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 21-Jan-21 17:25:50


There was a thread “The secret to a good night’s sleep” just a couple of days ago.
No point in rehashing all the advice, just check the previous thread OP.

I'm terribly sorry, I missed that. I was busy struggling with a 5,000 word essay that was way overdue at the time I think.

3dognight Thu 21-Jan-21 17:41:14

It sounds as if you would be well suited to work a night shift!

If it were me I would for sure go without sleep to try and get back on this I mean I would just get up after lying in bed all night tossing and turning, miss out on that mornings sleep, try to get some fresh air, don't overdo the caffeine, then go to bed at a more normal bedtime and see what happens!
If you feel happy to, you could use an alarm clock, to bring your sleep pattern to a night time sleep with day times awake.
Start with it going off at say, 11 am, then 10.30am, the next day and so on. You might find yourself dropping to sleep in the wee hours after midnight instead of 5 or 6 am.
Good luck, and let us know if you succeed !

Peasblossom Thu 21-Jan-21 17:49:26

You had a 5,000 word essay?

Relax, you’re in student mode, that’s all 😬

cornishpatsy Thu 21-Jan-21 18:43:03

That is my sleep pattern, always been a night owl. Do not know what you mean by unhealthy.

If you want to change it set the alarm and get up half an hour earlier each day until you reach a time you are happy with, it should make you tired half an hour earlier each night.

GagaJo Thu 21-Jan-21 19:25:07

3dognight It sounds as if you would be well suited to work a night shift! Funny you should say that. While I was doing my post grad work, I worked nights stocking shelves in a supermarket. It was RIGHT up my street. I liked the evening work AND I liked the lack of thought needed for it. Just putting things on shelves in nice straight lines.

Jane10 Thu 21-Jan-21 19:53:54

Do you have about 7 hours across the 24? Does it matter if its not at the 'right' time? You're sleeping according to your body clock. It may change as the light increases.

Aepgirl Sat 23-Jan-21 09:45:37

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all get the recommended amount of sleep? However, we’re all different - my sleep ‘pattern’ is hit and miss and I count myself lucky if I get 5 hours. What really makes me cross is the ‘experts’ telling us all the illnesses we can get if we don’t sleep well, when we usually have no control over it.

Yellowmellow Sat 23-Jan-21 09:46:38

lf you Google sleep hygiene and follow it until your bad sleep pattern is broken you should get your sleep sorted out. Also plan what you are doing the next day so you have sonething to get up for. e.g a walk, do a puzzle, pay a bill...listen to mudic/relaxation tapes(just examples you'll have your own things you enjoy).

DC64 Sat 23-Jan-21 09:49:01

There’s an app called breathe - you can get a sleep meditation one on it for free ... I don’t even get very far into now before I’m snoring away. Took me a few times to get used to it, stops mind chatter and relaxes you but been the best thing ever for me. Hope it helps x

grannygranby Sat 23-Jan-21 09:51:32

I think your instincts are on to something. Light and exposure to it is essential for our body clock. I think you need more fresh air and walking in good green surroundings. Small steps, but try to do a morning walk, at the latest early afternoon, I think will make you feel a lot better. 🤞🏼

Awesomegranny Sat 23-Jan-21 09:52:31

You need to set your alarm to stop you sleeping all day, wasting precious daylight by sleeping will mean you’ll never get a good nights sleep. Break the habit by getting up and getting as much fresh air and go for daily walks. Don’t eat late at night, cut the alcohol if you drink in the evenings, stay up as late as possible and use yoga relaxation exercises then maybe you’ll start to sleep better

Tattooedfidelma Sat 23-Jan-21 09:53:14

You can ask your doctor to refer you to a sleep hygienist. I’m not sure how long the wait would be at the moment but my son used them a few years ago and the results (if you stick to the plan) were amazing.

Gramps47 Sat 23-Jan-21 09:55:15

I probably shouldn’t recommend this, but I take an anti-histamine tablet (normal strength purchased across the counter, and just take one - I once took 2 and couldn’t wake up!) it’s obviously not the non-drowsy type. And they do sometimes take a few hours to kick in. If I take one too late in an evening the effect is there next day too. I do have some mild allergy as well, so that’s why I have them but they do make me sleep, especially after a few days of poor sleep. Hope this helps.

henetha Sat 23-Jan-21 09:57:29

Hot milk and reading for a while works for me. But I'm cheating really as I do take Amiltriptyline which is marvellous in aiding sleep.
Also, a walk in the fresh air helps.

Chardy Sat 23-Jan-21 09:59:50

If this was me, I would want to try to reset my body clock. I would put the alarm clock on for 8am, and get up. The following day would be grim, so no driving etc, and no naps. Bed about 9pm with alarm on for 8am again. Hopefully after a week or so, you might see some improvement. Good luck.

welshgirl2017 Sat 23-Jan-21 10:04:17

You could try this, hope it helps.


Loobs Sat 23-Jan-21 10:08:44

Apparently, Mango Kush is supposed to be very effective for sleep. I take CBD oil twice a day which has improved my sleep no end so my supplier said not to bother buying Mango Kush as I obviously don't need it. He has taken it himself as he finds CBD oil doesn't help with sleep and says it has changed his life, he sleeps really well now. He suffered a serious accident a few years ago and started taking CBD oil for pain which he said was amazingly effective but only for pain relief in his case, not sleep. Mango Kush is a derivative of hemp.