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Not a single case of flu detected in England

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Blossoming Tue 23-Feb-21 14:31:00

MiniMoon Tue 23-Feb-21 14:43:14

Well, that's interesting, and quite encouraging too. If social distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitisation are what it takes to subdue flu, then I'm all for it.
I wonder if the uptake of the flu vaccine will continue at the same rate in years to come. I certainly hope so.

Grannybags Tue 23-Feb-21 14:48:43

Very interesting. Thanks for the link

NanaandGrampy Tue 23-Feb-21 14:57:28

I thought way back that wearing a mask would impact flu incidence. I'm another that would happily wear a mask during winter months if this helped .

suziewoozie Tue 23-Feb-21 15:04:42

I read somewhere that there’s research going on about the feasibility of combining an annual flu jab with the COVId jab. That sounds an interesting avenue

BigBertha1 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:05:01

Since my husband has not been able to go to his indoor bowls club I have not had a single cold whereas I would usually get one about once a month. I'm not really surprised to hear about regular 'flu juts goes to show doesn't it but I hope the vaccine uptake gets even better.

Blossoming Tue 23-Feb-21 15:07:48

I hope everyone carries on with hand hygiene. I found I prefer wearing a mask in cold weather, it makes breathing easier for me, and I would be happy to do it during the flu season.

Shinamae Tue 23-Feb-21 15:11:33

Thanks for sharing Blossoming 🤗

Ellianne Tue 23-Feb-21 15:12:38

I can't believe "not one single case" completely, anywhere, but I don't doubt the incidence of flu has been far far less this winter.
All the grans blaming young children in school for being germ-ridden petri dishes over the past months should be ashamed. Or at least acknowledge that schools have done a marvellous job with infection control.

Blossoming Tue 23-Feb-21 15:19:20

Ellianne if you read the link I posted you will see that it says not a single case of flu detected in England since 1st January 2021. That is a lot different to saying not one single case “completely, anywhere”. I have no reason to think PHE are lying about it.

Redhead56 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:20:35

Since 2018 before the pandemic there have been notices up at our local clinic. Informing patients to keep away from the clinic with flu symptoms. Even if it went to the chest we were refused antibiotics. I do know they can’t be taken for every illness but if it ends up as a chest infection it can lead to other problems.
The news sounds good on paper but really people aren’t accessing surgeries easily so those vulnerable are left at risk.

Grannynannywanny Tue 23-Feb-21 15:21:10

Interesting and hopefully with enhanced hygiene measures now a part of “normal” life that will continue.

But I wonder just how accurate the figures can be. In the few times in my adult life when I’ve been floored with a full on dose of flu it wouldn’t have entered my mind to consult a doctor and it wouldn’t have been on record.

Lollin Tue 23-Feb-21 15:22:36

Many more people (including younger age groups) were given the flu vaccine this year. So that must have helped along with the distancing. If only people would continue to wash hands frequently and properly. I still remember my disgust at public facilities with no proper hand washing facilities and people ignoring signs to wash their hands.

suziewoozie Tue 23-Feb-21 15:26:49

The figures published don’t rely on self reporting but are based on a large number of swabs taken across the population. This happens every year and is one of the main ways we get information about the prevalence of flu annually. I believe our public health surveillance systems like this are much respected across the world and used as a model by those wanting to develop their systems

Herbie9 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:28:07

Reading several different newspapers, I've seen articles that have reported that covid-19 statistics make the death numbers compiled seem greater than they are? Its been noted that one can be admitted into hospital with underlying health problems and unfortunately die but Covid 19 is recorded on the death certificate with sometimes the other health problems recorded as secondary cause of death! Flu deaths - makes one think!

Grannynannywanny Tue 23-Feb-21 15:31:16

Thanks suziewoozie I wasn’t aware there was an annual swabbing programme.

suziewoozie Tue 23-Feb-21 15:40:38

It’s really interesting what we are truly world leading in - or at least among the leaders in. Until the pandemic, public health was very much an unsung hero in the U.K. and very under rated. Its funding had been drastically cut and its influence was very much on the wane. Its necessary resurgence will hopefully remain. I think Germany has a particularly good PH system as well and this was one of the contributing factors to its early successes in dealing with Covid 19. I’m particularly interested in PH in terms of social and health care history. 19th century PH developments such as the health of towns movement ( clean water, sewage etc) did more to save lives than any medical advances. Fascinating stuff and with some real heroes such as Chadwick.

Peasblossom Tue 23-Feb-21 15:47:48

The Primary cause of death is the condition that causes the death herbie.

So someone may have cancer but die of pneumonia which is caused by the weakened state has been brought about by cancer. But the primary cause will be recorded as pneumonia. If the pneumonia had not occurred the patient would still be alive.

The same applies with Covid. A patient may have an underlying condition. It is this condition that makes them vunerable to the effects Covid infection. But if they had not caught Covid they would have continued to live. So the primary cause is Covid.

LauraNorder Tue 23-Feb-21 15:52:08

15.40 Great post Suziewoozie, Agree particularly that public health was the under rated and unsung hero. We must make sure that it's resurgence remains and give it our full support.

Biscuitmuncher Tue 23-Feb-21 16:00:24

Oh my gosh, of course theres still flu, it's just got a different name!

Herbie9 Tue 23-Feb-21 16:08:56

Peasblossom I do agree with some of your comments but sometimes covid tests do come back negative for hospital patie nts and yet the principal cause of death is set down officially as covid-19. I remain sceptical of such high statistics.

suziewoozie Tue 23-Feb-21 16:10:42


Oh my gosh, of course theres still flu, it's just got a different name!


MayBee70 Tue 23-Feb-21 16:11:43

Just wondering if Herbie is an anti mask/anti vacc sort of person...hmm....

GrannyLaine Tue 23-Feb-21 16:22:19

I bet the incidence of head lice has decreased too grin

Peasblossom Tue 23-Feb-21 17:26:52

Do you know of any actual cases herbie. Personally I mean or are you going on a very doubtful a ticket in one of the major newspapers this weekend.

My nephew is a geriatric consultant so I go by what he says.
Accusing a doctor of falsifying a death certificate is a very serious allegation.