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gamabama Wed 14-Apr-21 15:28:34

Are there any forums for this?

Pammie1 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:33:16

Not that I’ve seen specifically, but I suffer from it myself as a side effect of tethered spinal cord and it’s horrible. If it’s yourself that has it, you have my sympathy. Have you tried Gabapentin ? It was originally developed as an anti seizure medication but it has the effect of blocking nerve pain, which is basically what Sciatica is. I’ve used it very successfully for a couple of years - makes you tired when you first start taking it but you get used to it. You have to see your GP as it’s only available on prescription.

Whiff Wed 14-Apr-21 15:34:32

I don't know but had it once very painful. Put a pillow under your knees in bed and lie on your back . It's the only way I could sleep. Time and pain killers. That's all you can do. Don't sit to long during the day even though it's painful to walk. When you sit put a cushion under your lower legs takes the pressure off. Hope you feel better soon.💐

gamabama Wed 14-Apr-21 16:07:39

I have tried Gabapentin and some muscle relaxers but nothing did the trick for pain until a new doctor gave me Oxycodone but I dont want to be taking that on a regular basis. I have had one epidural injection and am scheduled for another since the 1st one did nothing.
I cant take any NSAID like no anti inflammatory's I am highly allergic

Judy54 Wed 14-Apr-21 16:40:33

A couple of sessions with my Osteopath sorted out my sciatica it may be worth you giving it a try. She is always my first port of call for any muscular problems and for me it is far better than taking painkillers. Understandably it won't be for everyone and depends on the severity of pain but I always find her very helpful.

MerylStreep Wed 14-Apr-21 16:48:44

Can you take Tramadol?

Pammie1 Wed 14-Apr-21 16:51:23

@gamabama. I’m the same - can’t take standard anti inflammatory medication. I’ve recently developed rheumatoid arthritis and am taking methotrexate for it - fingers crossed, so far so good but still take the gabapentin at 300mg dose otherwise sciatica pain is hard to cope with. Luckily this does the trick for me and I do hope you find something that sorts the pain out for you. People tend to dismiss Sciatica as quite trivial in my experience - unless they’ve experienced the pain for themselves. It’s no fun to live with is it ? Stay safe.💐

DillytheGardener Wed 14-Apr-21 16:56:18

Get yourself to a physio that specialises in this pronto, even if you have to pay private. I had it two years ago and it was utter agony. You have my sympathy. I got onto physio quickly but two friends that didn’t had to have the surgery. Good painkillers and physio, and heatpads. I’d also think about replacing your mattress if you can and having a more supportive chair in your sitting room if possible

gamabama Wed 14-Apr-21 20:29:29

I did see my GP and they referred me to a Pain Specialist. Next person I may see is a Naturopathic doctor

gamabama Wed 14-Apr-21 20:48:57

I tried a pillow last night and eventually got to sleep. I need to shop for a better pillow. Any suggestions?

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 14-Apr-21 21:10:18

I had 6 months of Physio but still had to have an op.

Presumably you have had an MRI?

Elegran Wed 14-Apr-21 21:22:27

I found a cylindrical cushion better than a flat pillow. I sleep on my side so put the cushion between my knees. Before geting out of bed in the morning I did some stretching exercises, and at intervals during the day I did some lunging forward exercises with one foot on the bottom stair. That stretched the vertebrae too and eased off the pressure on the nerve. Anti-inflammatories reduced the swelling around the nerve, but if you can't take them you will have to find some other way to do that.

Loosening off the waistband of my trousers so that it wasn't tight across my back helped. However, nothing I did I could stop the edge of the loo seat from pressing exactly where the sciatic nerve crossed my buttock.

After a lot of this low-level, gentle treatment, it eventually improved.

Tizliz Wed 14-Apr-21 21:31:51

There are exercise videos on the NHS site which are good.

gamabama Wed 14-Apr-21 22:07:33

I did have an MRI and what kind of surgery do they do for Sciatica? I dont want that if I can avoid it.

Party4 Thu 15-Apr-21 05:17:28

Have on occasions suffered terribly with sciatica.On one occasion even presented at A/E 3a.m. as the electric shock like pain was so intense and couldnt reach the toilet in time. I was made to feel a nuisance, given a prescription which couldnt be processed til 9 a.m. Symptoms persisted and following emergancy MRI a slipped disc was diagnosed.Over 2/3 episodes was advised ice packs to reduce inflammation,pillow between knees sleeping,ibuprofen gel,physio,acupuncture,exercises and to keep moving.At beginning lockdown due to over doing the gardening symptoms returned, fortunately not as severe.Ì again used ice pks,pillow,gel,reg walking and looked on line for stretching exercises on a site called Neurosciences,after a few days pain was resolved, although careful in lifting etc continued to maintain movement.Sometimes it is over stretching (cleaning windows/reaching into high cupboards) that triggers the pain.Certainly recommend on line Neuroscience exercises.

Party4 Thu 15-Apr-21 05:29:28

Just recalled an Occupational Health nurse who suffered herself once advised deep massage with knuckle into area of cheek as this stimulates bodies natural pain relief and although painful did appear to help during nighttime episodes.

Whiff Thu 15-Apr-21 05:55:22

I always buy M&S pillows 100% polyester filling medium . They are washable. They don't lose there shape or thickness.

Pammie1 Fri 16-Apr-21 08:45:13

I use a memory foam pillow with a hollow in the centre. I also have one of those knee pillow things which helps with positioning in bed sometimes.

healhealth Fri 16-Apr-21 10:06:03

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healhealth Fri 16-Apr-21 10:08:00

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Blossoming Fri 16-Apr-21 10:56:28


Trisha57 Fri 16-Apr-21 11:05:18

I had it for nearly two years when I slipped a disc. Painkillers, amytriptilin, nerve block and steroid injection all did nothing. When I was at the stage that I was in almost constant pain I was prescribed Oramorph. Off work for seven months, but finally I had an operation (discectomy) which sorted it out. The pain varied from a dull ache to the "electric shock" pain that Party4 mentioned. All the suggestions above are good for relieving mild to moderate sciatic pain.

3nanny6 Fri 16-Apr-21 11:18:57

Gamabama ; Have you been to physiotherapist? Ask them about a T.E.N.s machine and to show you how to use one.
Physio can let you have a T.E.N. s machine on loan and if you are happy with the pain relief it gives you can buy your own one. They are not that expensive. It is a good alternative if
you cannot take some of the strong pain killers as sometimes they give side effects.

LadyGracie Fri 16-Apr-21 13:14:51

I suffered for a few years eventually had two discectomy ops but then had to have TLIF (Transforiminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) basically rods and screws, all with 14 months.
When I woke up from my third op my first words were ‘I’m mended’. I’ve had no problems since, but, I do look after my back.