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Tingling sensation in legs

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Nancy0 Sun 09-May-21 11:16:06

For the past while I've had a really peculiar tingling sensation in both my legs (knee to ankle). Doc has asked for blood tests tomorrow ...will general blood tests show anything sinister anxious that it could be a sign of diabetes or MS. Anyone else ever have this?

Whiff Sun 09-May-21 17:15:22

Nancy try not to worry. Your GP has probably ordered a full blood work up which will cover everything. They may only take 3 vials of blood but that's enough to run a lot of tests. It's unlikely it's MS. My sister in law has it when she was diagnosed all her limbs where affected not just legs. I have a neurological condition which affects all my limbs which I have had since I was 29 I am now 63.

As your problem is only knee to ankle it is unlikely to be neurological. Could be something simple. Thinking the worst is natural but pointless until you get the blood test results. I know from experience it's not worth working yourself up until you have results.

I found out last year via a blood test I have heart failure. I was fine it was a routine blood test. Which led to an echo and bubble echo which showed I was born with a heart defect. But I fine.

So try not to worry. Until you have something to worry about. Talk to your family about your fears don't bottle it up. I wish you well.

Nancy0 Sun 09-May-21 19:01:20

Thank you so much Whiff... hopefully all will go well and I'll try not to worry. Sometimes it's just too much info on Google that's a bit scary!

Whiff Sun 09-May-21 22:57:47

Nancy a lot of info on Google is misleading. Best use NHS website if you want any info.

vampirequeen Mon 10-May-21 07:04:53

Be very wary of Dr Google. Sometimes he's accurate but other times he's very misleading. He told me that a hysterectomy is simple. Basically they make a little keyhole slit, stick a glorified crochet hook through it then hoick out the womb. My consultant was not amused when I told him until he realised I was laughing grin

Hetty58 Mon 10-May-21 07:49:54

Why do we assume it's a major health problem every time we have aches and pains? My horrible leg aches were just down to changing shoes (and heel heights) so it's no more heels for me!

BlueBelle Mon 10-May-21 07:56:01

My Dad and my best friend both had tingling in the legs ( not at the same time 😂) Dad called it fizzing He had a heart tablet added to his meds ( he was in his 90 s) my friends turned out to be nothing at all and it disappeared
It may be more to do with circulation than the things you’re worrying about which I don’t think have that as a symptom
The blood tests are the right way to go
Good luck

Nancy0 Sat 15-May-21 20:44:18

Hi results back from blood tests yesterday and everything seems to be ok thank goodness!! However, I still have the annoying sensation in both my legs so I'll ask to get circulation checked and apart from that it's a mystery!!

Lilypops Sat 15-May-21 21:05:20

Could it be Restless Legs NancyO. , I have that and it is like a tingling sensation in the legs and you just have to move them. Not nice. !,

Nancy0 Sat 15-May-21 22:02:57

I don't think it's restless legs Lilypops cos I don't feel the need to move them...but thank you for the suggestion.

growstuff Sat 15-May-21 23:33:31

My tingling (painful) legs and feet are due to diabetic neuropathy, but presumably blood tests have ruled out diabetes. Tests can show up poor circulation.

Franbern Sun 16-May-21 08:58:03

Nancy have you recently changed the normal shoes or slippers you wear? If you have, that could possibly be the cause of this tingling.

rosie1959 Sun 16-May-21 10:17:04

I have tingling feet put it down to the menopause apparently quite common

Itsawelshthing Fri 21-May-21 08:37:59

I experience tingling in my legs and arms and it turned out I have a b12 deficiency which can cause these symptoms as well.