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I hate Sundays!!

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Purplepixie Sun 20-Jun-21 16:31:56

I have always hated Sundays and now I'm older they seem to get worse. Each week I try and set myself something interesting to do or start on this dreaded day. Does anyone else feel like me?

BlueBelle Sun 20-Jun-21 16:34:21

Since retiring I don’t really find Sunday’s any different to any other day to be honest in fact I only really know it is Sunday by looking at my phone 😂😂😘

Mattsmum2 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:35:46

Why do you hate Sundays? Do you still work and it announces the weekend is nearly over? When retired every day is a weekend. Its an unusual feeling you must have, and one that can be changed? If not perhaps you need to see your GP and explain these feelings? I hope you can get this sorted soon xxx

Aldom Sun 20-Jun-21 16:37:12

There is a long thread about Sunday, started by MawBe in May this year. It's called Sunday, bloody Sunday. Lots of thoughts/ideas on there. Easy to find if you Google it.

AGAA4 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:39:47

There is another thread about this and many people said they don't like Sundays.
For those who are on their own Sunday can be a difficult day as it has always been associated with family time.
You are not alone in not enjoying Sundays purplepixie

Purplepixie Sun 20-Jun-21 16:49:32

Thank you for your replies. I'll have a look at the thread started by Mawbe

dragonfly46 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:56:57

I too hate Sundays - my problems seem greater, my worries more intense and they seem so long.
I am not on my own at home but it is still a difficult day.
I do not know why I feel like this but it stems from childhood and has been with me always.
I try to plan things like a walk or seeing friends.

Purplepixie Sun 20-Jun-21 17:39:59

Hi dragonfly26 - I am the same. I have no brothers or sisters and I was never a lonely child but I did hate Sunday’s so much back then.

Amberone Sun 20-Jun-21 17:50:45

Nope - in fact for me Sunday is the only day that I really relax and think 'there's absolutely nothing that I have to do today'. We don't even cook lunch if we don't feel like it, we'll just have something light and simple. In general all the chores are planned for the rest of the week, and so long as I've completed some of what I planned it's all good.

This morning we went for coffee and sat and did the crossword - just warm enough to sit outside and people watch. I arranged some flowers (sounds good but actually it was only some chrysanths from Waitrose 😄 ), cooked lunch, ate it and now we're sitting down with our feet up watching something about dinosaurs while I skim through GN. Nothing exciting but all things I wouldn't really do the rest of the week.

Purplepixie Mon 21-Jun-21 11:18:54

Amberone - I am envious! I wish I could even like Sundays but I don’t. You seem to have it sussed. Enjoy your Sundays!

timetogo2016 Mon 21-Jun-21 11:25:32

Me and dh also hate Sundays,it can be made easier if we can get to a car boot.
But where ever we are in the country we both know when it`s a Sunday,we do struggle with the other days of the week and have to look at our phone.

Lucca Mon 21-Jun-21 11:51:22

I hated them for years and years following my days at boarding school. Two compulsory religious services, nothing interesting to do, house meetings where I invariably got told off for untidiness. Plus the fact that I always returned to school after the holidays on a Monday morning.

Izabella Mon 21-Jun-21 12:19:02

Much of the time I don’t know what month I am in never mind the day. Sadly this won’t improve

silverlining48 Mon 21-Jun-21 13:02:46

A big hug from me Izabella. X