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Broken Ankle.

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Calendargirl Mon 13-Sep-21 07:13:19

Realise there are varying degrees of injury with this, but have other GN’ers found that much physio is offered after this, or is it a case with cut backs of going private?

DillytheGardener Mon 13-Sep-21 07:17:16

I broke my ankle some time ago, (7-8 yrs) but there was precious little physio that I received then, so cannot imagine that covid has improved the situation.

absent Mon 13-Sep-21 07:22:04

Just before my fortieth birthday (31 years ago) I broke both bones in my lower leg. They were pinned at my ankle and healed well, but I was never offered any physiotherapy. I just waited until the plaster was removed some six weeks later and the side-to-side pin was removed a few weeks afterwards and then went swimming regularly. That ankle remains strong and flexible and I can't always remember which leg was injured unless I check the scar.

Sallywally1 Mon 13-Sep-21 18:50:58

I had some weeks of physio after mine, this was some years ago though and seemed to be standard procedure. I now need physio for a frozen shoulder with a meniscal tear which has been agony and probably more painful than the ankle. All the physio which was offered has been a telephone consultation followed by exercises emailed to me! I am also having to pay for an injection privately as the waiting list on the NHS is so long.

Callistemon Mon 13-Sep-21 19:17:47

Yes, I did get some physio about 4 years ago, Calendargirl
The physio also gave me one of those resistance bands so I could do some work at home too.

However, I'm not sure if anything other than phone consultations have been offered since Covid.

Fennel Mon 13-Sep-21 19:32:26

When I fractured my ankle in March physio was promised but never happened.
My fracture wasn't severe and , thank God, healed quickly.
My daughter, who lives in Berkshire, fractured her elbow 2 months ago and has had an excellent course of physio and is back to driving, swimming , cycling again.
But then, she's still a fit young woman!

Dogsmakemesmile Tue 14-Sep-21 10:44:53

Broke mine several months ago and then my knee eight weeks later. Great support from NHS physio who emailed exercises (with videos) to me after appointments. Admittedly not many appointments so far but many people did not get face to face so very grateful. Have not felt need to go privately.

midgey Tue 14-Sep-21 20:23:42

My daughter broke her leg on Saturday, can anyone give me some suggestions of things I can do/get to help her?

theworriedwell Tue 14-Sep-21 21:08:43

Probably depends where you are. Where I am you self refer for physio, I'm 10 weeks (I think) into recovery from a broken ankle. Physio has been great, I have his email if I want to see him again I just contact him but to be honest the exercises he has given are working a treat.

Dogsmakemesmile Sun 19-Sep-21 10:50:49

Midgey. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I bought a perching stool and shower stool .V useful. You can buy covers for the cast to wear in shower. I would suggest any help with meal prep would be useful for the first few days. Can you pop round with some meals? Offer to take home some washing and return clean and dried. The problem with accidents is that they are never diaried..They just happen with no time to plan... With luck the injury is straight forward and the cast can be removed in six weeks. She will get there. If children involved can you help with taking to school/nursery? Throwing out suggestions.x

JessicaPaul123 Fri 24-Sep-21 05:23:12

Hi, I used to experience leg cramps atnight,which was quite similar to yours. I started going for weekly massages from a massage therapist nearby, which helped mein eliminating pain and suffering. Massage is a low-cost, non-invasive, and side-effect-free therapy. After the spasm has dissipated, the region of cramping is flushed out with a massage method. Massage is often advised a few days following a spasm to help maintain muscles flexibility and promote blood flow to the affected area. It's quite relaxing, and it helps me get a good night's sleep.