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Should I attend party one month before surgery

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GramaJ Wed 15-Sep-21 17:27:50

I’ve got a date of for a right knee replacement and been told I will only have to isolate for 72 hours before the op. Obviously I will have to have a PCR test too.
My dilemma is, a month before this date, I’ve been invited to a birthday party to be held indoors and I’m imagining there will be quite a few people there. Am I daft to even consider going as I’ve waited 2 years for this op?
Mentally I’m sure it will do me the power of good, but not physically if I catch COVID.
What’s the general opinion please?

Aveline Wed 15-Sep-21 17:31:30

Go to the party. Be sensible though. Use your judgement. How crowded will it be? Would it be possible to be outside? I mean is it a BBQ?
You'll be isolated long enough while recovering from your TKR (worth it though)
Good luck.

welbeck Wed 15-Sep-21 17:36:28

prioritise your health.
look how many people are having their ops delayed sine die.
don't take any chances.
you can hop and bop afterwards.

Hithere Wed 15-Sep-21 17:45:11

No, I wouldnt risk it.

ElderlyPerson Wed 15-Sep-21 17:59:44

It is your decision, but since you ask, my thinking is that if you were to catch COVID-19 at that party, then quite apart from what might happen to you if you did as such just from the COVID-19, depending on what effect it has on you even if there were not an operation pending - and I am not a clinician so this is may be just uniformed waffle - I am wondering if not only might your operation be cancelled in case you infect anybody else but also because having had the COVID-19 recently it might have weakened your body's resilience. There is also the Long COVID business.

Perhaps the isolate for 72 hours bit presumes that you have not got it at the start of the 72 hours.

A cake on your plate is better than ten cakes in a cake shop, to paraphrase a well-known non-vegan saying into a vegan one and add a bit of emphasis at the same time.

To add a positive note, how about sending a birthday card remotely by using the Papier facility. Either one of their stock designs or a design of your own.

The templates are good, the text is all set up as regards fonts and sizes so that you just need to change the wording, but if you want to change the font and colour and letter spacing you can often do so.

I have used that facility to send a card directly to someone and it worked well.

In fairness I have been in lockdown for 18 months now so I may have written the above with a bias to caution that some people might consider excessive or paranoid.

One other suggestion that might help. Imagine that you had come onto Gransnet and someone else had asked you for your advice to him or her in such a situation. What would you advise them to do?

I hope that this helps.

As I wrote, it is your decision, but if it were me, no way would I go. In fact I would self-isolate until the operation so as to minimise as best I could the possibility of the operation being cancelled.

Blossoming Wed 15-Sep-21 18:05:17

I don’t think I’d risk it personally after waiting so long for an op.

Mapleleaf Wed 15-Sep-21 18:10:17

Personally, I would err on the side of caution and not go. Yes, it will probably be fine, but there’s just the chance it might not be, especially as it’s going to be indoors, and then your op would have to be cancelled, and there’s no knowing how long you would then have to wait for another opportunity. Only you know how painful your knee is at present - could you stand the postponement? Would you want to? Send a nice card instead, and perhaps arrange to meet up with them for a treat from you to them once you are up and about.

MayBeMaw Wed 15-Sep-21 18:11:41

Don’t go.
Send a card, send flowers (Bloom and Wild are reliable) but that virus is very much out there and I know quite a few people our sort of age and all double jabbed who have gone down.

lemongrove Wed 15-Sep-21 18:12:35


I don’t think I’d risk it personally after waiting so long for an op.

Me neither!

love0c Wed 15-Sep-21 18:15:13

As you have waited two years for your operation I would be very cautious. Even after two vaccinations they tell us you can still catch it. In other words you could very easily be infected and not even know, not ill in any way. However, they would then not operate if you do test positive.

GramaJ Wed 15-Sep-21 18:15:44

Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. You’ve just confirmed what I was thinking really, to err on the side of caution.
I like the comment what would I say if someone else had asked the question- good suggestion.
Fingers crossed my op goes ahead on the planned date.

BlueSky Thu 16-Sep-21 08:13:02

I wouldn’t risk it. I speak as a double jabbed and careful person who caught Covid a few weeks ago. Still puzzled by how I caught it without even mixing with people. Made me think my vaccinations must have weakened considerably by now.

Elizabeth1 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:32:18

Personally I wouldn’t go to a party prior to waiting for an op, all around me are catching Covid because of crowds getting together it’s becoming a heavy cold or a slight flu but I would still steer clear of crowds then you’re sure to get your op. Good luck the decision is really down/up to you .

Lucca Thu 16-Sep-21 08:37:20

I don’t like parties anyway !! If you’re doubtful about the wisdom of going, then don’t

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:45:41 case you do catch covid, and don’t recover in time for the operation. This person will have more birthdays. You may not get another chance for your surgery.

All the best with it

Smileless2012 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:48:44

I wouldn't take the risk. There'll be other parties and when you've had your knee surgery you'll be better placed to enjoy them, maybe with some dancing too.

Best of luck for your surgery.

lemsip Thu 16-Sep-21 08:52:16

I would not go. I was due to go to a special afternoon tea of 50 people 6 to a large table so well spaced out, I decided not to go even though I'd paid a month prior. Things have changed and it's to risky.
My singing meetings started last week, well spaced out and masked but during the break when we wandered outside people were up close and personal completely forgetting the safety issues...... keep yourself well.

henetha Thu 16-Sep-21 10:48:32

My first reaction when I read the post was "Yes, why not?".
Then I remembered the Corona Virus...! Abslolutely not worth the risk. The operation is much more important.

Whiff Thu 16-Sep-21 12:56:14

I wouldn't risk it. Hope your operation goes well and you will soon be fighting fit.

GramaJ Thu 16-Sep-21 20:13:03

Thanks again everyone for your comments and support. I’m definitely not going and concentrating on trying to stay healthy and well in preparation for my op and the partying to follow - COVID and knee allowing.
Best wishes to you all

Shelflife Thu 16-Sep-21 22:07:54

A wise decision GramaJ. I think you already knew what was the sensible thing to do - you just needed it confirming. You have a date for surgery and it would be foolish to take a risk. Good luck with your op. and you will be able to attend parties after your recovery.

GramaJ Thu 16-Sep-21 22:21:37

Absolutely right Shelflife! Thank you

NotTooOld Thu 16-Sep-21 23:09:06

No, don't go. Not worth the risk. Best of luck with your surgery.

vegansrock Fri 17-Sep-21 06:27:56

It’s not just covid- I’ve just had a non covid ( had all the tests) horrible cough and cold caught when I was on my first family trip away for months. It lasted 3 weeks - thick mucus and phlegm, apparently there’s more of these type of viruses around as people start to mingle again. Wise decision OP.

CherrieJohn Fri 17-Sep-21 09:06:38

I wouldn’t risk it either!