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Forsythia Tue 21-Sep-21 20:23:20

This year we had our flu jab at our local chemist. I rang on Friday and had it the next day. Usually, we have it at the GP surgery but this year they couldn’t confirm when it would be likely and said they couldn’t give us a timescale for the roll out. My brother in law had his at the chemist so we tried it and it was easy. I hope this might help others waiting to get their jab.

Lincslass Tue 21-Sep-21 20:28:10

I’m lucky then, rang my GP surgery, yes they are doing them, and booked for next week. The pharmacy also doing them. Perhaps a joint effort to get them done.

Forsythia Tue 21-Sep-21 20:30:05

Yes I think some areas are fine. Our independent local chemist did our jabs but I know Boots are also doing them, plus Lloyds chemists in Sainsbury’s. This info may help others I hope.

heath480 Tue 21-Sep-21 21:06:28

Our GP surgery has cancelled all itsFlu Clinics as no Vaccine.I booked online and have had it at my local Boots,the Pharmacist told me they have plenty of stock.

Blondiescot Tue 21-Sep-21 21:10:11

In this area, they are doing the NHS flu jags at the covid vaccination centres, not GP surgeries.

SueDonim Tue 21-Sep-21 21:22:10

Our doctors no longer do flu jabs. The health board has taken over responsibility for the programme. Their website says to watch their page for an update. No clues as to when that might be. Still, this is in Scotland where we’ve been told to think twice about calling 999 or even requesting a GP appointment. 🤷‍♀️

Meanwhile, I saw a private pharmacy offering flu jabs today so they’re obviously available if you’re able to pay.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 21-Sep-21 21:50:18

We had ours in Boots on Saturday, in and out at a time convenient to us.

Up till approx 7 years ago I always had it at GP, unfortunately they started having flu jab sessions non of which fitted in with work commitments.

NanKate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:09:49

Boots the chemist for us. We had ours last Friday. Very efficient 👍

hulahoop Tue 21-Sep-21 22:18:40

Had ours today at GP,s where we have always had them since we retired .

Luckygirl Tue 21-Sep-21 22:31:38

Had mine on Saturday at surgery - blooming long queue though!

GrandmaKT Tue 21-Sep-21 22:41:20

I've had mine in previous years at Boots (when I paid for it when I was under 60). I received an invitation from them this year. However, I've also had a letter from the GP surgery saying they will be offering the flu jabs (no timescale), so please support the surgery and don't go elsewhere.
I'm a bit torn. I know there is a payment involved, and want to support the surgery, but another surgery in town has cancelled all theirs because they can't get supplies. I hope I don't miss out by waiting for the GP!

JenniferEccles Tue 21-Sep-21 22:52:33

I have read that the latest thinking on the timing of the flu jab is that as our immunity wanes after a few months, it’s probably better to wait until October or early November to have the jab.

That’s because the peak of a flu outbreak is usually January and February, when our immunity is tailing off.

It’s a bit of a gamble though, as presumably flu could strike earlier in the winter, and then there’s the question of whether we may run out of supplies of the vaccine.

On balance I think I will wait a few more weeks before I have mine.

twiglet77 Tue 21-Sep-21 23:11:09

I am eligible to have one from the GP - they do a clinic in our village - but it wouldn't be until at least the end of October. I work in a supermarket so am face to face with the public and other staff for hours at a time, I look after my grandson who has just started school, and I wanted to be protected as soon as possible. When I saw a notice in Boots in July, that they were taking bookings for the flu jab, I scanned the QR code on the notice and booked it then and there. It was done on Saturday, no problems at all.

growstuff Wed 22-Sep-21 01:14:43

I had mine this morning. It was a booked appointment at a local pharmacy. No queue and done on time.

Apparently, the local GPs are rolling out Covid/flu vaccination programmes, but I spoke to a GP friend today, who said nobody knows when it's starting. I can't have my Covid booster until November and wanted the flu jab done.

welbeck Wed 22-Sep-21 01:26:06

last few years our GPs do walk-in flu jabs on sunday mornings, probably because many people would not go on a saturday.
works well. no appts, just queue up. one way in and out.
i can remember when seeing the doc used to be like that; worked well too.
in fact my very first paid job was retrieving the patient records on saturday morning surgery. shews how long ago that was, in the 60s.
so had my flu jab on sunday, bit of a red mark since.

NotAGran55 Wed 22-Sep-21 06:24:53

I had mine yesterday in Boots , the over 65 version . Very efficient and no charge.

Calendargirl Wed 22-Sep-21 06:48:42

Don’t know why some feel obliged to have their flu jabs at the GP’s, ‘supporting the surgery’.


We are frequently being told not to bother the doctor with ailments and conditions that the pharmacist can deal with, yet something like flu jabs they are keen for us to line up there amongst scores of others and have a quick jab.

Seems to me if more flu jabs were outsourced it would free up our GP’s, nurses and other health care workers to deal with other more pressing issues that cannot be done by the pharmacists.

The fees paid obviously make a difference though.

LadyGracie Wed 22-Sep-21 07:52:25

Having ours at Boots this morning. I think our GP surgery is in hibernation.

Humbertbear Wed 22-Sep-21 07:58:34

Our large surgery doesn’t even have a supply of the flu jab yet but the pharmacy next door has been giving jabs on a walk in basis for over week. We are done and dusted. I think it’s a deliberate ploy on the part of the surgery - a good percentage of their patients will already be done.

Gingster Wed 22-Sep-21 08:08:53

While in town last week, I passed a shop which had a board outside ‘ walk in flu jab centre’. I popped my head in the door and the pharmacist almost dragged me in. No waiting - in and out in 5 minutes. Brilliant!

Froglady Wed 22-Sep-21 08:17:25

Just booked my flu jab at Boots for this afternoon being as I hadn't heard anything from my GPs,.

Jaxjacky Wed 22-Sep-21 08:45:02

Took an elderly couple to our GP’s yesterday and whilst they were there both were offered and given their flu jabs. Mine is booked for early October.

annodomini Wed 22-Sep-21 08:45:56

I had mine last Saturday. Surgery texted me and later phoned me to make a booking. The session in the town hall ran smoothly - straight in, straight out, and a steady stream of the local 'elderly'. I expect the same will happen with Covid boosters in a few weeks' time.

Kate1949 Wed 22-Sep-21 09:48:34

We had ours at Boots last week. It was great. We were the only people there. In and out.

Teacheranne Wed 22-Sep-21 09:52:50

I’m following the advice to wait until closer to the flu season for my jab so I’ll have greater protection. I’m planning to have it in November or December as most flu cases are in January and February. Hopefully that’s the right decision!