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Fractured jaw advice please

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MrsPickle Wed 22-Sep-21 15:38:57

I tripped outside the house on Monday morning and hit my head on a terracotta plant pot, which came of significantly better than me.
I bled copiously from a small cut on the chin, applied arnica everywhere else and thought I'd come off lightly.
Yesterday, I knew it was an a and E job and yes, I have fractured my jaw.
I spoke to the surgeon this morning and have 3 options, all with risks and drawbacks.
This is set against hub's cancer treatments and me being the sole driver.

1. Do nothing, let it heal and live with my different 'bite'
2. Have my jaw wired for 6 weeks, while being fed through a syringe
3. Have plates inserted.

I have discounted option 2.

I am seeing them on Tuesday to go through the options and ask questions, but what questions to ask? I have a short window to make my choice.

Has anyone had any advice for me please?

Blossoming Wed 22-Sep-21 16:00:00

Sorry to hear of your nasty mishap MrsPickle. I’m afraid I can’t really offer any advice but wish you luck.

BlueBelle Wed 22-Sep-21 16:54:44

That’s a shame for you but all I can add is this, my best friend 85, tripped outside a supermarket and bashed her face on the metal rail dividing the trollies She broke most bones in her face including both jaws, eye socket cheek bones etc etc

She too was given the option of an operation or to see how it goes she chose the latter and within 3 months she was completely healed with no further problems if I didn’t have the photos of her black and blue face you would never have known she’d done anything

Redhead56 Wed 22-Sep-21 17:52:08

Poor you I hope you are not in pain I suggest have have drinks through big straws and soups too.

midgey Wed 22-Sep-21 17:53:47

Ow! That most be so sore. I agree with Bluebelle take the simpler option and lots of vitamins! Hope you feel better soon. flowers

Charleygirl5 Wed 22-Sep-21 18:02:53

If you could get away without surgery, all the better. I would ask if there will be any food you will not be able to eat again (ever).
He may not have an answer but I would ask how your bite is likely to change.
Good luck.

Baggs Wed 22-Sep-21 19:53:09

Ouch, Mrs Pickle! Whatever you decide, I hope you are not in great discomfort. All the best.

PaperMonster Wed 22-Sep-21 20:26:17

I had my jaw broken purposefully and was wired up for a few months - initially I drank through a syringe but after a couple of weeks I managed to slurp! And eat soft food like egg custard and mashed potato. I didn’t eat properly for a good six months and it was probably a year before I could eat much. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds - and was better than the alternative which was letting my jaw deteriorate until I’d be unable to bite food and would need to live on a liquid and soft food diet anyway.

Callistemon Wed 22-Sep-21 20:44:56

Poor you!

Actually, I would probably choose option 2
My friend 's jaw was broken (accidentally) when she had wisdom teeth taken out and she was wired up but recovered well.

Whatever you decide, I hope it heals well.

crazyH Wed 22-Sep-21 20:57:07

Oh dear - whatever you decide, I hope you make a full recovery.....
I am a real coward, so if it was me, I would do nothing and allow it to heal, in its own time.

Allsorts Tue 28-Sep-21 06:57:30

Good luck, I think I would take least invasive option.

sodapop Tue 28-Sep-21 08:39:50

Sorry to hear about your accident MrsPickle I think I would want a bit more information before making a decision like this. I can understand you wanting to be available for your husband. You do need to consider the longer term effects of any or no treatment. Hope your husband's treatment goes well too.

Rebeccaharris01 Thu 30-Sep-21 06:12:53

I'm sorry to hear that. I recently met with an accident suffered a broken jaw. One break was right on my chin and the other on my cheek. The fractured part was pretty painful. I had three stitches under and side of the chin. I was unable to chew and not getting proper sleep. My doctor referred me to physiotherapy treatment. Regular assessments and therapy exercises made me feel better. The healing time is estimated at 3-4 months(it depends on just how bad the fractures are). It seems to be healing fine. I suggest you consult a Physiotherapist. Hope you feel better soon.