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Basal cell carcinoma

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farview Wed 20-Oct-21 20:30:58

Having two removed tomorrow...anyone else had this done...did it solve the problem? one nose,other on chin...had lots of aktinic keratoses removed but not bcc's

crazyH Wed 20-Oct-21 20:34:49

One of my friends had it on her nose. She was treated and is absolutely fine now …good luck!!

farview Wed 20-Oct-21 21:13:10

Thank you crazyH...

Zoejory Wed 20-Oct-21 21:15:15

My father had a couple removed and was right as rain after. Good luck, farview!

Galaxy Wed 20-Oct-21 21:21:24

My mum, absolutely fine. In fact knocking back the wine tonight smile

grannyqueenie Wed 20-Oct-21 21:35:39

Had one removed from my cheek over 18 years ago. I was horrified when I had the dressing off and the stitches removed, the scar looked huge and very angry. But, helped by Bio Oil, it very quickly faded and became invisible. I’ve never had any recurrence on that area or anywhere else, I hope it goes well for you too.

farview Wed 20-Oct-21 21:38:58

Aww thanks all of you...💕

Josianne Wed 20-Oct-21 21:50:33

They usually put the best dermatologic surgeons on the case if the BCC is on the face.
I am very fair and had one removed near my eye. It felt a bit itchy and tight after, don't worry if it bleeds a tiny bit on the pillow. All fine and no recurrence, can't see any scar.
Good luck

Blossoming Wed 20-Oct-21 21:57:37

Hope all goes well x

LadyGracie Wed 20-Oct-21 22:17:24

I've had 2 removed from my nose and 1 from my ear.
The first on my nose required 18 tiny hair like stitches, I have a very fine scar. The other 2 were smaller, no mark at all.
I now have another on my nose.
A fiddly procedure but good outcomes.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Oct-21 22:35:42

Mum had one off the side of her nose and one off her back when she was in her 60 s she lived to 90 and never had any trouble but she did have a scar on her nose but that was a long while ago so I reckon it’s far superior today
Mum was not terribly brave about illness but said it was a breeze

Franbern Thu 21-Oct-21 08:45:03

Have had three removed from my face. The first was close to the eye, and due to appointment cancellations to get it diagnosed (18 years ago), was large - and so was removed and some skin from another area of my face was sewn on to the area (plastic surgery). As I worked in a hospital at the time, I was not permitted back to work for the week until the dressing was removed (they were nervous about me getting an infection in the wound). All was well and except that area is a slightly paler colour than the rest of my face is.

Next one, (couple of years later) was just cut out and a two or three stitches put in. Cannot even remember exactly where on my face it was.

Third one was a little more peculiar in the way it presented. No spot, etc. just a small area on my forehead that was pale. My original visit to the GP and I saw a very young, new Doctor who tried to dismiss me as being a hysterical. I made him consult with his senior, who pointed out to him that as I had a previous two BCC's fairly recently, anything unusual on my skin should be checked by a dermatologist.

When I saw that Consultant, they thought it was probably nothing, but did take a small section for biopsy.
I was convinced nothing was wrong, as time went on, went to get results of that test, with my weekly shopping bags in my car, ready to go direct on to Sainsbury's after hospital appointment.
Much to my astonishment, they told me it was positive and they want to do the removal straight away. This particular BCC had gone downwards, not pushed upwards. It was wide and deep, and resulted in a quite a long removal time, and eight stitches. Left me feeling quite poorly for 24 hours. All eventually did heal perfectly.

I am very aware of this now, and any unusual growth or changes to colour on my face are reported immediately to my GP and checked out by hospital.
Last time I had this done, the dermatology department used a special camera to determine whether or not some little wart type growths were BCC's. No need for taking sample now for biopsies.

annodomini Thu 21-Oct-21 09:39:16

I'm waiting for an appointment with the Plastics department at our local hospital to have two removed. GP diagnosed them and a consultant confirmed the diagnosis, sent the referral to the Plastics and so far, no response. I'm waiting...but not patiently!

Luckylegs Thu 21-Oct-21 22:54:32

I’m just going through this now with one at the top of my nose, very near my eye so a tricky position. Waited nine months to see a consultant, he agreed it needs removing, should just need stitches, nothing more drastic but it seemed to be swelling and bleeds when I wash my face. My op is scheduled for next Friday but I’ve got the dreaded Supercold which means I’m coughing permanently and we are on a flight a few days later. All in all, although it’s very much against the grain, I’ve decided to postpone the op so I can recover from this nasty virus and be in a better position to have the BCC removed which is going to be in December now. As I’m on an oral chemo and aspirin, I will bruise a lot so I’m going to look a bonny bird for Christmas, hey ho!

JenniferEccles Thu 21-Oct-21 23:34:36

How did it go farview ?
I hope the encouraging comments from folk on here have helped.
I am sure it will feel a bit sore for a while as it heals.

I had a small patch of actinic keratosis on my cheek a few years ago and was prescribed some cream to apply which caused it to blister before it healed.

crazyH Thu 21-Oct-21 23:46:45

How are things farview? You’re probably a bit woozy after the operation. Let us know how you got on……