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Booster jab and penicillin allergy

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Sheena Sun 24-Oct-21 11:43:03

I have my booster jab booked for tomorrow, but seriously worried now.

We had our first two AZ jabs, all fine, but the booster is most likely to be the Pfizer one.

I have heard round and about, and on the radio that some people with allergies have reacted badly to the pfizer jab... so I wonder has anyone here with allergies had that one?

I also have allergies to cephelasporin , anti tetanus. and morphine.

I also have my flu jab booked for Thursday but never had one of those before, and again, have heard some people reacting badly.

I know I sound a wimp, but I am worried.

confused ..... help !!

B9exchange Sun 24-Oct-21 11:46:50

You will be given a form to fill in, declare your allergies, and let the healthcare professional giving the jabs decide?

MayBeMaw Sun 24-Oct-21 11:47:45

I was asked by the nurse if I had any allergies - I don’t- but I am sure they will take it into account .
My jabs were all Pfizer and I had no ill-effects at all.
I have had flu jabs for at least the last 10 years and again, never encountered any problems.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 24-Oct-21 11:50:22

I too have a Penicillin allergy and was asked when I had my jab about allergies.
I think it’s the egg allergy that relates to Covid Jabs, but you will be asked when you attend.

Bluebellwould Sun 24-Oct-21 11:51:25

I’m allergic to 3 different antibiotics including penicillin and had the Pfizer. Sore arm, tiredness and nausea after first one which went after a week. Second one hardly noticed it after 24 hours. Don’t worry about it.

BBbevan Sun 24-Oct-21 12:06:21

I am allergic to penicillin, but my two jabs were Pfizer. I was asked about allergies but mine wasn’t commented upon. Flu jab last week, absolutely fine , booster next week.

Baggs Sun 24-Oct-21 12:09:20

I have non-serious allergies (rhinitis). All three of my covid jabs were Pfizer. I had no reaction to any of them nor to the flu jab that I had at the same time as the covid booster.

Hope all goes well for everyone else.

Chestnut Sun 24-Oct-21 12:12:23

Any vaccine is an experiment because we are all different and none of us know how we will react until we have it. Don't forget they 'tested' the polio jab on many thousands of children in the 1950s. There was no choice once the initial tests were done. It was a childhood illness and the first few thousand had to be the guinea pigs.

Witzend Sun 24-Oct-21 12:13:24

My dh is allergic to penicillin, but had his Pfizer booster over a week ago (after the 2 x AZ) and had no side effects at all, not even a sore arm.

TLVgran48 Sun 24-Oct-21 12:18:06

I've had all three, all Pfizer, and am allergic to penicillin plus quite a few antibiotics - but no adverse reactions at all.

VioletSky Sun 24-Oct-21 12:22:28

When I has AZ the first time I had a very high temperature with shivverring and I couldn't lift my arm for a week. Second was fine, mild sore arm.

So I expect to have a reaction to Pfizer.

I am allergic to all sorts of things but never had an allergic reaction to jabs so shouldn't do I don't think?

Lillian40 Sun 24-Oct-21 12:25:45

I had my booster Friday, my Flue jab the week before, and of course the previous Covid vaccinations. I have none serious allergies, but had no reactions to any of the jabs. Just a sore arm with the booster because the very very young man caught the muscle, but after 2 days it is all fine now.

Delila Sun 24-Oct-21 12:32:06

Lillian40, my concern is that the “very very young man” might not have the expertise to advise on potential adverse reactions due to allergies.

Fennel Sun 24-Oct-21 12:45:44

I had the flu jab last week. After 2 AZ covid and third Pfizer.
The nurse asked if I was allergic to eggs and I said ?no - I had one for breakfast.
Thank God no adverse reactions to any of those vaccinations.
Seems that the medics are only at the start of understanding how these vaccines work. And interact with our individual physical profiles.

LadyGracie Sun 24-Oct-21 13:02:31

I had my booster on Thursday, my first two were AZ, booster Pfizer, I’m allergic to penicillin, septrin and intolerant to morphine, I’ve had no ill effects at all, just a mildly aching arm.

ElaineI Sun 24-Oct-21 13:16:18

I had a slight reaction to the flu jag this year. Never had that before. Haven't had 3rd covid yet. Just had slightly sore arm with previous 2.

ninathenana Sun 24-Oct-21 13:34:19

I'm allergic to penicillin my first and second jab were Pfizer with no ill effects at all. Not ever a sore arm.

Sheena Sun 24-Oct-21 13:53:01

Thanks everyone ... I'm feeling better already smile , but still unsure about the flu jab as I've just read through all the posts on that particular thread hmm

M0nica Sun 24-Oct-21 13:56:44

I am allergic to pennicillin and overreact to almost every drug I take, no matter how low the dosage

My first two COVID vacinations were Pfizer. I had a flu jab last year despite never having had flu and I have had the flu jab this year as well.

My reaction to all has been - well, just like everyone else, there hasn't actually been the smallest vestige of a reaction to any of them, not even a sore arm.

Callistemon Sun 24-Oct-21 13:58:49

I'm allergic to an antibiotic (not penicillin) and another medication and told them when I went for the first two vaccines but I was fine.

Callistemon Sun 24-Oct-21 14:00:38


Thanks everyone ... I'm feeling better already smile , but still unsure about the flu jab as I've just read through all the posts on that particular thread hmm

And had the flu jab last week but no-one asked about my allergies.

I presume that is why you're supposed to sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes afterwards (just remembered that I didn't do that either).
I had a very sore arm but that's all.

Deedaa Sun 24-Oct-21 14:01:02

As far as I recall the main problem with flu jabs may be egg allergies, but obviously ask about it before they do it.

DD had a friend at university who was allergic to penicillin. She once had a nurse try to give her penicillin and when she refused it the nurse said "Well we can't treat you if you aren't going to co operate" Her boyfriend was a hospital pharmacist so she wasn't impressed.

Aveline Sun 24-Oct-21 16:20:52

I'm allergic to Penicillin and had both Pfizer jabs with absolutely no after effects.

RosieJ18 Mon 25-Oct-21 10:42:27

I have multiple allergies. I had two Astro Zeneca vaccines , with minor side effects and a Pfizer booster with very minor side effects because your body has to react to make antibodies. I always have a flu jab because of my health problems and would recommend you get everything you can to make yourself and your family safe.

RosieJ18 Mon 25-Oct-21 10:44:54

A few minor side effects today could save your life or those of your loved ones tomorrow