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Shattered coccyx - any advice?

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grannyactivist Wed 27-Oct-21 14:54:31

My daughter was supposed to be having tea with Charles and Camilla this afternoon, but instead she’s at home nursing a very badly bruised bottom after a stool she was sitting on collapsed. 😱

She had an x-ray yesterday and this has confirmed that her coccyx is shattered. (She said the hospital staff were exceptionally good.) She’s been prescribed Oramorph for the (excruciating) pain, but I wondered if any of you grans might have some advice? She’s yet to buy a coccyx cushion so any recommendations for a good one would be welcomed, but also advice on further pain management.

Should she use ice packs? Topical ointment? Sit? Stand? If you’ve dealt with this what has helped?

She’s generally very fit and active, but this has knocked her for six. And during half-term too, when she had a full week of activities planned with her family. 😥

Marydoll Wed 27-Oct-21 14:59:52

What a dreadful thing to happen, ga, your poor daughter. When I fractured two vertebrae, a TENS machine did help to dampen the pain.
I don't know if one would be suitable, it's worth checking.

Oldbat1 Wed 27-Oct-21 15:11:35

Oh dear so so painful. Both my husband and daughter have done the same. Husband whilst receiving chemo at home fell down few stairs in the house. He purchased recommended coccyx cushion which helped a bit. Months afterwards it is still very painful. He saw a physio but realistically not much could be done. Oramorph will be her friend. Healing vibes from me.

grannyactivist Wed 27-Oct-21 15:12:48

Thanks Marydoll, I do have a TENS machine and hadn’t thought of offering that. I’ll get it to her and see if that helps.

She’s a bit like me when it comes to pain, a tough little cookie, so when she says the pain is excruciating I know it genuinely must be really bad. The bruising is extensive and is a really deep purple. Ouch!

Marydoll Wed 27-Oct-21 15:31:45

grannyactivist, I worked for six months in excrutiating pain, before mine was diagnosed.
Urgent call from consultant, when he saw the scan results!
I hope she gets some relief soon.

Kateykrunch Wed 27-Oct-21 15:46:25

GA, I have had my Coccyx removed after an accident, I will private message you.

JaneJudge Wed 27-Oct-21 15:49:02

The last time I broke mine I had to lie on my side for almost a week iirc sad it is a horrible injury to have. The GP rescribed diclofenac which helped.

cornergran Wed 27-Oct-21 15:55:34

I bounced down the stairs and did the same thing grannya. Yes, it’s horribly painful. A cushion and a Tens machine were my friends , also arnica for the bruise which did seem to help initially. I found heat helped relax my spine, tension made it a whole lot worse. Dining chairs were avoided like the plague, even with a cushion I needed something softer with more give. My most comfortable chair was one of those office chairs that has the fine mesh seat and back. Totally adjustable and moved with me. Not pretty in our living room but at least I could sit. Lying on my side eased the pressure, I did a lot of resting. Good wishes to your daughter, I hope the pain eases soon.

foxie48 Wed 27-Oct-21 16:05:32

Not had this injury but I understand that it is extremely painful. You can take other pain killers with oramorph eg aspirin, ibuprofen but nothing with codeine in. I would use ice packs and heat packs as it may help to reduce the bruising and any inflammation. Horrid thing to do and it isn't a quick recovery. Avoiding sitting for long periods can help too.

hulahoop Wed 27-Oct-21 16:42:05

Coccyx cushion eased mine along with pain killers and pain helped by gel massage .I bought cushion online they didn't cost much ,cushion also helped my daughter when she had low back pain.

Tricia247uk Wed 27-Oct-21 16:48:18

Ouch! Been there, done that and boy is it painful!
I found sitting on a rubber ring and laying on my side helped along with painkillers

Kamiso Wed 27-Oct-21 16:48:22


*grannyactivist*, I worked for six months in excrutiating pain, before mine was diagnosed.
Urgent call from consultant, when he saw the scan results!
I hope she gets some relief soon.

I had a damaged coccyx after my first pregnancy and it’s come back again over our recent house move. When I was very poorly last Deember I couldn’t keep the Palexia tablets down and I haven’t taken anything since. My GP surgery is still not fully opened yet and we are still expected to tell the receptionist our symptoms so they can evaluate them!

This thread is helpful as it’s reminded me to dig out my tens machine and look in to coccyx cushions. My added problem is nerve pain from EMPD. I could do with hovering lessons to rise above it all. My reclining chair is a godsend.

Visgir1 Wed 27-Oct-21 17:29:26

I did the same by slipping on Ice whilst Skiing years ago.
So painful, luckily I work in a Hospital so popped into A&E on my return, was told just use a donut ring and painkillers, as time only thing that will help it, and it was.

Sunnysideup Thu 28-Oct-21 16:39:20

I fractured my coccyx so I know how painful it is. It took an absolute age to heal and now, many years later, still occasionally flares up would you believe! Arthritis has probably set in as it has elsewhere. Hope your daughter recovers soon.