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Shortage of flu jabs.

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Framilode Thu 25-Nov-21 20:28:35

I had my flu jab yesterday because I am classed as vulnerable. Our GP's surgery said they had no vaccines and were not sure if any more would be delivered. They had just kept a few back for vulnerable patients.
My husband is 77 and has rung every chemist in our area North Oxfordshire. No one has any vaccines, apparently there is a problem with 'transportation'.
There is now a new covid variant causing concern. This and the lack of flu vaccine is worrying.
Is anyone else having trouble getting vaccinated?

BlueBelle Thu 25-Nov-21 20:33:07

I booked mine in September and had it in October I wondered if there would be a problem so I got it done as soon as they came out

PamelaJ1 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:34:15

Yes, but I’ve managed to get an appointment at Tescos next week, only 16 miles away.

tanith Thu 25-Nov-21 20:35:16

Doesnt seem to be any shortage here i had mine six weeks ago and my daughter went for her booster this week and they said if you eligible we'll do your flu jab now. She was eligible because of epilepsy.

tanith Thu 25-Nov-21 20:37:37

That was in boots by the way.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:42:30

I got mine at a local Chemist, as our Surgery said they didn’t have any. Although DH had his some weeks ago, the number of people getting the jab this year has increased apparently

The day before I got my jab I had a phone call from my Surgery telling me that I was eligible for a flu jab……. But I went to the Chemist , all booked online, your DH could try Googling ‘local flu jab’ and it gives you options in your area.

I couldn’t get one earlier in the month as they had run out of the ‘over 65 vaccine’. I’m also in Oxfordshire.

Framilode Thu 25-Nov-21 21:20:59

Interesting the variations in different places.

Nonogran Thu 25-Nov-21 22:41:38

Went to chemist today, spur of moment, for mine. No joy, no vaccine! Told to go online Sainsbury’s and book on the Lloyds pharmacy section. (Sigh, not happy)
Called at local GP surgery on way home to ask for appt for the jab. Nurse ushered me straight in. Job done! I’m in the South West beyond Bristol,

GagaJo Thu 25-Nov-21 22:46:04

I was at a covid vaccine walk-in centre today. Big sign, Free Flu Vaccinations

Dinahmo Thu 25-Nov-21 22:53:44

I remember last year that there was some suggestion that the flu jab might help protect one against covid. Here in France more people had the flu jab last year than ever before and I think that covid was the reason.

Calendargirl Fri 26-Nov-21 06:50:45

Each year someone posts on GN that flu jabs are now bookable, starting September. Others pile in then, saying it’s best to leave it until November time as the immunity lasts longer into the winter months.

Personally, I get mine booked and done with ASAP, to avoid the usual ‘there’s no vaccines left’ scenario which we are now reading about. Not much use getting the vaccine when winter has half finished.

Juliet27 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:11:54

I had one booked for the 13th November at my GP surgery but when I got there they asked whether I had anything else booked. I said I’d booked a booster elsewhere for a couple of days later and they said I had to have a week between jabs….so I had the booster and the flu jab is booked for 27th. Some places do the two together, why not my surgery I wonder.

Lizzy60 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:16:03

I don't have it , I don't mix . I've never had actual flu to the best of my knowledge . I'm 60 & fit , will continue on through Winter as before . Avoid mixing in crowded places & shop online is best advice !

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 26-Nov-21 10:53:17

Monogram interesting you have had no problem. I am in the far south of Bristol and it took 4 attempts to get mine - the 3 previous, all booked, were cancelled. Those were the GP, Boots, and a pharmacy near the GP. I finally got apparently the last dose available for over 65's at the pharmacy in Asda. Friends of mine of the same age in the surrounding area were also offered the pneumonia jab at the same time without having to ask for it. I did ask the pharmacist in Asda whether they were offering that as well but they seemed not to have heard of this being done. So I agree, it is all very hit and miss, even in areas local to each other.

highlanddreams Fri 26-Nov-21 10:54:40

We had our flu jabs a few weeks ago, our local surgery is very well organised and they did a walk through appointment system at the village hall it was much better than the fiasco the year before when they did a drive through affair at the fire station no appointment was needed, there were cars queued all around the village & we couldn't get in so we went without. Thankfully this year was perfect& we got them done.
We're getting our covid boosters next week but instead of our lovely GP surgery staff doing them as they did before the NHS highland have decide they will run & staff it, heaven knows why. Our local GP's nurses & local volunteers were brilliant with the first two jabs, friendly safe & efficient . We've always gone together when booked by our surgery but now we've got to go on separate days and can't change the appointments given because they don't answer the phone or email it's so frustrating but at least we're getting them.

Purplepixie Fri 26-Nov-21 10:57:06

I had mine done a month back but there was talk of shortages then. I didn’t queue jump or anything - I just acted on the text that they sent me.

Grantanow Fri 26-Nov-21 11:02:35

No problem here in South West! GP organised walk through flu jabs very well.

pen50 Fri 26-Nov-21 11:17:28

My GP is normally absolutely crap but astonishingly managed to get the relevant patients on their list flu - and pneumonia - jabbed in September! So after blagging my booster two weeks early at a drop in centre (my knee replacement was scheduled to happen four days before I was strictly eligible) I feel I am well and truly fortified.

Elvis58 Fri 26-Nov-21 11:18:22

I went to chemist to pick up other halfs perscription a few weeks ago asked if l wanted a flu jab there and then thats in North Yorkshire.

Gabrielle56 Fri 26-Nov-21 11:18:48

Same at my GP , appointment for booster and flu was just booster, so I trotted into Chorley and went to the walk in centre and was sorted within seconds!! Simples! I wish people would stop panicking and making up tales about "shortages" they have absolutely no official knowledge of!

Mrsdof Fri 26-Nov-21 12:23:11

Been trying to get our flu jabs at the GP’s surgery for the last 2 months. No joy, so tried local pharmacies 3 weeks ago and was told they weren’t getting any more because all the vaccines were going to surgeries. Finally got an appointment at Surgery for next Tuesday. Hopefully it will all go ahead smoothly.

Petalpop Fri 26-Nov-21 12:57:30

I had mine at Lloyds Pharmacy Sainsburys a few weeks ago. I only booked up there because every time the surgery texted me with a time I should come I was otherwise engaged. A few minutes ago I checked on line and I could go to our local Tesco on Monday morning if I had needed to. It must be local shortages. I don't know where in the country you are OP but we are not in a city but a medium sized town. I hope you get sorted soon.

Nannina Fri 26-Nov-21 13:05:30

I’ve had the flu jab every year for the last 30 years as I have chronic lung disease. In September GP surgery text me with dates of Saturday morning flu clinics and I book. Same happened this year but appointment cancelled day before as no supply, re-booked and again was cancelled for same reason. Eventually got jab at local pharmacy but would have been cancelled if supply hadn’t arrived that morning. Friends have had same issues and say they won’t bother in future.

Puzzled Fri 26-Nov-21 16:25:41

After a bad reaction to the first jab, YEARS ago refrained.
This time when I asked, the local pharmacy had just run out. Two weeks ,later, given the opportunity, took it. No adverse reaction. So all's well that ends well.
With Covid around, am a great believer in vaccinations.
A very high percentage of the deaths from Covid are unvaccinated, which must show something.

Harmonypuss Fri 26-Nov-21 16:26:58

Had my covid booster over a month ago and booked the flu jab at the same time for 8 Dec.
I won't have a privilege getting it as I'm over 50 and on the CV list, my GP always makes sure there are enough for those of us who are CV and have it every year, even if we choose to have it late.
I remember being told years ago when I worked for the NHS and a nurse came into our offices in late Nov, that the vaccine only works for about 3 months and with the worst of the flu season usually being Jan and Feb, it's best to have the vaccination later than earlier.
Also, just a quick thinking point.... for those who may have side effects from either the covid or flu jabs, if you have them both at the same time then suffer side effects, apart from a sore arm (each jab done in separate arm) how will you know which vaccine caused the issue? Another reason to consider having them done at least a week apart.