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Has anyone come off or cut down Omaprazole, what’s your experiences.

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Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 19:59:24

Hello. Has anyone cut out or reduced omeprazole? Why did you come off or reduce them? How did you feel and how long did it take you? What do you take now for acid reflux.

I’ve been on 20 mg daily omaprazole for acid reflux and a hiatus hernia since mid 2019. The pandemic has meant I’ve continued to get repeat prescriptions and haven’t had a medication review with my GP during this time, however,
I’m thinking I should try to cut them down or cut out altogether as I’m getting all sorts of symptoms which could be side effects of long term use of omeprazole (PPI) use eg nausea and stomach cramps, my IBS is worse, leg cramps and restless legs twitches. I’ve read reports of the long term effects of PPIs and it’s concerning. Ok I know you need to weigh up the benefits of taking ppis against the non benefits.
Look forward to hearing your stories

Jaxjacky Tue 30-Nov-21 20:19:26

I can’t take omeprazole, or any of the PPI family, I take Famotidine an H2 receptor, no huge side effects yet, a touch of constipation. I took ranitidine before it was withdrawn. Probably been taking them for about 2 years, I also take a swig of Gaviscon advance before bed on my GP’s advice, on prescription.

Bridgeit Tue 30-Nov-21 20:31:21

I was taken off them because there is a link between long term use & dementia / dementia like symptoms.
My memory is much better, but acid reflux not so easy, just have to get by with over the counter remedies & avoid foods that trigger & exasperate the condition. Best wishes

MissAdventure Tue 30-Nov-21 20:35:41

I can only go so long without them before the old heartburn bus comes rolling into town.
I end up in absolute misery, and then have to start them again and wait a couple of weeks before it's under control again.
I never learn; I think I'm fine without, and I am for a while...

Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 20:46:27

Thanks for your replies
Bridgeit that’s what worries me as my mum has dementia
Misadventure I’ve read that there’s other things you can try instead like bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar.
I’m never without some gaviscon in the house

DerbyshireLass Tue 30-Nov-21 20:46:59

I came off omeprqzole by taking it very slowly, probably took about 6 months. Reducing the dosage and then reducing the time in between doses.

So from 20mg per day gradually getting down to 2.5m every 3 days, then eventually stopping altogether. Never looked back,

As I reduced I start taking a daily probiotic to ensure healthy gut flora. I still take robotics.

I also changed my diet, avoiding triggers, in my case grains, including rice.

You do have to take it very slowly. If you don't you will experience severe rebound symptoms.

DerbyshireLass Tue 30-Nov-21 20:47:54

Probiotics not robotics. 😂

Madgran77 Tue 30-Nov-21 20:53:48

Drinking kefir every day really helps with improving gut bacteria and acid reflux.

Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 20:54:16

Thanks Derbyshirelass that’s really helpful. I know it’ll help if I can lose a couple of stone in weight too, but I seem stuck!
I’m in Derbyshire too.

Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 20:55:32

Madgran that’s a good idea - l love kefir - and live yogurt too

NanTheWiser Tue 30-Nov-21 22:27:26

I suffer from ‘silent reflux’ aka LPR, and won’t take PPIs, (tried Nexium once but it doesn’t agree with me, and made me vomit). I came across D-limonene a few weeks ago, which seems to have good results for acid reflux and silent reflux, and got some from eBay. It does seem to be working!

Mine is Jarrows formula, which isn’t easy to find, but this site seems to have it in stock:

I agree, that it’s best not to take PPIs long term, it can cause all sorts of problems, but seems to be the go-to medication in the medical world.

Marmite32 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:32:40

My GP: switched me to Peptac from the ozoles - a derivative of Gaviscon. Which you can buy without prescription.
It works for me.

annodomini Tue 30-Nov-21 23:06:03

I've been on Omeprazole for at least a decade. I did try to do without it but the reflux recurred. If Ranitidine had not been withdrawn, I might have succeeded. Gaviscon Advance is also essential and the ENT consultant who first prescribed these medications said that it was the best barrier against reflux.

Calistemon Tue 30-Nov-21 23:35:39

This thread is interesting.

It's also prescribed alongside some medication eg blood thinners to avoid damage to the stomach lining. I don't take it but DH does, perhaps we should ask the GP to review this.

Hetty58 Tue 30-Nov-21 23:57:40

Madgran77, another vote for Kefir. My friend's mother had acid reflux and frequent UTIs until she started taking it.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 01-Dec-21 09:00:56

Go to your GP for a review, your other health issues might not be related to Omeprazole.
If the reasons you were prescribed it in the first place still exist, your GP might prescribe something else.

bikergran Wed 01-Dec-21 09:36:40

Although I was prescribed it many yrs ago, I did take it for a while, but now only take it when needed (if I feel bit acidy) then I will take it a couple of days, not taken any for about 8 mnths now, but always have it on standby.

Shropshirelass Wed 01-Dec-21 09:42:11

Omeprazole is a nasty drug, my DH is taking it. Stomach acid is very strong but most problems, heartburn and acid reflux are caused by too little stomach acid so that the stomach muscle does not close sufficiently and allows stomach acid to leak out. By increasing the acid, drinking apple cider vinegar, with the mother in it, and lemon juice in water (through a straw to protect tooth enamel) this increases the acid and causes the valve to close properly. I take acv daily and no problems now. I used to have shares in a well known indigestion remedy company! Fine for over two years now.

Lucca Wed 01-Dec-21 10:02:59

I have a hiatus hernia and duodenitis and gastroenteritis and have started in omeprazole. About ten days now. No improvement . Have I understood correctly Shropshire lass that I should be drinking lemon juice in water ?

Maya1 Wed 01-Dec-21 10:21:42

I am also worried about the long term effects of Omeprazole.
I have taken it for years after being diagnosed with Barretts Esophagus.
I don't know whether to try and stop taking it. The doctor seems to think its OK. I am extremely concerned though.

MissAdventure Wed 01-Dec-21 10:33:36

What do people think is particularly bad about it, as opposed to say, something diazepam or pregabalin?

midgey Wed 01-Dec-21 10:59:09

I used to take Omeprazole, it made me feel awful….like a very old woman. (I was in my sixties then). I just stopped when the prescription ran out and started to feel better immediately.

Itsnell Wed 01-Dec-21 11:50:03

Wow lots of replies. I’m just back from DHs eye appointment - I was his escort as they were looking at a cataract
Had a bad night with stomach cramps only eased by taking two buscopan

I’m realising through reading your posts and googling that a lot of what I’ve come to accept as part of getting old -I’m 70 - is actually side effects of omaprazole Yes, it can be a godsend but I don’t think it’s good for some people long term.

I’m going to go over your posts this afternoon and make notes and try to come up with a plan

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 01-Dec-21 11:54:16

itsnell I’m not sure that you should be taking the advice of Gransnetters instead of your GP.

Gajahgran Wed 01-Dec-21 12:12:47

I was on 20mg Omeprazole up to about 2 years ago. I had a stomach problem from taking blood thinning meds, Clopidagrel, now changed. The Omeprazole was causing me a lot of muscle pain in my legs. My doctor recommended taking Magnesium to ease the muscle aches and it not only stopped the pain but also helped with acid reflux and indigestion. The result was I was able to wean myself gradually off the Omeprazole and I now take 10mgs only very occasionally.