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BigBertha1 Sun 16-Jan-22 06:50:18

I recently had a course of metronidazole for a gum infection. During that I had a battery of blood tests consultant has telephoned to say my liver enzymes have doubled and I must 're test. Has anyone else had this? Did things return to normal after completing the course?

BigBertha1 Sun 16-Jan-22 22:07:30

No one?

Calistemon Sun 16-Jan-22 22:19:49

I was prescribed this for a UTI but couldn't tolerate them as they made me feel worse.
Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.

I hope it all settles down again BigBertha as it may be the original infection which caused this. Your GP should advise.

maddyone Sun 16-Jan-22 23:40:33

I’ve taken Metronidazole for tooth infections and I also took it some years ago for a Clostridium Difficile infection. I had to take it for about four months for that. I’ve never had any difficulties with it and tolerated it very well. You can’t drink alcohol when taking it though.

Chestnut Sun 16-Jan-22 23:58:25

I only took it for a few days for a tooth infection and had no problems. I suggest you look at the leaflet which gives information about possible side effects. The liver problem may have nothing to do with the drug but your doctor should advise.