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Cramp 🙄 Anyone suffer

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Audi10 Wed 26-Jan-22 13:39:11

I’m suffering from cramp in same leg over the last month, I get lots of exercise, eat healthily, and very often afterwards my leg will feel quite heavy! I do not smoke, Anyone else get this! I’m wondering if I’m deficient in anything

Sapphire24 Wed 26-Jan-22 13:45:51

Are you drinking enough water? I'm doing low carb and if I don't drink enough, I suffer with cramp in my legs at night.

Audi10 Wed 26-Jan-22 13:49:57

No, I don’t think I am drinking enough water to be honest I certainly don’t drink 8/10 glasses, so maybe that’s not helping, I don’t drink alcohol but do drink other beverages just not water

LauraNorderr Wed 26-Jan-22 13:53:53

Sorry, I have no advice. I do have the same problem so I’m happy to bump your thread looking for answers.

sukie Wed 26-Jan-22 13:55:55

Audil10 I've experienced leg cramps. Started off sporadically then increased in occurrence, usually same leg and while sleeping. I tried everything before reading on this site about a connection to dehydration and that taking magnesium had helped some. After increasing my water intake all day and beginning magnesium supplements in the evening, they've pretty much subsided.

Personally, I've noticed a connection with sweets and alcohol as well. Consuming either of those in any quantity larger than a single, small serving brings the cramps back.

Of course, as always, it's best to check with your GP first.

LauraNorderr Wed 26-Jan-22 13:58:01

I started a calorie counting diet at the beginning of the year and am consciously drinking more water, it does seem to help a bit.

ayse Wed 26-Jan-22 13:59:50

It could also be lack of salt as I suffered in the past. Just one salty biscuit a day for a bit cured it.

LauraNorderr Wed 26-Jan-22 14:01:10

Ah Sukie, you could be right about the sweets/sugar. I used to share a packet of wine gums with Orlin two or three times a week. Haven’t since diet began. I didn’t connect those dots.

SachaMac Wed 26-Jan-22 14:17:40

I agree more water and magnesium can help, I have been taking a magnesium/Zinc/Vit D liquid supplement every day this winter and it’s definitely helped. I feel better over all, fewer aches and pains. Some people swear the quinine in a glass of tonic water at bed time helps cramp. I don’t know if it works with a large gin it it though!

chelseababy Wed 26-Jan-22 18:22:24

My mum used to put a magnet in the bottom of the bed. I've also heard of putting a bar of soap in the bed too!

VioletSky Wed 26-Jan-22 18:27:40

Yes and I haven't figured out why....

I know how to get rid of it quickly though, straighten your leg, hold it there and then flex your foot as far as you can so your toes are pointed towards your face....

Life saver

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jan-22 18:31:44

I get quite a lot of cramp and i do drink plenty, get exercise and no underlying health problems I also use salt much against the present day thinking
Violetsky your remedies only work in certain places sometimes I get it down the side of the leg where you can’t flex it or on the top or side of my foot 😳

sodapop Wed 26-Jan-22 19:22:18

I frequently get cramp in my thighs and calves. I drink a lot of water with added magnesium which helps. I really notice a difference if I am away from home and don't have my water.

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 19:25:21

Try magnesium tablets, magnesium is a muscle relaxant.

SachaMac has already recommended that and I will reinforce that recommendation.

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 19:27:10

And sodapop.

I had the most terrible cramp once, in every limb, thought I would have to phone the emergency services so I'd do anything to avoid that!

MayBeMaw Wed 26-Jan-22 19:29:41

Especially if I’ve had wine or might be dehydrated, I swig down a handful of magnesium tablets at bedtime (about 4) with a glass of water.
I agree it is agony

Thoro Wed 26-Jan-22 19:33:26

I was having cramps in various limbs and my physio recommended magnesium supplements. Took a couple of weeks to kick in but I haven’t had any cramp in months.

Grannybags Wed 26-Jan-22 19:39:09

Many years ago my son went to the Dr about his cramp and was told to eat a packet of salted crisps a day. Seemed to work!

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 19:41:05

Lack of salt could be a factor too, we tend to avoid salt now.

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jan-22 19:45:30

I don’t Callistemon 😳

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 19:47:58

My friend used to put a tablespoonful of salt in the water when she was cooking vegetables.
I've reduced to none or just a sprinkle for swede, for example.

I do put salt and pepper pot on the table.

Nonogran Wed 26-Jan-22 22:30:50

My mum is 96. She used to get cramp at night in her legs. For the last couple of years she’s taken magnesium. No more leg cramps. Took a little while to help so bear that in mind & take it regularly.
Surely it’s worth a try?

BlueBalou Thu 27-Jan-22 05:51:53

I get it in my hands and feet so I have started taking magnesium tablets, it seems to be working 🤞🏻
I drink plenty of water so it’s not dehydration but I find if my hands or feet get cold it’s worse.

Whiff Thu 27-Jan-22 07:02:52

My mom used to get cramp in both legs at night and took a crampeze tablet and it stopped them . But don't know if you can still get them. She got them from Boots.

Since I having been doing regular exercise haven't had cramp in my legs for years.

Hiraeth Thu 27-Jan-22 07:13:24

Yes, I suffered from cramp in my legs although I walk every day. It’s a magnesium deficiency I was told . I take a magnesium tablet everyday and eat a banana ( apparently full of magnesium) . My cramps have vanished !