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Jeremy Hunt and the NHS

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FindingNemo15 Sun 15-May-22 22:25:12

I wondered if anyone has read the article written by JH today. I have not, but I understand he is not very happy with the NHS.

I have posted on here before about my DHs ongoing terrible medical situation and wondered if anyone thinks he is the person for me to contact and if so how do I get in touch with him.

In the past I have contacted our local MP, but that was an absolute waste of time.

Casdon Sun 15-May-22 22:44:14

Jeremy Hunt is just an ordinary MP, he has no influence in the government as far as we know, if you want to complain, write to Sajid Javid, who is the Minister for Health. Good luck, I hope you get some joy there.

FindingNemo15 Mon 16-May-22 07:31:24

Thank you Casdon. I initially wrote to our local MP who was going to write to Sajid Javid to find out an answer to my question, but I am still waiting!

I think I will write to SJ direct now as the situation has got a whole lot worse.

Blinko Mon 16-May-22 11:10:42

I believe that JH chairs the Health and Social Care Select Committee.

Oldbat1 Mon 16-May-22 13:36:17

JH was in the cabinet as Health minister for many years. He has many failings - many losses of medical staff during his occupancy. Also he mothballed the advice regarding possibility of a pandemic and ppe requirements. He should be ashamed. He has now written a book about the nhs and also wants to be PM. I’m so sorry your husband is having so many problems but JH is not your name to rely on.

Casdon Mon 16-May-22 20:20:22


I believe that JH chairs the Health and Social Care Select Committee.

He does, but the Select Committee’s function is scrutiny of policy - he has no operational role, so would be unable to deal with a complaint from a member of the public about healthcare delivery.