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Covid testing

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ninathenana Sat 21-May-22 08:32:36

Yes, I know the subject has been flogged to death but just wondering what you think about this.
My son attends a facility for adults with Downs, Autism and other problems.
He still has to take a LFT each time he goes (which he hates doing and wear a mask at all times when in the building. With every where now more relaxed including public transport, airports etc. Do you think this is OTT ? I now have to pay for the LFT as well. One more expense to add to the current high cost of living.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 21-May-22 08:35:25

But how awful would it be if he was responsible for the whole facility catching Covid from him? It could spread and last for months.
I’m surprised at how many people assume they just have a cold and sore throat, I’m hoping they are still taking an LFT just in case.
It’s a pain that you have to pay for the tests though.

Baggs Sat 21-May-22 08:36:31

Yes, I do think it's OTT and it must be limiting communication between the people who use the facility. Sad.

Marydoll Sat 21-May-22 08:38:19

As a vulnerable person, is your son not eligible for free testing, it seems unfair if he isn't.

I am CEV and receive free testing here in Scotland.

Baggs Sat 21-May-22 09:11:18

The people who use the facility where I work do not have to test, nor do they have to wear masks. The people who work there do both.

I suggest, nina, that the facility your son goes to has it the wrong way round.

Baggs Sat 21-May-22 09:14:39

PS There have been NO cases of covid being caught or spread in our facility. None, zilch, nada.

Paranoia is damaging.

growstuff Sat 21-May-22 09:28:25

So is Covid!

maddyone Sat 21-May-22 09:42:18

I don’t have to test in order to visit my mother in her care home anymore, but nonetheless I do test a couple of times a week to be on the safe side. However they do insist on visitors wearing a mask all the time during the visit. The staff continue to wear masks as well.

muse Sat 21-May-22 10:11:02

It is no longer compulsory for tests in schools, so perhaps the facility could explain why they are insisting on it, especially now that tests have to be paid for. You haven't said if the staff there have to wear masks nina. Sorry you are having this additional expense. It is so wrong.

I can understand any apprehension some still have about catching covid despite having all the jabs. I have a niece who has 4 boys and the youngest has so many conditions, she fears for him catching it.

Covid is still spreading easily as we recently found out. The unexpected can and does happen. Two hours working alongside two workmen in our house build, and my DH caught it and passed it onto me. He had not been in contact with anyone else for weeks. That was five weeks ago. I always considered myself healthy but I'm still having after effects.

Whiff Sat 21-May-22 10:23:13

Sorry he is going through this plus the expense. I have a friend with a daughter with downs who lives in a home for downs adults. The staff wear masks and her daughter is tested twice a week. Staff who don't live in test before they come to work and live in staff twice a week. Even with all these precautions she caught Covid and was quite poorly for a few days even though everyone who lives in and works there have had all their vaccines.

Don't know if these helps.

BlueBelle Sat 21-May-22 10:32:35

What a shame I think it is much too much and probably very limiting for the young people but I suppose if that’s their rules what we think is not really of any use my personal view is tots
Ly unnecessary now but what can you do ?