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Waiting for Colonoscopy appt

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Bea65 Sat 21-May-22 12:40:34

Has anyone had one recently? I did have one 10yrs+ ago which found diverticula throughout the colon and was told not to eat food with seeds as they can form more now waiting for appt and wondered if this procedure is any less invasive as was prescribed a valium tablet before procedure but still was the after care lounge, a gentleman was most upset and couldn't go thru with the procedure so he had to sit and listen to us that had and the extreme noises which develop afterwards..if u-know-what I meangrin

Baggs Sat 21-May-22 12:55:34

I was given a sedative when I had a colonoscopy a few years ago. Didn't feel a thing because I fell asleep. I don't remember any 'extreme noises' afterwards, as you so delicately put it 😀

Ilovecheese Sat 21-May-22 12:57:03

I had one done by having a scan. Less invasive but you have to wait for the results of the photos instead of an instant result.
I have never heard about not eating seeds.

Baggs Sat 21-May-22 12:57:32

Oh, and all that happened in the "after care lounge" (lounge is not a word I'd have used) was that I was provided with a proper cup of tea and some buttered toast. Then I went home, driven by MrB who had hung about.

Pammie1 Sat 21-May-22 13:02:14

Yes, I had one about 18 months ago after a change in bowel habit.
When your appointment arrives it will include a list of foods not to eat in the few days before the exam - you have to fast from the morning of the day before the exam. It will also include a sachet of laxative with instructions to dilute and drink over a few hours the night before the exam. Be prepared to stay close to the loo, because it’s very effective !!

I was really apprehensive but the exam itself, although uncomfortable, wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated - I think sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual thing itself isn’t it ? You will still have the option of a sedative - it’s a bit more than Valium now though, and includes a muscle relaxant which makes things much easier. It’s a bit of a faff because you have to stay for a few hours afterwards and you can’t drive for 24 hours after, but definitely worth taking the option. There’s also an option for gas and air if you experience pain during the exam and a nurse is assigned to you throughout to reassure you. You can also watch the monitor screen used to track the exam, and it was quite fascinating to watch as things progressed - not for everyone though. I know what you mean about the noises !! If I remember correctly, we were encouraged to make these noises to make sure all was well after the procedure.

I hope all goes well for you. 💐

Bea65 Sat 21-May-22 13:05:10

Baggs yes I had tea and toast afterwards and the nicest of nurses who are used to the 'noises..' I was 'gassy' for a time...perhaps I was tooo full of hot air!

Bea65 Sat 21-May-22 13:10:55

Pammie1 pleased all went well for you...I will request the sedative - hope its offered and know you have to eat a light diet beforehand and take the laxative.
I've a bladder prolapse at moment and just don't know this procedure will go and feeling very nervous about 'accidents' etc.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 21-May-22 13:11:16

I had one in 2019. We had to wear rubber shorts with a carefully placed hole! As this was in Oxford and therefore a teaching hospital, there must have been half a dozen people in the room with me. I remember having a local anaesthetic and a sedative which they had to top up. I was mainly in a daze. They removed two polyps and discovered I had diverticulitis. Afterwards a nurse gave me tea and biscuits. I received a letter a few days later informing me that all was well. Yes, do stay near a loo after taking the extremely fast acting laxative !

rafichagran Sat 21-May-22 13:15:40

I had one last week, had sedation, not too painful. For me the prep was the worst part.

welbeck Sat 21-May-22 13:21:25

i never got even tea afterwards, twice, let alone nibbles. just water from the dispenser.
round here you have to have someone who signs when they collect you that they will supervise you for 24 hours afterwards. you are not allowed to go home alone, in case you faint in front of traffic etc.
but the actual procedure i did not find painful.
i purchased some puffy pants to wear while being driven there, just in case, for reassurance. but it was ok.

muse Sat 21-May-22 13:27:54

My DH had a Virtual colonoscopy (NHS) last November. Lots of preparatory things to take and do.
He was in and out in less than an hour. No pain during it.
The virtual one seems less invasive but just as thorough as the routine one. He could have driven there if he wanted but I took him as we had lunch out afterwards.

silverlining48 Sat 21-May-22 14:11:24

If you have taken the ( unpleasant) pre op potion there shouldn’t be any after effects. I have had the procedure about 5 times was sedated each time so felt no pain and watched the tv screen and progress of the camera thing with interest.

Franbern Mon 23-May-22 08:51:31

Gosh!! How these have changed over the years. For the better, I hasten to say.

My first one of these at local, large, teaching hospital was back in 1978. Horrendous experience. I was young in my late thirties, and when a friend offered to accompany me I dismissed the offer with a wave of my hand - it's just some tests.

For three days beforehand had to take laxative medicine. As my problem was number of times I was already having bowel movements, this made things worse. Nothing to eat at all for 24 hours beforehand. Then on arrival at hospital, was given an enema and had then to use loo, but not flush it before nurse had checked contents (wonderful job!!). This was repeated twice more!!! By which time I felt really ill!!

Then the wait until finally called in for the actual procedure. No suggestion back then of any sort of pain/anxiety relief.

Yep, camera showed up the many ulcers developed and developing - Ulcerative Colitus. Procedure finished - no waiting area, no tea and toast - just sent home and told to wait for letter for appointment.

I drove home (nothing said about not driving there and back). I just wanted to have something light to eat and to go to bed. Sadly, I arrived home and found that hubbie who I had left looking after youngest two, had not thought of making them any lunch, so had to do that as soon as I walked in door.

Over next few years had several more of these tests, and they did improve over that time. Ended up having a permanent ileostomy - so no worries ever again!!!

cornergran Mon 23-May-22 09:10:50

I’ve had two in the last few years. No issues with noise either time. I wore what were called dignity shorts under a gown, the name amused me but I have an odd sense of humour. Sedation was offered but rejected as it would have meant a long wait afterwards and I didn’t want Mr C to have to wait longer than necessary. Opting to watch on a screen the explanations were interesting . A nurse sat by me the whole time constantly checking I was ok. Tea and biscuits afterwards then it was off home via lunch in a garden centre. Please don’t worry bea, the process is well managed now, thinking about it far worse than the reality.

Liz46 Mon 23-May-22 09:54:47

My husband has one booked for next Sunday. I'm thinking about booking into a local hotel until it is over. There is a swimming pool there and presumably nobody will talk to me about fasting, purging etc. I mentioned it to two friends and they both said that they would like to come with me!

hulahoop Mon 23-May-22 10:18:38

I find prep worse than procedure ,I have not had sedation last 2.I also find it fascinating .good luck.

Maggierose Mon 23-May-22 13:23:49

I had one recently. The prep is worse than the procedure. I had a sedative but was awake and could watch the screen. It hurt when going round a corner so deep breaths and reassurance from the nurse. Apparently this can happen if you’ve had any gynaecological operation because of scar tissue. I’d had ovarian cysts removed. I had a polyp removed and collagenous colitis diagnosed. Nice rest after in bed with tea and biscuits. Just finishing a very effective course of treatment which started working immediately.

grannydarkhair Mon 23-May-22 17:07:21

I had one about four years ago. Prep is definitely worse than the actual procedure, the letter said the mixture was vanilla flavoured but to me it was “fake banana”. I opted for no sedation, not painful at all. Tea and a sandwich afterwards, and lots of noise from my rear end, which I was praised for by the nurses, as apparently a lot of people are too embarrassed to let it go and end up being very uncomfortable. Tbh, I couldn’t have held it in if I’d tried 😁