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Babs758 Sun 22-May-22 10:48:43

I have been spoilt for years in either having my own office or just shared with one other person. My job within the organisation is unique and I am used to working on my own and getting in with it. Our new manager has now decided to put over 50 of us into one huge glass office. I will be at a desk with one person either side and the other three immediately opposite. Luckily I get in with these people but I am really dreading it.

Any suggestions as to how to cope? Also, having been reasonably healthy over the past ten years I am scared of picking up Covid, for etc!

Babs758 Sun 22-May-22 10:49:48

I actually had a nightmare about it last night so it is obviously preying on my mind..

Septimia Sun 22-May-22 10:57:31

Is there room to put tall plants and desk organisers around the periphery of your workspace?

Earplugs? Or earbuds.

You might not be the only one dreading the idea....

Babs758 Sun 22-May-22 11:01:43

I think quite a few of us are! I already have headphones and we will be allowed to use them. No room for plants sadly - nice idea though…

Babs758 Sun 22-May-22 11:03:34

I do realise I have been very lucky so far to have had my own space for years so will just have to put up with it.

aggie Sun 22-May-22 11:05:22

That sounds very strange , but you might find it works
Plants are a good idea , they filter the air too
If it doesn’t work make sure you complain

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 22-May-22 13:54:53

It seems to be the way these days. As a partner in a law firm I had my own office. My son is now a partner in a big City firm, used to have his own office, now it’s all open plan but with a good amount of individual space. I think I would hate it, he says it’s fine.

Thoro Sun 22-May-22 14:07:03

I went from having my own office to sharing with one person then open plan. Taking/receiving Phone calls was the biggest problem. You get used to switching off from the general noise and I was known to put a do not disturb post it note on my back if I really needed to concentrate.
Retired 12 years ago!

Galaxy Sun 22-May-22 14:10:38

I agree with thoro, phone calls are a nightmare, more for those around you than those actually on the phone.

Babs758 Sun 22-May-22 14:25:23

I get quite a few calls from overseas where I really have to concentrate as often a noisy line and difficult to understand some accents. Calling back shouldn’t be an issue as we will have some soundproof pods for zoom meetings and outgoing calls. I will report back once this all starts!

Happysexagenarian Sun 22-May-22 14:56:30

Have you thought of telling your new manager that in the current unhealthy world we live in large open plan offices are not such a clever idea.

I believe work pods of the type you describe have to be of a certain size and have divider screens on three sides for privacy, might be worth checking that this will be the case in your new office. I've only once worked in an office like this and I didn't like it, far too noisy and echoey.

Babs758 Mon 23-May-22 07:25:16

Unfortunately the project is underway. Some of us did express opinions but no one was listening. I’m particularly annoyed that after Covid this decision seems to be crazy but here we are!

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 23-May-22 08:07:03

I worked in an Oxford college for 18 years and everyone had their own office! I expect I was spoiled! Beautiful big office with a view of the gardens. I worked in an open plan office before I was married and I’m afraid it was grim. Telephone calls were the worst. Sometimes people didn’t bother answering their own phones and it was continuous noise! Good luck.

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-May-22 08:20:13

Can you ask for phones that ring once and then just flash I wonder?