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Parky Mon 23-May-22 11:22:10

I had tkr two weeks ago. Can't say it's a bundle of laughs with pain and sleeplessness. I was sent home with an exercise leaflet and paracetamol. As yet have received no physiotherapy was told appointment would be forthcoming but so far nothing. When did others start as am concerned not making progress?Worried about not regaining full flexibility.

FannyCornforth Mon 23-May-22 11:34:22

Hello Parky!
It’s good to hear from you again.
Best wishes for your recovery thanksbrew

BlueBelle Mon 23-May-22 11:54:44

What’s TKR ?

Charleygirl5 Mon 23-May-22 12:06:37

It is a total knee replacement.

Parky I have had both knees replaced and I was one of the unlucky ones with a lot of pain after each at 6 weeks.

The main exercises to do are to attempt to bend your knee to 90 degrees and using your quads, try and lift the operated leg unaided.

I had a physio on my doorstep within days of discharge but I realise things have changed since Covid.

Esspee Mon 23-May-22 12:13:42

OH had both knees done at once about 10 years ago. He was given some pages of exercises to do and just got on with it.
He’s 76 now and happily walks for miles and sails single-handedly. The only thing he can’t do is kneel. (Which is why he’s never proposed 😄) I

BlueBelle Mon 23-May-22 12:31:38

My sister in law and two friends have all had it recently my sister in law is coming up to 9 months and says it’s only just starting to lesson in pain although she’s followed all advice and done all exercises
My first friend a male has said ‘never again’ he is still in pain about 8 months on and wishing he’d never bothered I m not sure how well he’s been at doing the exercises
My female friend is at 6/7 months recuperating and is now managing stairs and getting beyond the extreme pain and feeling she’s on the home run
I have a friend now 78 who had a hip replacement in her late 50 s and is now in excruciating pain which she believed was sciatica but after scans etc they found out her hip replacement has crumbled to bits and she’s now on the waiting list for a new one

I have no personal experience but knees do seems to take a lot longer than hips to recover from so I would think 2 weeks is nothing I rather think that they all just got sheets of exercises to follow not an actual physio

Farmor15 Mon 23-May-22 13:05:21

OH had both knees replaced 3 years ago - still had some pain and limited bending after 2 weeks but improved steadily. Continued to take max paracetamol dose for about 2 months, I think. Had some private physio, but only gentle. Exercise bike was big help.
Bonesmart website was very useful.

Parky Mon 23-May-22 14:06:36

Thanks everyone. Lots of different journeys, maybe it's a bit too early to worry about how flexible my knee is. Trying to keep up exercises and will wait and see if follow up happens. Didn't get on with bonesmart totally different in USA than over here

Visgir1 Mon 23-May-22 15:06:02

Just hit 5 months post TK no pain. Don't go mad with the exercises, only do what you can, if it's swollen it's difficult, keep ice on at least 3 times a day.

I was surprised when my physio appt arrived, I wasn't expecting one it was booked for 6 weeks post op, plus my Ortho follow- up came though about the same time, in fact saw Doc before Physio.
Tbh the Physio didn't tell me anything I haven't previously been told by Hospital Physio.
Consultant did tell me if I can, to use a excercis bike, so I bought one.

I'm now on the Waiting list for THR (which is driving me bonkers) which I hope will happen this summer, I needed both Left knee, Right Hip to be done. My knee was worse but great now, just my Hip.
Already had my Left Hip done 7 years ago.

I didn't rate Bone smart either.

Well done tho ' you are getting there, it will soon be history.

Aveline Mon 23-May-22 15:21:28

Take it easy. Ice and elevate and just walk about. All your muscles, tendons and ligaments have been pushed and pulled and need to recover. The ice, elevation and gentle walking will help to reduce the swelling which is impeding the bend. You can't bend a hose full of water!
I've had two tkrs. I found Bonesmart helpful. Lots of Americans but also Aussies and many Brits. I made friends and met up with ones I met on Bonesmart. We'd been been through it together and that helped.