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Hip replacement surgery recovery

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Notjustaprettyface Mon 23-May-22 11:37:28

My husband had his right hip replaced 4 weeks ago and he is still having to use a walking frame
He does exercises as prescribed by the physio twice a day and tries to walk round the house as much as possible but he can’t walk outside yet as he has a walking frame
He is getting dispondent about his progress and I don’t know what to say to him or what to think
I wonder if anyone out there has tips / advice / thoughts to pass on ?

Parky Mon 23-May-22 11:45:00

Having just had knee done 2 weeks ago I do understand how your hubby feels. Will follow your post with interest. How old is he, I'm 76 and think recovery is slower as you age.

Notjustaprettyface Mon 23-May-22 11:47:48

Thanks Parky he is 81

Charleygirl5 Mon 23-May-22 11:51:03

I do not understand why he cannot walk outside using a walking frame. He will not be walking far and provided somebody is with him until he feels more confident, there should not be a problem.

Does he have other mobility or balance problems- is this why he is not at least using crutches?

He needs to be seen at the very least by a physio, Do not be fobbed off with telephone calls only. He needs to be seen face to face to identify the problem.

Notjustaprettyface Mon 23-May-22 11:54:56

Thanks Charleygirl5
He is seeing physios ‘ in the flesh ‘
They have said not to take walking frame outside , they say it’s for interior use only
He has got balance problems yes but he had them before the op and although he s had many tests etc the doctors can’t get to the bottom of it
He had sort of tried crutches but he doesn’t like them

Dizza25 Mon 23-May-22 11:56:00

Hello, I’m sorry to hear your husband if feeling despondent, it does get better! I had my hip replaced 8 weeks ago today. For reference, I was doing my exercises at least 6 to 8 times a day, they are crucial to recovery, I am fortunate in that our house is long and thin and so I have a stretch of about 17 metres back to front to walk.

In the first 3 weeks I was using my walker but felt it was restricting my stride, our daughter is a health professional and says I should be on one crutch by 3 weeks, I tried this and it was fine with more fluid natural movement, gradually building up distance in the house. Back and forward 10 lengths of the house ( 300 metres) 3 times a day, then up to 15 lengths ( 450 metres) by week 5 , 3 to 4 times a day. In week 5 I walked down to the local shop and back on my crutch, about 1km. Ditched the crutch in week 6 for most of the day, out walking regularly now, but still with my crutch for safety. Week 8 and I have been crutch free in the day and can walk up and down stairs freely. Still use my crutch in the evening as a bit sore.

I think the key is regular exercise and keep at it, it can feel as though you are treading water, but it will get better.

There are a few very informative threads on here if you put hip replacement into the search bar, but please remember when looking at others experiences that everyone recovers at different paces and it’s not a completion!. If it helps I am 62, if you have any other questions please ask.

silverlining48 Mon 23-May-22 11:59:23

There is a very long ongoing hip thread if you look in the Health forum. I am 5 weeks post hip hop and not using sticks now but might if I were in a crowded place.
Do have a look NJAPF

Daisend1 Mon 23-May-22 12:29:05

We are all different Recovery from my left hip replacement was quick. Right hip replacement five years later same hospital same surgeon not so.No answer unless five years older age gap hmmhad anything to do with it.