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Circulation Booster Machine

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Candy6 Tue 24-May-22 09:27:52

Hi not sure if using the brand name is allowed but I’m talking about the one that Eammon Holmes and Ian Botham advertise. Both my lower legs and feet have been really aching for a few weeks now. I also have slight swelling in my ankles. I’m very active, gym lots of walking, etc. and I really enjoy these activities and indeed, I need to do them as I suffer with my mental health. Does anyone have any experience of using these machines please? They’re quite expensive but if they work then probably worth it. They do a 90 day money back guarantee but I’m wondering what people’s experiences of them are please.

Daisymae Tue 24-May-22 10:07:11

A friend has similar issues and it worked wonders for him. He can walk in the garden without a stick and is generally much better now. On that basis I bought one for DH but it didn't seem to do anything for him. I guess that it depends on the circumstances but I would think worth a try.

MerylStreep Tue 24-May-22 10:18:04

My OHs feet were getting very tender because of his diabetes.
He bought the Osito It really does work.

Charleygirl5 Tue 24-May-22 12:09:49

Please do not buy one if you have had a knee or a hip replaced because over time it could loosen the prosthesis. I am not sure about a pacemaker- perhaps have a chat with your surgery.

If I did not have bil. knee replacements and an ankle pinned and plated I would give it a go but sadly it is not for me.

Sassanach512 Tue 24-May-22 13:00:12

My OH has diabetes and his ankles used to swell quite painfully so walking any distance was difficult. After using the machine the swelling reduced considerably and walking was much more comfortable. Why not try the 90 day trial and see how you go?

Candy6 Wed 25-May-22 22:42:41

Thanks all. Will wait and see how it goes and sign up for a free trial.