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Polymyagia Reumatica

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nannycake Tue 24-May-22 15:58:32

Does anyone receive treatment for Polymyalgia Reumatica and if so what is the treatment?

loopyloo Tue 24-May-22 20:02:39

My DH had this and was put on steroids which helped a lot. Then gradually phased off and he is fine now.

shysal Wed 25-May-22 15:52:07

I am sorry you haven't had many replies, it may be because the subject crops up frequently. If you enter 'Polymyalgia Rheumatica' into the GN search box it brings up past threads. It is several years since I had it and this Kate Gilbert book was recommended to me:
As stated by loopyloo the usual treatment is with steroids which give almost instant relief. I hope you find the information you seek.

nannycake Wed 25-May-22 19:55:46

Thank you for the replies. I may get the book too.

Kupari45 Thu 26-May-22 19:48:33

I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica some years ago. I was prescribed Prednisolone, which gave me some relief. However it took three years gradually weaning myself off the medication, before I was completely cured . I found Kate Gilbert's book very helpful.

Candelle Fri 10-Jun-22 17:50:32

Yes, I was diagnosed seven months ago.

The treatment is steroids, usually a high initial dose of prednisolone. This should remove the pain within a few days. If not, (as was with me) you will need a higher initial dose.

You will also need supplementary drugs to avoid bone breakages/osteoporosis etc., plus other bits and bobs too.

The diagnosis is often made by a GP followed by blood tests which show high inflammation levels.

You taper off the steroids gradually. Doctors tell you 18 months to two years but the consensus is of five to seven years for this illness to run its course.

It is quite a burden due to all that the steroids do to your body. I won't depress you here!

There's brilliant information on the 'Healthunlocked' website. Search there for ''.

foxie48 Fri 10-Jun-22 22:09:01

My FIL had this, it was ages before it was properly diagnosed and he got very depressed because of it. The good news is that once he had a diagnosis and started on steroids he felt a lot better. He lived another 20 years to 96 without a further recurrence and was painfree. Good luck with your treatment.

ElaineI Sat 11-Jun-22 00:37:03

My Mum had it for about 1 ½ years. She had steroids and diclofenac for pain and had regular blood tests for ESR. There was a food restriction diet recommended - couldn't eat lentils but. can't remember the rest. If she has a pain anywhere she panics it is coming back but so far no recurrence. The steroids made her bruise with minor bumps which has not gone away.