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✏️I need to make a list: Pre-Op Questions

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FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 13:56:41

I am shamelessly starting a new thread about my THR.

I was going to post it on Silverling’s excellent Hip Replacement thread, but I thought I might get a few more responses here.

It’s my pre-op appointment on Friday.
What do I need to ask them?

Thank you🙏

tanith Wed 25-May-22 14:50:31

How long you will be in hospital.
Whether they will supply a raised toilet seat, a picker upper.
Your sedation/epidural or General Anaesthetic choice.
Just a few to start off

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 14:52:19

Thank you tanith

aggie Wed 25-May-22 15:00:25

They will be doing ECG , checking blood pressure , looking at the condition of your skin ( no rash in the area ) . They swabbed me to make sure I had no bugs , I didn’t get the chance to ask much , I was also given a questionnaire to fill in , but this was over 4 years ago , might have new format now

travelsafar Wed 25-May-22 15:23:30

I will be interested in this thread as have my pre op 4th July. 😊

GrannyLaine Wed 25-May-22 16:20:50

When I had my pre-op Fanny I had an hour long appointment with the nurse in clinic, then ECG, MRSA swabs and bloods. Very detailed discussion with the nurse re past medical history, medication, family support etc. As we have discussed before on hip hop hipsters, make sure you have a full discussion about your current pain meds and how that will pan out immediately post op. You may need pain relief tailored to your unique needs & the anaesthetist is the person to speak to there. And make sure there is a plan for weaning off the opiates gradually - that is the one thing I wish I had known.