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Fungal Nail Infection - Is there a cure?

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PinkCosmos Fri 27-May-22 16:50:26

I have had fungal nail infection on my two big toenails for about 20 years. It was only on one corner of each nail and stayed that way for years. It now seems to have spread over half of my nail and is now also on my next nail on one foot.

A couple of years ago I tried the Scholl liquid that you had to paint on every day for weeks. It didn't really work.

I paint my toenails to cover them up as they look awful.

I know you can get prescription tablets but I believe they have bad side effects.

Does anyone know of an actual cure - other than the tablets? Would a chiropodist be able to cure it?


Kathy72 Fri 27-May-22 17:00:14

I know this sounds odd, but Vicks is meant to help, smeared on the infected nail. It must be some constituent in it.

Callistemon21 Fri 27-May-22 17:04:31

I had one and used Scholl Athletes Foot powder after showering. It took about two years but is much better now. I daren't say gone.
Leaving off nail varnish helped too (no-one saw my feet during lockdown).

PrettyNancy Fri 27-May-22 17:05:31

I have had this problem for years. I have tried all the remedies, cheap and expensive ones.

Reluctantly, about 4 years ago I asked my doctor for help. I had to collect clippings first to make sure it was a nail infection. Then I went on a course of tablets, as far as I can remember, for 3 months, then had a 6 month break and another 3 months course. Eventually my nails started growing though with no infection! it was wonderful....

I bought new shoes and revelled in sandals, for about 6 months, then it all came back again. I had no side effects from the tablets but I think they are known to possibly cause liver problems and I won't take the chance again.

I now have it in all my toenails and a few months ago I bashed one of my fingernails, now that is growing through with fungus, not sure what to do about that.

I would like my toenails removed completely but finding it difficult to find someone to do it. Even that, so I have read is not always a cure, they can grow back and the circle goes on, and on .... Good luck.

Redhead56 Fri 27-May-22 17:15:20

I also tried all the shop remedies no cure some are expensive still don't work. My doctor only gave me six tablets no result what so ever. I am using the Vick remedy too just have to wait and see.

Greyduster Fri 27-May-22 17:40:34

My chiropodist told me that there is a procedure where they can drill microscopic holes in the toenail and then treat it with a liquid of some sort. She says it’s painless but expensive. She also said that some people have had good results applying tea tree oil!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 27-May-22 18:05:24


My chiropodist told me that there is a procedure where they can drill microscopic holes in the toenail and then treat it with a liquid of some sort. She says it’s painless but expensive. She also said that some people have had good results applying tea tree oil!

I had that, paid over £1000 complete failure.

I have come to the conclusion, that the scientists simply haven’t cracked it yet, so will just ignore it, get the podiatrist to deal with it and that’s that.

I,picked it up taking the GC swimming when they were small.

Sparklefizz Fri 27-May-22 18:12:19

I have successfully used a product called Protectair which comes with some coarse emery boards. You file across the nail every day and then apply the product. It was my big toe so the nail was large and it took 4 bottles of Protectair overall, but I could gradually see new decent nail growing up from the nail bed.

At the same time I worked on cleaning up my gut because an overgrowth of bad bacteria and/or yeasts in the gut can cause it.

Esmay Fri 27-May-22 18:51:53

I also have this problem and it makes my feet look so ugly .
It's mainly on a damaged big toe nail -ridged ,yellow and full of yukky cheesy debris ,which pushes it out from the nail bed .
I've now had it for about 20 years .
After cutting the nail very short and filing it right down to maximise the absorption -I've tried every treatment (that you can buy in Boots ) on it and there is an improvement , but the nasty fungus recurs .

I've also tried Vicks .
It turns nails black .
I've tried tea tree oil .

I haven't asked the GP to take clippings and tried the oral treatment yet .I know that can cause liver damage .

I've wondered if the diseased nail can be removed and the area lasered !

Elizabeth27 Fri 27-May-22 18:53:59

I had the same for 2 years and tried many remedies. What has finally worked for me is Daktarin 2% cream, rubbed in for two weeks now completely clear.

Esmay Fri 27-May-22 18:57:54

Just saw a laser device on Amazon .
At £80 - will it work?
I'm just wondering just how much I've spent on lotions and potions through the years !

Esmay Fri 27-May-22 18:58:54

Sorry about the justs !

nandad Fri 27-May-22 19:35:24

The problem is that unless you treat your shoes, the fungal infection will keep on returning however much you treat your nails.
I soak my feet in oregano essential oil and have had some good results. I try to always wear socks as a barrier when wearing shoes and trainers and spray my shoes with scholl anti fungal shoe spray. Gradually seeing some improvement.

timetogo2016 Fri 27-May-22 19:39:13

Thursdays plantation tea tree oil did the trick for a footballer i know,worked quickly too.

GagaJo Fri 27-May-22 20:33:58

Can I ask, how do you know if you have this? I have a very thick toenail, but am not sure if it is fungal?

Also, is it contagious?

Visgir1 Fri 27-May-22 20:37:21

I had a small fungal area on my big toe I was advised to used Teatree oil every day. It worked.

Curlywhirly Fri 27-May-22 22:52:40

I had an infected big toe nail, put tea tree oil on every day for about 6 weeks and it cleared the infection up. The infection came back 12 months later (though not nearly as bad as the initial infection) used tea tree oil again, and it cleared it up completely. Each infection came after wearing nail varnish, so I only use varnish when on holiday and remove it after a week.

Calendargirl Fri 27-May-22 22:59:35

Dab cider vinegar on affected nail, then rub in the Vick. Have to do it daily, takes a long time, but worked for me.

Toetoe Sun 29-May-22 11:34:14

Ive just seen this thread . I am /was a foot health prectitioner , i can offer a solution but it will take a year . T tree oil , start 3 times a week , for a week , then twice a week continuously, dont give up , the fungal infection needs to grow out but the t tree will stop the growth , it wont change the colour , keep toe nails short , keep at it , 1 year minimum as this is how long it takes the big nails to grow completely out. After 3 or 4 months youll notice a new white growth coming through, that is your new nails . Remember to keep doing it , if you stop the fungas wins . Yes it is infectious and you can pass it to your partner if you touch feet in bed . Good luck

icanhandthemback Sun 29-May-22 11:39:47

I spoke to my GP about this as I had a fungal infection on several of my fingernails so they were lifting off. He recommended Daktarin with ketoconazole (buy from the chemist) rubbed into the nail several times a day. I was quite disbelieving it would work but it did. The active ingredient is different from Canestan or athletes foot powder and seems to work better.

dogsmother Sun 29-May-22 13:18:58

Thanks for that toetoe. I’ve had this too with one toe in particular being stubbornly thick and I’ve been tea tree painting all my nails weekly with particular attention to the thick one snipping or Emery boarding it a little before painting it. And I am definitely impressed. So this confirms I’m im doing the correct thing.

Doodledog Sun 29-May-22 15:43:12

Thanks from me too, ToeToe.

I have ordered some oil on your recommendation. Is it ok to ask a few questions, please? How much should we use, and how should we apply it? With a finger, or on a Q tip, or just drop it onto the nail? Also, should we use an emery board first?

Thanks in advance smile

Toetoe Sun 29-May-22 17:15:16

Use a drip bottle one drop on and in the actual nail so it gets to the nail bed . You don't need to file the nails the t tree does the work but don't stop . 3 times first week then twice a week . Hope this helps

Esmay Sun 29-May-22 18:48:24

And a big thank you from me Toetoe .
I have tried tea tree oil ,but plainly not for a long enough time .

PinkCosmos Mon 06-Jun-22 09:25:31

Thank you ToeToe for the advice about tea tree oil.

I had heard this before and tried it but not consistently. I think this is the key, to do it several times a week.

I can see my nail growing through perfectly but by the time it gets half way down my nail the fungus is there again. The bottom quarter of my nail is loose

I have never heard of the Daktarin treatment but will also give that a try.

I tended to treat my nails in the winter as I always wear nail varnish in the summer to cover up my manky nails. I will be able to cut the loose part of my nail off as no one will be seeing it other than my DH.

I had also heard of the fungus lingering in your shoes, so spraying them with anti fungal seems a sensible idea.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post.