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High cholesterol

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Kandinsky Sat 28-May-22 07:54:21

Good Morning,

So, I’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol ( 6 ) and told I have to reduce it - but how?
I’m not particularly overweight, I eat okay, I run 5k twice a week.
Any tips or advice greatly appreciated.

glammanana Sat 28-May-22 08:03:51

Have you been prescribed statins by your GP or told to reduce by changing your diet ?
Mine is 2.8 reduced from 7 three years ago I take statins and don't go near any bread of any kind/low fat spread for cooking etc/no alcohol at all & skimmed milk.
There are some really good menu's on line to try.

Kandinsky Sat 28-May-22 08:09:06

No I haven’t been prescribed any medication, but GP wants to test me again in 12 months, so I’m guessing if levels haven’t gone down I’ll be on tablets.
Funny you mention bread as I eat quite a lot of it, maybe that’s my problem?

glammagran Sat 28-May-22 08:20:36

Everyone in my family has high cholesterol and the others are thin and dark (unlike me). Mine was 6.5 15 years ago, at its worst 7.2 and currently 6.8. I asked for statins at one time but was told they were unnecessary. But then my practice has been placed in special measures. I don’t eat any junk food but cannot lay off the cheese.

MerylStreep Sat 28-May-22 08:37:17

According to the experts I suppose I should be dead by now or at least have had a heart attack. Mine hasn’t been below 9.2 for 12 years. I will not take statins.

I have sat with my friend in a heart consultants surgery when he told her to stay off the statins
Not all doctors believe in them, mine being one of them.

BlueSky Sat 28-May-22 08:37:26

Glammananna while I appreciate high cholesterol is bad news, I read that very low figures are not advisable either.
Kandinsky yes you’ll be advised to try to reduce it by diet first, also yours at 6 is not tremendously high, and I believe it’s the ratio of good to bad that matters more than total cholesterol. Finally if you are over a certain age (70) statins are not even recommended. That’s what the consultant said to me.

Kandinsky Sat 28-May-22 08:55:33


That’s really interesting - thank you.
I really don’t want to take medication unless I desperately have to.

MerylStreep Sat 28-May-22 09:01:47

If you search cholesterol in the GN search box there have been some long threads with lots of info ( good and bad)

Oldbat1 Sat 28-May-22 09:02:47

I have familial high cholesterol. My parents died aged 94 and 86. It was 8.7 before I reluctantly started statins two years ago. I think it is about 5 now which is still too high.

GrannyLaine Sat 28-May-22 09:10:56

Kandinsky has your GP looked at the ratio between good and not so good cholesterol? Total cholesterol doesn't tell you much. I agree with Meryl Streep about statins

GagaJo Sat 28-May-22 09:20:12

Buy and eat ALL the Benecol products daily (I don't have any connections with the company, before anyone mentions it!).

Marg (yes, yuck I know), yoghurts OR yoghurt drinks and I think you can get Benecol milk now.

It really works. I significantly lowered my cholesterol (can't remember numbers, sorry!) just by cutting out cheese and using those products. I think you can also buy plant sterols in tablet form but I haven't tried those.

Kiwiqueen123 Sat 28-May-22 09:33:02

Watching this with interest. Had routine blood tests last week and had phone call from surgery yesterday saying cholesterol result was high. Have a telephone appointment with inhouse pharmacist on Monday. Did anyone have any symptoms before they found out their result was high? Just wondering as I really feel the cold and sometimes get numb blue fingers. Thought maybe that could be thyroid but that result is normal.

Redhead56 Sat 28-May-22 09:35:21

I have familial high cholesterol too I was told 18 months ago. Don’t eat a lot of bread or cheese and only small portions of meat a 500 gram pack of 2% fat beef does me four meals. I eat lots of veg and salads that I grow myself. I don’t eat any ready made meals etc I eat at the most two eggs a week in salads. I increased my intake of fruit by a lot got my cholesterol down from 5.9 to 5. It’s still high but not broken down into good or bad cholesterol.

I am not over weight but the nurse is pushing for me to take statins I am reluctant. I am beginning to think certain medications are promoted. (Any nurses out there I apologise if I am wrong) I bought a basic cookery book for cholesterol recipes it’s pretty much what I eat anyway that went straight into the charity bag.

BlueSky Sat 28-May-22 11:25:43

GagaJo the Benecol products are a good idea if you don’t want to take statins but still feel you should be doing something.

GagaJo Sat 28-May-22 11:28:52


GagaJo the Benecol products are a good idea if you don’t want to take statins but still feel you should be doing something.

They worked for me. I'd rather do anything reasonable, to avoid drugs. Would love to come off omeprazole too

Kandinsky Sat 28-May-22 11:30:02

These are my results GrannyLaine

Kandinsky Sat 28-May-22 11:31:15

Thank you GagaJo - I’ll definitely switch to benecol products.

Kate1949 Sat 28-May-22 11:35:40

Mine was 7 a few years ago. I was put on statins. They gave me severe nosebleeds. I stopped taking them. Like Gagajo I take benecol drinks, spread and yoghurts.
Someone on GN recommend plant sterols which I also take. I haven't had my cholesterol checked for a while but hopefully it has lowered.

Audi10 Sat 28-May-22 11:39:51

So interesting with all the different figures regarding cholesterol mines 5.7 I’m on long term steroids they don’t my cholesterol but I’m pretty happy with my numbers, I would never ever take statins,

Audi10 Sat 28-May-22 11:41:40

Should say steroids don’t help my cholesterol numbers

Marmight Sat 28-May-22 11:45:20

My three DDs have been on statins since their early teens having inherited FH from their father. Its a bit hit & miss and not every statin suits. Diet plays a part but they don’t go overboard. ‘Everything in moderation’ 2 grandchildren also have it. The 10 year old decided to go veggie when he read about his problem! He’s brilliant and sticks to his beliefs. DH’s highest cholesterol count aged 30 was 18. The consultant said he should be dead but obviously his body had learn to cope with it. Over many years drugs reduced it to around 6 but FH caught up with him, gave him a number of unpleasant symptoms over the years and he died of a heart attack at just 70. sad

BlueSky Sat 28-May-22 12:33:07

Marmight in cases of FH is perfectly understandable and justified.

Polly7 Sat 28-May-22 12:54:47

Please read The Cholestral Con by Dr Malcom McKendrick 🤔😊

Very confusing subject mine went up with meno & ensuing Thyroid
All connected ( Thyroid UK on line are marvellous - TSH to be around a one not ok at 4 like my gp said !!!!! )
Will affect cholestral too. Slow metabolism.
Cholestral stored in liver. Good friend when artery walls get inflamed as cholestral comes along & seals it to strengthen Body so clever
Think sugar is the main inflammation rebel 🤔

aonk Sat 28-May-22 14:01:59

My cholesterol is 5.8. I try to cut out fatty items from my diet such as cheese, butter etc. Could someone please explain why bread should be avoided? I would imagine that if it isn’t covered in butter it wouldn’t be a problem but I’m no expert on dietary matters.

mumofmadboys Sat 28-May-22 14:20:58

I am a retired GP. My cholesterol was 8.1. I have familial hypercholesterolaemia. I decided to go on statins and take atorvastatin 20 mg daily. No side effects. A recent cholesterol was 4.2. I am happy with this.