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Win with Yoga - Fit and Flexible for Life

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mrs2cats Sat 04-Jun-22 21:02:54

Don't know if anyone else get this but this keeps coming up on my Facebook feed. For USD27 I get access to a set of 10 minute stretch and strength routines.

Has anybody tried this?

I'm sort of tempted. I like the idea of a programme of 10 minute routines and I do have some niggly pains in the lower back and sometimes upper back. However, I do do some yoga and I'm not sure if this is a great addition to what I already do. Maybe I'm looking for a magic wand grin.

BlueBelle Sat 04-Jun-22 21:33:24

Looks a very suspect website ! are you for real Mrs2cats ? perhaps we ll get HQ to have a little look at it shall we ?

mrs2cats Sat 04-Jun-22 22:34:05

BlueBelle, I’m not sure what you mean. I’m just saying that this website keeps showing on my Facebook feed and I’m intrigued, wondering whether I should buy it and wondering if anyone has used it and found it useful.

I’ve been a member of Mumsnet for around 20 years and a member of this site for a year or so. I am very much a real person as I’m sure HQ will find if that’s what you’re concerned about.

BlueBelle Sun 05-Jun-22 05:11:59

mrs2cats sorry I ve upset you about that but that looks a strange link most people on here are cautious about opening unknown links and the USD 27 didn’t seem to add up either You can get a lot of dodgy stuff advertised on Fb You may be genuine but is the link ?

Have you opened it ?

mrs2cats Sun 05-Jun-22 09:06:51

That’s ok BlueBelle. I realise that there are some unscrupulous people around and heaven knows how many have targeted mumsnet over the years. I’m wary of buying from Facebook links etc which is why I thought I’d ask if anyone has any experience. I probably should have worded the title of the discussion differently.

I did search before posting here and there is a website etc. They appear to have a studio in Seattle and do online yoga classes that seem to be well reviewed.

Maybe I’ll try a couple of their YouTube videos to check the style.

M0nica Sun 05-Jun-22 09:17:09

Personally, I prefer Tai Chi. Plenty of free 20 minute sessions on YouTube.

karmalady Sun 05-Jun-22 09:20:26

I never liked yoga, the only exercise that ever hurt my joints. Tai chi or pilates for me, much better for older joints

BlueBelle Sun 05-Jun-22 12:50:48

No probs mrs2cats I like yoga but can’t really do the very hard stuff why not try some beginners stuff on YouTube I wouldn’t pay a sub for an American website, personally, but if it’s what you fancy why not ?

mrs2cats Sun 05-Jun-22 15:49:25

Thanks for the ideas re Tai Chi and Pilates. I used to practise Tai Chi many years ago and really enjoyed it. Pilates is also good.

I'm just being a bit lazy. I work full time so I was just looking for a kind of programme that I could do before work and would offer different sessions for 10 mins/day without searching all over YouTube or similar for a session. I get bored by repetition and, by the time I've searched for different sessions, it's practically time to head off!

Although I've done yoga for a little while, I am wary that you can easily hurt yourself if you're not careful which is why I was wondering about this aimed at over 50s.

I would rather it was UK based. Maybe I just need to have a good browse.

M0nica Sun 05-Jun-22 19:11:17

I have collected four or five 20 minute Tai Chi YouTube sites and bookmarked them, so no searching just click on the one I fancy each day.

healthyairtoday Tue 05-Jul-22 17:28:13

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Calendargirl Tue 05-Jul-22 17:45:26


CanadianGran Tue 05-Jul-22 18:12:51

I love yoga; it has kept me flexible and stronger for the last few years.

I joined 'Do Yoga with Me', a website based out of Victoria BC. They have lots of free videos, and you can also join with a monthly fee for an extended range of classes.

I looked at the program you posted, and it doesn't look dodgy, and it is not expensive, Give it a try and let us know. It's definitely geared towards older people.