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Sapphire24 Sun 12-Jun-22 08:41:03

Hi Grans, I'm having cataract surgery on Weds, and wondered for those of you having experienced it, if you had any tips or advice before and after. I've bought some stronger painkillers in case of pain, and my surgery comes just ahead of annual leave. So I will have 2 weeks off work post surgery. Thankyou

M0nica Sun 12-Jun-22 08:47:40

If my experience and the experience of everybody I know is anything to go on, cataract surgery is virtually painless and you are back to normal almost as soon as the surgery is over.

My father had a cataract operation at 88. The op was at around 12.00am. he had a table booked for us at his favourite restaurant for 1.30 - and it was a very nice meal. Afterwards we went for a good walk at a local beauty spot.

Oldbat1 Sun 12-Jun-22 09:03:22

Next door neighbour had his second cataract done last week. He wore an eye covering for one day, had eye drops for a couple of days. He cut the grass!! the day after the op. He had an 8wk wait between the ops. He is mid 70s. Amazing I think.

wildswan16 Sun 12-Jun-22 09:11:48

I doubt you will need painkillers at all. The eye will feel a little bit uncomfortable the first day, but after that is virtually back to normal. Just be careful about remembering the eye drops as directed.

glammanana Sun 12-Jun-22 09:18:29

Sapphire24 The procedure is painless trust me if you feel anxious ask for lots of anaesthetic to the eye they will give it to you.
As soon as the procedure is complete they will fix a shield over the eye which you keep on for a few hours you will notice the difference in your vision immediately no pain at all.
Best of luck.

silverlining48 Sun 12-Jun-22 09:19:04

If that were me I would need mild ( to moderate) sedation to cope with the procedure, but I do have an ‘issue’ with ?.
Diazepam maybe ?
Good luck all will be well but stick with eye drop regime.

lixy Sun 12-Jun-22 09:24:21

My mum had her 1st eye 'done' pre-covid - very nervous about the procedure. She was tired afterwards but coped well with eyepatch, then sunglasses and the drops for a few days afterwards, and then all was back to normal. I stayed with her for the first couple of nights but didn't really need to.

She had her second eye done without any hesitation at all and recovered just as quickly.

At our eye hospital there are volunteers who hold the patient's hand while the procedure is being done - brilliant people.

Sapphire24 Sun 12-Jun-22 09:26:35

Thanks for your comments, they're very reassuring.
I was advised at the pre op appointment to have at least 3 days off work, so that works well with my already booked annual leave. I was also told I might have some discomfort and that I need eye drops for 6 weeks. Not a massive amount of info, which is why I came here. So thankyou for your comments, I look forward to hearing more people's experiences.

Aveline Sun 12-Jun-22 09:49:41

I'm so interested to read this thread as I fear that I can't go on much longer without a cataract op. I'm just so scared at the prospect. It's great to hear such reassuring stories of successful and easy outcomes. How nice to have volunteers to hold hands.

Georgesgran Sun 12-Jun-22 09:51:08

Obviously you know that you’ll need someone to drive you home (or wherever) after the operation? DF’s old friend didn’t and thought he could drive straight afterwards.

Floradora9 Sun 12-Jun-22 16:55:07

Drops for 4 weeks but really little pain. I have had both eyes done and would have differing strengths of lenses again if I had to choose. I can read with one eye and see without glasses with the second eye which had a better correction . I do use reading glasses at time and distance ones for driving but the rest of the time , after 55 years , I can go without any glasses most of the time .

Fernbergien Sun 12-Jun-22 18:11:45

I was not my usual brave self. Quite fearless usually but I should not have worried.. “piece of cake” . Then worried about feeling gritty….that soon disappeared. Didn’t give a thought to having second one done. Overall so pleased. Only wear glasses for reading.

Marsha Sun 12-Jun-22 18:53:33

I have had both eyes done - very quick procedure, little discomfort afterwards for a very short time. Eye drops a bit of a hassle - best, if you can, to get someone else to administer them. Fantastic outcome!! I can see clearly now……. grin

aonk Sun 12-Jun-22 20:24:12

I have had both cataracts done some years ago. I was told sedation would be needed on both occasions. I was tired the next day and the eye was a little sore. I had to use drops for a few weeks. The only problem I had was headaches but these were easily sorted by paracetamol. Keep some sunglasses to hand just in case. Good luck! You won’t need to use your annual leave to recover so plan something nice.

Sapphire24 Sun 12-Jun-22 20:36:26

Thankyou aonk, for the info and advice. We have a break away planned for the 2nd week and looking forward to

Floradora9 Sun 12-Jun-22 21:09:03


Thankyou aonk, for the info and advice. We have a break away planned for the 2nd week and looking forward to

One lot of the drops I got had to be kept in a fridge so bear that in mind.

granfromafar Sun 12-Jun-22 21:24:38

OH has just had his second eye done, nearly 6 weeks after the first. Felt tired the first day or two but no other issues. Was driving again within a couple of weeks. Interesting to compare different eye drop regimes. He has 2 lots to be used for 2 weeks, one twice a day and one four times. This seems to vary between different opthalmologists. Neither needed to be kept in the fridge! He had his done at Spa Medica ( they have clinics all over UK) and would recommend them. Done on NHS so all free. Good luck with yours.

grumppa Sun 12-Jun-22 22:28:48

No pain, no side-effects.

The slaves' chorus from Nabucco was played for the first eye, and was put on again for the second. I remarked on this, and the surgeon asked me if I would like something else. "Certainly not," I replied. "You wield the scalpel, you choose the music."

Sapphire24 Mon 13-Jun-22 06:53:43

Thankyou all so much for taking time to answer on my post. Your replies are very reassuring and helpful. Xx

Floradora9 Mon 13-Jun-22 15:15:33


No pain, no side-effects.

The slaves' chorus from Nabucco was played for the first eye, and was put on again for the second. I remarked on this, and the surgeon asked me if I would like something else. "Certainly not," I replied. "You wield the scalpel, you choose the music."

grumppa I had to ask them to stop the music before they even started as it was December and were playing Christmas music . I begged for anything classical instead.

Aveline Mon 13-Jun-22 17:27:27

This thread is really helping me to steel myself to get on with it. The Slaves chorus from Nabucco just about clinched it for me. It's a favourite!

Sapphire24 Wed 15-Jun-22 12:26:29

Hi Grans
Thought I'd update with news of my cataract surgery. Had it done approx 10am this morning.
It went extremely well and just very slight discomfort; I'm amazed how well I can see already.

I feel very privileged, as I found out that it can take up to 2 years from referral to get the surgery. It took exactly 3 months for me, but then my optician did say he was putting me through as an urgent referral.
Thanks to all who replied to my original post. X

Rosalyn69 Wed 15-Jun-22 14:26:12

Really pleased it went well. I was pleased whdn I had mine for.

Rosalyn69 Wed 15-Jun-22 14:26:46

when I had mine done

Aveline Wed 15-Jun-22 15:01:57

That's wonderful Sapphire24. It must be so exciting too as well as the relief of it being over. Please let us know how you get on over the next week or so.
I really must be brave and get on with it.