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👯‍♀️Hip Replacement #2 👯‍♀️ (Knees Welcome!) 👯‍♀️

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FannyCornforth Thu 23-Jun-22 08:38:52

Hello! 👋
Welcome to 🧵 2!

A huge thank you and well done to Silverlining thanks for creating the first thread (which I’ll link to shortly)
It was an amazingly successful thread; which was remarkable considering that most of the time it was invisible! smile

TillyTrotter Thu 23-Jun-22 08:40:08

Hi Fanny 👋
How are you? Good to see you on the GN boards. 💐

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Jun-22 08:45:52

Thank you Tilly, and for your kindness over the past few days; it hasn’t gone unnoticed thankssmile
I must admit that I have been feeling really grotty post-op, to the extent that I didn’t feel like posting at all (‘post-op posting’?)
And that really isn’t like me at all! 😉

Here is the first thread which Silverlining started
I’m sure that there will be many threads to follow…

Aldom Thu 23-Jun-22 08:47:53

Hello Fanny good to see you posting again. Glad your surgery is over and wishing you a good recovery and better health. flowers

crazyH Thu 23-Jun-22 08:54:12

Glad your surgery went well……wish you a full and speedy recovery flowers

dragonfly46 Thu 23-Jun-22 08:58:35

Hope you feel better soon Fanny

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Jun-22 09:03:58

Hi Fanny, so pleased to see you back again. I hope once you’ve recovered it will make a big difference to your quality of life. 💐

ixion Thu 23-Jun-22 09:13:40

Crumbs, Fanny.
I thought for a moment you had both hips done😳😀
Good luck with the rehab.

(We have a luxury yacht currently en route to St.Tropez on our virtual cruise, if you want to catch lots of 🌞.
You'd be most welcome. 👙⛱)

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Jun-22 09:17:44

Aw, thank you all! You’re all so lovely

Blimey ixion! Can you imagine!
Thank you, I’ll definitely hop on later, I shall expect to be waited upon hand and foot! 🥂

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Jun-22 09:26:13

Keep on keeping on FannyCornforth 💐💐💐💐

TillyTrotter Thu 23-Jun-22 09:34:45

You will be like a new woman soon Fanny.
DH had a new knee 6 years ago now. The first 10 days post-op were the worst. What you are feeling is normal. 💐

GrannyLaine Thu 23-Jun-22 09:35:45

Great to have you back Fanny🤸🏻‍♀️🏄‍♀️⛷
Do let us know how it all went when you feel ready. I appreciate how grim that first week or two feels but, little by little, it keeps on getting better. The previous thread was a great reminder for me of how I recovered, I can look back and see how I was feeling about things week by week.
Lets keep this one rolling 💐

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 23-Jun-22 09:41:08

Good luck with your recovery 🌺🌺🌺

Charleygirl5 Thu 23-Jun-22 09:44:30

Fanny 3 months from now you will hopefully have forgotten about this blip because you will be pain-free and doing whatever you want within reason.

Rest, rest and more rest.

silverlining48 Thu 23-Jun-22 10:29:28

Morning fellow hipsters, thank you Fanny fir starting part 2. Have to admit I tried earlier but forgot how to do it....
I had responded to ipadGrandma early this morning, pressed send and it just shut me out.
Still we are used to that given the invisibility of posts on the active list. Glad you included knees too by the way, I was thinking that myself.

It is an achievement fir a one, or now two subject post to last so long, and it has pleasantly surprised me. I had no preparation fir my op (10 weeks now) and as I said in my original post knew no one who had had a hip hop,; well now I know, wecall know, lots of supportive people who have helped and encouraged those of us with questions or concerns.

Fanny you are only a few days post op, it’s hard as I wasn’t well fir the first week or so, Susie was the same, but every day will improve, it really will but patience is needed. How is your dp, you said he’s been ill recently, so it is going to be stressful just coping especially only just after the operation.
I put a sock on today, for the first time (10 weeks post op) so it will take time. Not easy though I was very fed up so do understand.

On a. Lighter note my very old, (25 years) trainers have bitten the dust so needed a new pair. Yesterday I had to take my trusty long handled shoe horn with me, much to the surprise of fellow tkmaxx shoppers. I actually found a reasonably priced pair of sketchers, which I bought ( upmarket fir me but needs must and keep hearing how comfy they are) ) but when I got then home there was a fault and they had clearly been worn a few times as ‘chers’ was only visible inside. No ‘sk’. Why hadn’t I noticed that? Anyway I had to return shoes for another pair avec shoe horn and nearly put a fellow shoppers eye out who was crouching behind me. These things can be lethal, but so useful. I wouldnt be without it and my grabber. Luckily No harm done, thank goodness,

Here’s a question, has anyone been left post op with one longer leg? Have had it measured and there is a difference,if only marginal, but I feel it. I wonder if it might affect my gait. Will confer with podiatrist today.

Here’s to this thread’s continuing success. Hurrah! Drinks all round. wine

silverlining48 Thu 23-Jun-22 10:35:17

Sorry about repeating 10 weeks...I had read it through but clearly not properly. Anyway these 10 weeks have been a real learning experience, especially when I was stuck on the loo trying to give birth to a brick ( at least that’s how it felt at the time). Ouch! grin

Charleygirl5 Thu 23-Jun-22 10:48:12

silverlining if the difference in leg length affects your gait the orthopaedic surgeon can get your other leg measured and the heel of your shoe raised.

The discrepancy should not be noticeable as that is something which is checked when you are "on the table".

Callistemon21 Thu 23-Jun-22 10:57:09

Good to see you back FannyC and hope you feel less grotty and better each day! All the posters who have been through similar will cheer you on, I'm sure.
Let's hope this gives you a new lease of life and you will be able to achieve more each day.

silverlining I have a vision of you waving your shoe horn around in TK Maax grin

GrannyLaine Thu 23-Jun-22 11:08:31

Silverlining I have a vision of you waving your shoe horn around in TK Maax grin

... along with the idea of you losing your driving licence for a year because of your underwear 🤣
You are a national treasure!

Grandmadinosaur Thu 23-Jun-22 11:19:06

👋 to Fanny good to see you back. Pleased to hear all went well and hopefully the worst is behind you and each day it gets easier.
Sending love and virtual grapes and flowers to the sick bay 💐🍇

silverlining48 Thu 23-Jun-22 11:26:01

I will take that as a compliment GrannyLaine. wink

Callistemin, yes I was waving it around a bit, but it’s an awkward thing to carry in a crowded space. People and children in buggies tend to get in the way. smile

Thanks Charleygirl, will discuss with physio next time. My next and probably last appt with the consultant is at the end of next month so will discuss then, if I get a word in as he spent ages telling me how he wants me to give him a good review online!! whatever is the world coming to?

Callistemon21 Thu 23-Jun-22 11:28:56

Callistemin, yes I was waving it around a bit, but it’s an awkward thing to carry in a crowded space. People and children in buggies tend to get in the way

I'm taking one with me next time
It might ensure social distancing! grin
But then I could swipe a few things off shelves by mistake.

Charleygirl5 Thu 23-Jun-22 14:20:52

Callistemon I can do that with only my handbag in my hand!

GrannyLaine Thu 23-Jun-22 14:51:10

I have to say I loved my crutches for making space around myself. I was quite sad when they got exchanged for sticks.

Callistemon21 Thu 23-Jun-22 15:03:30

I was thinking that walking poles could be useful.