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River Pollution

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Daisymae Wed 29-Jun-22 19:30:00

Rivers in England are being routinely polluted with sewage and the government is under investigation. This really is an issue we should be tackling. There's a beautiful river locally but last summer children who played there were subsequently ill . Money, money, money

Katie59 Wed 29-Jun-22 19:48:56

Children live in a pretty clean environment these days, certainly far cleaner than the grime that was normal in the 1960s, so they don’t have the resistance to bugs

They really should not swim in rivers, however appealing.

RichmondPark Wed 29-Jun-22 21:16:13

It's a disgrace that water companies are making huge profits whilst raw sewage is routinely washed into our rivers and the sea.

What a sad world we are creating if profit comes above the ability to play and swim in our waterways. People have a choice to avoid our waterways but all the wildlife that depend entirely on them do not.

vegansrock Wed 29-Jun-22 22:24:42

Only 16% of our rivers meet EU standards, so that’s another Brexit bonus. Of course people should be able to swim in rivers and the sea without having to dodge the sewage.