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BigBertha1 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:08:49

My regular session with the hygienist today was £85 ( with 10%)
discount as I have a plan with the practice). I was appalled and said so. I was told it was because they had a new air flow machine. Was I wrong to be shocked?

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jun-22 22:12:07

I haven’t had a hygienist since it stopped being part of the check up I just hope I brush well enough There’s no way I can afford that sort of price The check up price is bad enough

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:12:18

We have dental plans which include two checkups with the dentist and two hygienist visits per year, plus a discount off any treatment required.

Check what your plan includes - that doesn't sound right.

Juliet27 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:16:38

No. I recently went for just a chat with my dentist about whether to consider some orthodontist treatment and I ended up having to pay over £100 as he took an X-ray and said to book with a hygienist which no doubt would cost a similar amount to yours.
I wonder if they’re having to make up for lost revenue due to the pandemic….although, let’s face, no prices will remain static for long now.

Charleygirl5 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:16:40

Mine charges £50 and I think that is bad enough but £85 is ridiculous. She is pricing herself out of business.

Mancjules Wed 29-Jun-22 22:17:42

Sounds a lot. I'm on a private plan and had to have an extra hygienist visit. Cost me £47.

Esspee Wed 29-Jun-22 22:25:08

I’m in Scotland and use an NHS practice. It is about £18 for a hygienist appointment.

Chewbacca Wed 29-Jun-22 22:26:29

shock I think my £12.95 a month for 1 full dental check up per year, 2 hygienist visit's per year, all x rays and 15% off any necessary dental work is be a bargain!

Beautful Wed 29-Jun-22 22:27:44

Did you buy the air flow machine ! I would have been shocked aswell I pay monthly into a plan , so don't have to pay any extra for having my teeth cleaned , twice a year , checks up, fillings etc all included

Charleygirl5 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:34:07

Esspee my practice is also NHS but the hygienist is private. I appreciate she has to rent the room but the price was £45 about 3 months ago and it is usually under 30 minutes.

BigBertha1 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:36:17

I pay a plan as well which includes 2 hygienist visits but the dentist thinks I need 4 a year as I have had a gum. Altogether I am paying £100 a month for dental insurances infection this year

Charleygirl5 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:39:57

BigBertha my dentist also suggested I needed x4 treatments from the dental hygienist and I said I could not afford it at the hygienist's prices so she did it herself the last time I went!

VANECAM Wed 29-Jun-22 22:40:44

Personally I place my dental care and hygiene at the top of the list and so will never quibble about the cost.
Grin and bear it!

Toetoe Wed 29-Jun-22 22:43:30

I asked for a clean during my check up last year and was told I needed to see hygienist so I booked an appointment and he just scraped and said they were not using water or machine due to covid , 15 minutes later I paid £79 . Hygienist made a second appointment for 3 months saying they would then use water and machine , I attended and 20 minutes later I paid another £79 . Hygienist recommended I had another appointment in 3 months to have my teeth sandblasted and made an appointment, the cost was £100 . I cancelled.

With hindsite I should not have attended the first appointment the second one was what I needed .

There was no consideration regarding the cost when he made the appointments he acted as though everyone can afford it . I couldn't.

grannyactivist Wed 29-Jun-22 22:47:33

It’s a condition of my implant ‘warranty’ that I have 4 visits a year to the dental hygienist and the charge is £74 a time.

Keeper1 Wed 29-Jun-22 22:58:13

When I see the hygienist at my implant dentist it is around £90 but that is for a one hour appointment using all manner of wonderful technology and well worth every penny. My local dentist I have a plan with which includes six monthly check ups and four hygienist appointments so and although very good not a patch on the implant hygienist cleaning.

I think the hygienist appointments are very important and beleive far more emphasis should be put on them in the first instance for keeping our mouths healthy.

travelsafar Thu 30-Jun-22 08:11:00

I pay privately for 2 jet washes per year at 150 each time. My teeth feel great afterwards, any stains are removed, gum line is cleaned and teeth look much whiter. I also use electric toothbrush and interdental brushes daily. Never been to a hygienist. Check ups are 6 monthly. Dental costs to me are worth it and I feel sad that so many people can't afford them. The thought of having dental pain and not being able to pay to get it sorted would scare me.🙄😞

Bakingmad0203 Thu 30-Jun-22 08:27:43

Interesting thread as I have tried unsuccessfully to register as an NHS patient at many dentists in the area, so in the end have had to register as a private patient as I had lost a filling.
I was surprised at the different prices charged for check ups, fillings and cleans at all the dentists I contacted and came to the conclusion that it depends on the area, as I live on the outskirts of a city.
The most expensive check up was £95 the cheapest £39, none of them included a clean.

Beautful Thu 30-Jun-22 09:06:22

I am with Denplan .. £61.71 a month ... got a family one as my son lives with me ... can't remember how much each one is , although I know mine is a bit more ... saying that ... quite possibly won't take existing problems ... may sound a lot but includes fillings xrays etc ... although would have to pay extra for cosmetic reasons & others ... 2 check ups & 2 hygienist appointments a year including in that , also I have broken a few teeth ... lots ! Had them sorted aswell at no extra cost

nadateturbe Thu 30-Jun-22 09:25:30


We have dental plans which include two checkups with the dentist and two hygienist visits per year, plus a discount off any treatment required.

Check what your plan includes - that doesn't sound right.

We have the same.

nadateturbe Thu 30-Jun-22 09:29:31

Almost £20 pm, and the hygienist is very thorough.

BigBertha1 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:54:08

Quibble VANECAM??? I thought I was asking if I was wrong to be shocked not if I was allowed to 'quibble'. The cost had risen by over £30 in three months - hardly a 'quibble'.

benhamslc Thu 30-Jun-22 11:36:20

Ours is £85 its a private dentist the hygienists rents the room so now only go once a year instead of twice

Moggycuddler Thu 30-Jun-22 11:41:09

A couple of years ago I bought a little set of dental hygiene tools off Amazon. Cost about a tenner, I think. Since then I have used them carefully to scrape stains and tartar off my teeth myself, and clean between them. I also bought a "water flosser" which I use regularly. Along with my electric toothbrush, Tepe brushes of various sizes, and floss, I look after my own dental hygiene. If you have a steady hand it works. Admittedly, I'm blessed to have good strong teeth, none missing and no fillings at 65. I just go to the dentist for a check up once a year.

MissEllis Thu 30-Jun-22 11:54:23

I was thrown off my NHS dentist's list for not attending regularly! I've now had an 'estimate' from a private practice of not far short of £400 for a 'consultation' (ie. they count your teeth); two x-rays; a session with a hygienist (£89!!) plus a single, solitary filling. If you're poor in the UK, wave adios to your teeth... (Sorry - slightly off topic, but I needed a rant.)