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Colonoscopy Appt via Phone Call

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Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 13:58:41

Late yesterday received phone call from local hospital which am relieved about as, this urgent 2 wk referral has taken 8 weeks+ my dilemma is, as having sedation and need someone to collect me and stay overnight...i responded that yes, had someone my daughter has a corporate event to attend re work and feel I've pressurised her into saying she will come home and meet me after the procedure and stay over..
How would single people with no near relatives or good friends answer to the nurse "Do you have someone to stay with you?" Have been totally wound up about this all last can't even tell a fib as They the Nursing Team telephone the person you are saying are going to collect you and stay with you...But what if you say No..will they carry out the procedure or not...this is only for people who are having sedation and after the last colonoscopy 12 yrs ago had just a valium and Oh dear if was the worst experience as they discovered had diverticuli throughout colon and can't remove all the colon so because had bad experience, the Nurse who called me recommended I had the sedation...

Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 14:07:33

Meant to add...would they provide a bed for singles overnight?

Howcome Thu 30-Jun-22 14:16:36

I had a recent colonoscopy and whilst I had to be collected due to sedation once I’d been put to bed with a cuppa - I was alone with a phone. That I kept with me when I went to the bathroom in case of a fall. All was well - I just slept!!

MissAdventure Thu 30-Jun-22 14:18:57

I always have to just pretend I have someone.
It's either that, or not get things done.

The default thinking always seems to be that people have friends and family to help out, and I just haven't, so there it is.

MerylStreep Thu 30-Jun-22 14:21:02

I’ve had this procedure twice. I don’t recall my partner being called to check if he would be with me that night.
I too have diverticulitis.

StarDreamer Thu 30-Jun-22 14:47:11


I always have to just pretend I have someone.
It's either that, or not get things done.

The default thinking always seems to be that people have friends and family to help out, and I just haven't, so there it is.

But if you say you haven't then they should/would deal with that situation.

Quite possibly by admitting the patient into hospital and the patient staying in hospital overnight afterwards.

ixion Thu 30-Jun-22 14:51:41


I always have to just pretend I have someone.
It's either that, or not get things done.

The default thinking always seems to be that people have friends and family to help out, and I just haven't, so there it is.

My very sprightly 95 year old family friend (ex midwife) needed a cataract op. Living in an 'independent living' bungalow and with no family nearby, she neatly avoided the question of 'have you someone at home for you?'

She arranged that her friendly taxi driver John would come for her in the Day Room, where he was introduced as 'her nephew John'.

He dutifully taxied her home and thanked her for the tenner she slipped him on departure!

CaravanSerai Thu 30-Jun-22 14:55:41

I had exactly this discussion with a hospital sister over day surgery which required a general anaesthetic. I could have been released the same day but only if I had someone to be with me overnight. I have friends and neighbours who would do or I go stay at theirs but I do not want to put them to the trouble. It was a private hospital carrying out NHS work so charging costs back to the NHS was involved. They hospital arranged an overnight stay and I went home next morning. I have had to have another day surgery since for a different condition but they did the same again, let me stay overnight.

Colonoscopy is different as there’s no need to stay beyond recovery time with or without sedation. I don’t have sedation and can manage with Entonox but I know some people find the procedure distressing.

It is important to have someone look out for you if you opt for sedation. The drugs used suppress the memory. You may think you have recovered from the sedation and are fine but the effects last longer than you think. As a nurse explained to me, you might put a pan on the stove and simply walk away forgetting it and cause a fire.

If you really cannot tolerate the procedure without sedation, one way around might be to ask for an early appointment. Have someone you know who lives close by pick you up and keep in touch regularly by mobile phone for the rest of the day. Once home don’t do anything that if you forget about it could put you in danger. The fasting beforehand means you’ll be hungry afterwards so have food already prepared for the rest of the day, something cold or you can heat in the microwave. It means the helper telling a fib if anyone enquires about a stopover but the chances are everything will be fine.

StarDreamer Thu 30-Jun-22 15:01:48


I always have to just pretend I have someone.
It's either that, or not get things done.

The default thinking always seems to be that people have friends and family to help out, and I just haven't, so there it is.

I know what you mean by the friends and family question.

Yet what is the implied situation of that friend or family member?

Is there an implied presumption of being fit and able, a car owner and driver, living nearby, no commitments on their time?

AGAA4 Thu 30-Jun-22 15:08:07

My son picked me up after my colonoscopy the my daughter stayed for a few hours. Both had to go because of work so I was alone by 5pm.
They had given me a meal so I was fine to get myself off to bed later.

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Jun-22 15:12:45

After I had surgery under sedation to remove my wisdom teeth 18 months ago, I managed to arrange it for a Saturday morning and my son took me and brought me home again.

The surgeon told my son he had to stay with me for 24 hours in case of haemorrhage but he stayed in the house while I slept for 2 hours to sleep off the sedation, and waited to see if I could drink a cup of tea without collapsing or bleeding, then I sent him home and promised to keep my phone with me at all times. He had things to do and I didn't want to keep him any longer.

Baggs Thu 30-Jun-22 15:36:33

MrB and I don't remember being asked anything about overnight when we had colonoscopies done. We were asked if someone could collect us afterwards but that's all.

Even without that, I could have got home by myself by public transport only it would have taken three or four hours instead of one.

Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 15:44:14

Thank you for your comments..I had a bad reaction to Lidocaine several years ago at the Dentist and whilst under this sedation, had a TIA ...knew something had happened as arm flopped down and right leg jerked and heavy..lost feeling in foot..couldn't speak just slurred but could hear Dentist and Ambulance personnel put me on oxygen.. In A&E..Drs. argued about the trigger left my whole right side weakened and walk with am naturally anxious ...of course will send daughter on her way as do not want to inconvenience her but was thinking of other singles living alone with other health issues

Mouseybrown60 Thu 30-Jun-22 15:50:02

AgeUK volunteers will collect patients from hospital and take them home. I think they would probably take you there too. It’s worth contacting your local branch as they may provide more assistance on your return.
I hope all goes well.

CaravanSerai Thu 30-Jun-22 16:00:21

Bea This is why it is best to try to avoid any drug intervention if at all possible. If it was twelve years ago that you had your last endoscopy you will find that the technology has moved on, the equipment is finer and easier for the doctor to guide around your colon. You can talk about any concerns you have with the nurse who deals with the pre-endoscopy health checks and paperwork.

It is a concern for people who live alone (as I do) when these things need to be done. For the two operatons I had which required generals I would far rather have been able to go home to rest afterwards Hospitals are noisy places 24/7 and hard to get any sleep.

All we can do is build support networks and never be afraid to ask a friend or neighbour to help as we would help our friends and neighbours.

Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:03:02

Mouseybrown60 i didn't know this but Thank You..will contact them and see if I'm eligible for assistance for future Hospital procedures...

Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:23:15

CaravanSerai I agree about being able to go home to your own bed is more therapeutic as sleeping in hospital for me was almost impossible..but for my colonoscopy sedation is recommended ..probs due to medical history..

MissAdventure Thu 30-Jun-22 16:26:02

I'd like to be sedated before I even walk through the hospital doors, ideally smile

StarDreamer Thu 30-Jun-22 16:36:48

It may vary from area to area, but at least some areas have transport ambulances, that have a couch, a place to lock a wheelchair so that a person in a wheelchair can be transported while in the wheelchair, and some seats, like a third of a minibus. They go round and pick people up and return them home and see them into their home, either for an outpatient appointment or for inpatient treatment. The transport ambulances are different from the "blue light" ambulances that have a couch and lots of medical equipment.

Booking is by contacting the Patient Transport Service at the hospital.

Bea65 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:45:57

MissAdventure ..totally grin

Margiknot Sat 02-Jul-22 18:21:54

Star dreamer my understanding is that transport ambulances are only available to certain people- although it may vary in different areas.

Bea65 Mon 04-Jul-22 22:36:05

There is no such transport available for these same day procedures in my area . can't wait to get this awful gagging prep over and done with.. struggling with the 2nd jug..

Bea65 Tue 05-Jul-22 15:53:00

UPDATE: PROCEDURE went well - this time had a gown and blue shorts down to the knee with slit in bottom area..nice to preserve some dignity in this area...also, rec'd a Report on Discharge results so comprehensive but have to wait on the 10 biopsies taken - glad I requested the sedation was as they had to change to smaller scope due to significant diverticulum and more Fentantyl eased the situation..
N.B my cell phone had no signal in Recovery lounge and Nurses informed that this is to not disturb other patients recovering from nurses do require the name and phone no. of the contact as they ring from hospital line to let your contact know what time to come and meet you in the daycare no fibbingsmile The nurse actually came to meet my daughter with me to ensure patient safety. Was actually impressed as Yes CaravanSerai the Scoping Suites technology has moved on and was out within 2 hrs..not hungry at all as stomach is bloated still full of gas, not tired at all must be drugs in system...Prep was definitely the worst..

ExDancer Tue 05-Jul-22 16:06:49

I've read through this carefully. Have we answered the question of HOW do people manage if they truly have no-one to stay overnight?
Surely they would stay in hospital overnight?
Wouldn't they?

MissAdventure Tue 05-Jul-22 18:06:14

Most people I know in that situation just fib.
It's what I do.