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Grand daughter's seizure

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Mom3 Fri 01-Jul-22 20:59:14

My tent year-old granddaughter has had 4 or 5 short seizure episodes in the past three months. Our son just told us about them. She will feel thirsty, her head and eyes turn to the left, she's in an unresponsive daze. It doesn't last very long and then she is nauseous and very tired. Her vision gets very weird and she can't recognize her parents' faces. They took her to a doctor who thinks it may be partial focal seizures and will so an EEG in a few days. Also drew blood to test it.
Wonder what any of you know about this type of thing.

Hithere Sat 02-Jul-22 01:14:59

I hope docs get to the bottom of it

Charleygirl5 Sat 02-Jul-22 09:51:52

It definitely needs to be investigated. If she is extra lucky she will grow out of it but she may need to be seen by a consultant at their local hospital.

Mom3 Sun 03-Jul-22 02:50:57

Thank you for responding.

Summerlove Sun 03-Jul-22 03:11:30

Poor little thing. I’m glad her doctor is taking it seriously

Whiff Sun 03-Jul-22 05:43:03

Mom3 your granddaughter needs a referral to a pediatric neurologist as she needs to be under specialist care.

Her blood needs to be genetically tested to get a correct diagnosis. The neurologist will know which panel needs testing . But seeing the consultant is a must.

I haven't said that to frighten you but a GP can only generalise. A consultant will be able to prescribe drugs that a GP can't . Also he will be able to pin point exactly what is going on and once diagnosed her parents could be put in touch with a support group of parents who's children have the same thing.

I speak as a 64 year old woman who after 34 years of my neurological condition going out of control. Found out in April I was born with it and it's rare. Finally having the correct medication and having a name for my condition. All because I moved to a different health authority and my new neurologist had my blood genetically tested otherwise I still wouldn't know what's wrong with me. My old neurologists never had my blood genetically tested.

I know you don't want to interfer in your son's life but getting the referral needs to be done asap. Getting the correct treatment for your granddaughter will make the rest of her life so much easier and ease her parents mind.

lixy Sun 03-Jul-22 09:49:35

Worrying and frightening for all involved, will be thinking of you Mom3.
As Whiff says get the very best specialised advice you can - and your family may have to be very assertive to get this. Don't be afraid to pester, pester, pester for your GD.

crazyH Sun 03-Jul-22 10:00:08

It’s a worrying time for all….thinking of you. A specialist will be the one to diagnose and treat. And hopefully, she will grow out to it.
My friend’s daughter used to have seizures and I have witnessed one such episode - it was scary. Over the years, we lost touch , but bumped into each other the other day. I did ask how her daughter was doing, and was happy to hear that the seizures have stopped completely.
I do hope your beloved GD will grow out of it too.

hulahoop Sun 03-Jul-22 10:02:37

Hope your Gdaughter get sorted soon.

Jaxjacky Sun 03-Jul-22 10:22:08

Our granddaughter had one almost a year ago, July 5th, ambulance to hospital, she was 13. She saw the paediatric consultant three times in the 6 months after, had various tests, no medication prescribed. We are hopeful it was a one off, but as others have said, she needs specific tests and diagnosis.
Good luck, it is scary.

Mom3 Mon 04-Jul-22 07:17:31

Thank you for the helpful advice. They belong to an excellent healthcare system that has all kinds of specialists, so I'm sure she will be seen by a pediatric neurologist. I'll keep you posted on what they find out. It helps a lot to talk about it here.

ElaineI Mon 04-Jul-22 23:07:02

I think there is link between hormones in girls at puberty and seizures starting or worsening though she should definitely be checked thoroughly by a paediatric neurologist. Must be so worrying for you Mom3.

Mom3 Thu 21-Jul-22 21:07:42

We talked to our son today. GD had an EEG done yesterday and she will see a neurologist.
She seems to be having focal seizures that happen once a week in the morning for a very short time. She had one this morning while brushing her teeth. DIL took a video with her phone to show the doctor. She doesn't fall down but just goes still and then feels nauseous and tired. They kept her home from a day camp today.