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Dr Isyaka Mammam

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Mollygo Tue 05-Jul-22 19:04:56

He has been jailed, but should there be no punishment for the people who employed him?

fairfraise Tue 05-Jul-22 19:09:54

I really think there should be and I hope so. Don't they ever check out these credentials? He pierced the girl's heart.

V3ra Tue 05-Jul-22 20:25:17

What a nightmare story.

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-22 20:45:40

Dreadful, Someone in Oldham Hospital, should pay by being sacked.

Iam64 Tue 05-Jul-22 21:38:55

I’m stunned he was employed asa surgeon in his 80’s
Yes there needs to be an investigation. This wasn’t his first ‘mistake’

crazyH Tue 05-Jul-22 21:43:39

I believe they dont do Birth Certificates in Nigeria. What a travesty !! I feel for the lady and her family….

Mollygo Tue 05-Jul-22 22:15:53

Crazy H, I read about that, but surely when he qualified in 1965 in Nigeria his accepted birthdate must’ve been on that certificate. When he travelled to the UK and began to work in 1991, surely an age must’ve been on his application form matching that on his qualification.
Every record I read about him mentions previous incidences. How many times do you have to be accused of serious errors before you become unemployable as a doctor?

M0nica Wed 06-Jul-22 07:37:20

They may not do birth certificates, but surely his degree certificate and the year he graduated are listed. It should be possible to estimate his age for that.

A number of papers have managed to do this and point out that based on his graduation certificate, if the DoB he was giving was correct, he started his medical training when he was anywhere from about 8 to 16. Highly improbable.

If a newspaper can do this, it should not be beyond the powers of an HR department to work this out.