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Safety of Circulation Maxx Reviver

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mantaray Thu 04-Aug-22 17:00:07

A friend of mine has peripheral Neuropathy and has bought a machine which sends electrical impulses through the feet and legs. she knows there is no cure for P.N, but was hoping, along with walking and other exercise, that this would stimulate the nerves thus helping her to stay mobile for longer.
Anyway she was talking to her GP and he said it could destroy small nerves and told her to throw it away. She spent nearly £100 on it and it is advertised everywhere so she is in a quandary. Can any Gransnetters who are doctors or who know anything about these machines give us some advice.

Chestnut Thu 04-Aug-22 17:05:58

I have peripheral neuropathy and have one of those machines! I have never got into the habit of using it, although I keep meaning to. It is supposed to stimulate the venous circulation (blood flowing back to the heart) but I have no idea how it affects nerves. I'd be interested to know, but I'm not sure you'll find anyone here who is more qualified than your doctor to give advice. Although doctors are not clued up on everything either.

Chestnut Thu 04-Aug-22 17:44:50

Googled 'circulation boosters and neuropathy' and this came up.
This old lady says it's good for neuropathy!
Circulation boosters
Not much else that isn't connected with selling the machines.

This is an American society for neuropathy:
The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

Elizabeth27 Thu 04-Aug-22 17:56:10

People on here may say they are doctors when they are not. Tell your friend to listen to her own GP.

Chestnut Thu 04-Aug-22 17:56:44

Also found this:
British Peripheral Neuropathy Society

Just realised, I am seeing a neurophysiologist on Tuesday! I'll ask him and get back to you.

silverlining48 Thu 04-Aug-22 17:58:05

Please do chestnut as my dd has this problem post chemo.

Chestnut Thu 04-Aug-22 18:05:58

Elizabeth27 A GP does not know everything and can be wrong, which is why people get second opinions. This is a specialist field and it would be wise to do some research and make some enquiries before blindly taking advice.

Charleygirl5 Thu 04-Aug-22 19:47:20

I have an ankle pinned and plated and bil. knee replacements. I thought over time my metal work would work loose if I bought one. I asked my consultant this question about 3 years ago. He had never been asked it before and with some thought, agreed with me.

I suppose a lot depends on how strongly it vibrates. I would imagine each make is very different. The one I fancied I saw advertised on TV but there was no price.

mantaray Fri 05-Aug-22 10:59:29

Chestnut. thank you so much. I'll tell my friend that you are going to ask your neurophysiologist.

Chestnut Wed 10-Aug-22 15:40:11

Unfortunately I didn't see the neurophysiology consultant, just one of his minions (no surprise there) so I don't have an answer yet. I asked the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (American) and they didn't have a clue. I am waiting for an answer from the British Peripheral Neuropathy Society, so let's see if they know anything. Otherwise we'll just have to wait until I see my neurologist (the actual consultant) but I haven't got a date yet.

Elizabeth27 Wed 10-Aug-22 15:57:54

ChestnutI don't think the second opinion should come from random people on social media that may say they are doctors.

Chestnut Wed 10-Aug-22 16:38:31

I agree which is why I am asking for an expert opinion. No-one is asking random people.

Chestnut Tue 27-Sep-22 13:07:26


Chestnut. thank you so much. I'll tell my friend that you are going to ask your neurophysiologist.

At last I have spoken to my consultant neurologist and asked her directly whether a circulation booster can damage the nerves in the legs and feet of someone with peripheral neuropathy.

She said very clearly it would not damage the nerves and there is no reason why you shouldn't try one. They are designed to improve lower leg circulation and reduce swelling, but may have no effect on the neuropathy. It's also possible that the neuropathy may cause the electrical waves to be painful, in which case you would stop using it or turn down the intensity.